Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, Founder, Let's Talk Supply Chain, Shipz, & Blended

Sarah Barnes-Humphrey is a logistics and supply chain expert, as seen on BBC World News, Inc Magazine, The New Yorker and Huffington Post. Sarah has reached over 50 million supply chain professionals through the Let’s Talk Supply Chain podcast, her weekly live stream show “Thoughts and Coffee”, The Blended podcast and now The Blended Pledge.

Sarah boasts recognition as one of the Top Women in Supply Chain, 10 Most Admired Women in Business to Follow and Most Influential Leader in Supply Chain 2022. Her commitments have led her to instruct a LinkedIn Learning course called Fundamentals of Sustainable Supply Chains, where she walks you through how to make small, intentional changes. Through her passion for collaboration, sustainability, and diversity Sarah is the first ever supply chain podcaster ever to start a franchise. With a franchise in Asiapac and now setting her sights on Africa, Europe, and South America she is taking the brand global!

From thought-provoking questions, company deep dives to lively discussions and the celebration of real people’s industry success, Let’s Talk Supply Chain has been in front of brands like Dell, Lowes, and Netflix. But one podcast simply isn’t enough! Sarah also founded Women in Supply Chain which brings a breath of fresh air to logistics by highlighting the journeys and advice from women leaders and has furthered her passion for diversity and inclusion by founding Blended podcast to bring tough topics into the limelight, in order to create real change.

The team of CXO Outlook Magazine caught up with logistics and supply chain expert, Ms. Sarah Barnes-Humphrey to know about her insights on the status and future of global supply chain management. She also spoke about the inspiration behind starting her Let’s Talk Supply Chain podcast, the secret sauce behind her success, and a lot more. Following are the excerpts from the interview.


The COVID-19 pandemic affected the global supply chains at an unprecedented speed and scale. What is the status of the global supply chain in 2022?

Right now, budgets are being cut but the community are consistently looking for solutions to supply chain problems so now is the time to stay in front of supply chain professionals. things are changing rapidly

According to you, which key areas should the supply chain leaders focus to thrive in this new normal.

Be collaborative, open-minded, and willing to learn. Above all, keep doing something small toward your dreams each and every day.

What do you think will be the future of supply chain management?

Collaboration is truly the future of business. But without a safe space to share creative freedom to be able to go that extra mile, collaboration can’t exist.

Taking a trip down the memory lane, were there any life instances that led you to make a career in supply chain? What is the one thing that kept you going during the hard times?

For 20 years I worked in the family business, I helped build it, give it life. Along the way I took risks, I succeeded, I failed, I learned, and I grew. Eventually, the family business fell apart and I was left with nothing. The plan I’d had for my life, from as far back as I could remember, was over. I became obsessed with the supply chain and the belief that “collaboration is the future of business”, and we can all win together. I now run “Let’s Talk Supply Chain (LTSC)” and it is the hottest supply chain podcast on the market. I have found my calling!

What inspired you to start Let’s Talk Supply Chain? What makes it unique?

I started the LTSC podcast because back in 2016. I thought it was a unique way to community brand value and brand story. In addition, I wanted to create a fun show highlighting cool stories about supply chain so I  created Thoughts and Coffee, a weekly live show streamed across multiple social media platforms.

You are an award-winning leader, entrepreneur, host, and author. What is the secret sauce to your success?

Making an impact, experiences, and happiness, money will come and go.

As the Founder & Treasurer of Blended, what does diversity and inclusion mean to you? How important is it to have those authentic conversations with people to create more acceptance across industries?

I empower people to be their authentic selves by giving them the space to make their own decisions and be heard. Collaboration is truly the future of business. But without a safe space to share creative freedom to be able to go that extra mile, collaboration can’t exist.

Having reached millions with your supply chain content, which things do you keep in mind while posting your daily supply chain, diversity & inclusion, and leadership content?

Consistency is key. At LTSC, exclusivity, live shows, and DEI are a part of our future plans. We’re bringing diverse voices to the supply chain stage through another initiative called the Blended Pledge. You can expect the same great information we always bring but coming from some people you’d never expect. We’re excited to show everyone!

What advice would you give to aspiring women entrepreneurs looking to make a career in supply chain management?

First, be yourself, it’s too hard to be someone else. Second, keep doing something towards your dreams every day. I’m not to say it will be easy, because it will be hard, but remember who you are, all the amazing things small and large you have accomplished, be flexible, work hard, and take some time for yourself.

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