Damon Sununtnasuk, Founder and CEO, Natural Cure Labs

The dietary supplement market is large and rapidly growing. This +$100 billion industry is projected to grow by more than 8% annually, and has attracted the attention of new entrants from around the world. Not all companies, however, play by the rules. Relaxed quality controls, inferior ingredients, and a lack of research are common issues brought about by new players in this space. Founder & CEO of Natural Cure Labs LLC, Damon Sununtnasuk, established his company to make a positive impact in this space. Damon states, “In this increasingly competitive space, companies face pressures brought about by supply chain disruptions and new foreign competitor entrants. While it may be seductive to adopt ‘gray hat’ competitive tactics or resort to low-cost materials, knowledgeable customers ultimately seek quality products. That is where we stand apart though our dedication to quality, safety, and trust.”

Aiming to bring more transparency and legitimacy to the supplement space, Damon Sununtnasuk established Natural Cure Labs LLC in 2015. Natural Cure Labs, operating under the brands Palmara Health and VitaTails, prides itself in the quality manufacturing of research-based formulas. Armed with educational materials and an award-winning portfolio of immune support products, the company aims to serve the needs of an increasingly educated customer base. The company has introduced several new product lines all supported by extensive research and quality controls. “The result has been incredible customer loyalty and humbling industry recognition,” reveals Damon.

The company was founded with the mission to expand access to quality, trustworthy, and research-based supplements to support individuals on their wellness journey. “Nothing has given me more pleasure, both personally and professionally, as providing products and services which help others. By dedicating the business to the betterment of individual wellbeing, the company, and in turn its employees, is playing a small role in furthering an important industry and the individuals who benefit from it,” adds Damon. The response was the creation of a portfolio of specialized immune supplements based on research. Products are produced in the United States upholding the highest testing and manufacturing standards, and the result is a company that enjoys incredibly high customer retention and strong practitioner partnerships. “The company continues to fulfill its mission of providing quality supplements to this day with a network of three manufacturing facilities and more than 30 warehouses throughout the United States,” informs Damon.

Taking Quality to the Next Level

The foundation of the company is built upon an unwavering commitment to delivering superior quality products and services. Adhering to strict quality parameters, the company engages industry professionals, including MDs, PharmDs, and PhDs, when researching, validating, and creating its blends. The company’s proprietary formulas are blended & bottled in GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certified facilities before being sent to ISO17025 accredited laboratories for quality checks and testing. All formulas are vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free and are deliberately “clean label” – made without the use of synthetic excipients, colorants, or flavorings. Damon adds, “This commitment to quality has helped Natural Cure Labs stand apart since its inception, and customers return year after year to positively support their wellness journey.”

Natural Cure Labs goes to great lengths to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. First, all formulas are evaluated and validated by a team of industry professionals. In addition to GMP- and ISO-certified facilities, the company has several safety and quality checks in place. Raw materials are sourced from trusted providers using strict validation standards. All raw materials come with certificates of analysis, are placed into quarantine upon receipt, are tested for contaminants before blending. A strict label compliance policy is in place to ensure customers receive accurate and transparent product labels. Customers have grown to enjoy and expect products of the highest quality from Natural Cure Labs and Palmara Health.

Displaying Remarkable Resilience in the Face of Change

The industry is continually evolving, and Natural Cure Labs welcomes the opportunity to innovate. The company has dynamically responded to industry and consumer interests over the years in a methodical and data-driven way. For example, when interest in elderberry soared in early 2020, the company formulated, blended, and launched an elderberry product in less than six weeks. Similarly, when a large portion of the customer base indicated they needed help navigating thyroid challenges, the company leveraged a patented capsule technology to deliver a breakthrough liquid and powder capsule. Damon says, “We invest heavily in research and are committed to providing consumers trusted products grounded in science and produced with the highest quality standards.”

The Inception

Natural Cure Labs has enjoyed a position of leadership and industry recognition since it was founded in 2015. A part of the company’s success can be attributed Damon’s diverse and international career that stretches over 15 years. Damon began his career working for large multinational companies, allowing him to take positions abroad – first in Europe and then Asia. His graduate studies at the University of Cambridge in England further bolstered his interest in international work and encouraged his entrepreneurial pursuits. Damon adds, “I was fortunate to have positive and empowering experiences as a student in both undergraduate and graduate studies.”

In undergrad university, he had a formal business education with a major in marketing and a minor in entrepreneurship. This included writing several formal business plans and even experimenting with his own small, angel-backed start-up. “Many of the fundamentals and experiences instilled in me during these years helped lay the foundation for future business endeavors. It was not until after graduate studies that the desire and confidence to start a business of my own fully manifested. A few years after graduating and further developing workplace skills at larger companies, Natural Cure Labs was founded. The company was born out of a combination of personal interest, experience, and education,” explains Damon.

Taking Bold Steps into the Future

Having already made significant contributions to this domain, Damon tells us this is just the beginning. The company applied its expert formulating and manufacturing techniques to open a new segment of the business – supplements for pets. The company launched a new line of business called VitaTails, which debuted with a soft chew formula for dogs containing 30 nutrients designed to aid skin and coat health, joint support, digestion, and overall vitality.

Additionally, the company is in the process of a deliberate brand transformation, moving its entire product line under the moniker ‘Palmara Health.’ “The name is derived from the ancient Roman word ‘palmarius,’ which means ‘deserving of the palm.’ Palm fronds were awarded to the victors of competition for being extraordinary, which when combined with the symbol of the palm makes for a very apropos brand,” proclaims Damon. He adds, “Aside from the brand migration to Palmara Health, the company is committed to applying research and deploying the latest manufacturing techniques to produce quality products for all. We hope to serve our communities now and far into the future on this important wellness mission.”

Damon envisions Natural Care Labs continuing to positively impact this important segment with the team’s collective efforts. The team is continuing to champion new products, formulas, and educational efforts to further the betterment of individual wellness around the world. This takes shape through outstanding products, ground-breaking research, and community education.

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