Meenakshi Jamwal, Founder, HOM-EASE Mortgage Consultants

Meenakshi Jamwal is the Founder of HOM-EASE Mortgage Consultants, which provides financial assistance to all the real estate asset class. She is also the Sales Operations head at Freehold Mediation & Information LLC that focuses on resolving real estate dispute in all parts of UAE. With over 17 years of experience in telecom & real estate & banking industry, one thing that stands common for Meenakshi is to take care of clients & they will take care of your business. For her, there is no Sale without Service. She has had diverse managerial skills and working experience in different geographical areas. Her expertise lies in Sales & Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Leadership, Coaching, Team Management, Data Analytics. She is an adventurer, avid reader, Spiritual by Living, Yoga Trainer, and athletic by Heart & Body. Her life’s motto is ‘Family First, Keep your Word and Take Responsibility.’


There is no denying that the real estate industry can be a daunting one for women. The challenges of the profession can seem overwhelming, but there are many ways to turn these obstacles into opportunities. The top few are mentioned below.

The Gender Gap

Despite recent efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in the industry, which is the biggest gap, it remains dominated by men, with only 20% of agents and brokers being female. This disparity creates an unequal playing field, which can lead to wage disparity and other forms of discrimination. However, women can start advocating for equal pay, joining professional leadership networks for women in real estate, and becoming actively involved in industry events. They should be subject matter experts & come out & speak in forums about the market trends etc. These steps will not only help close the gender gap but also provide valuable networking opportunities.

The Glass Ceiling

Another common challenge faced by women in real estate is the glass ceiling, I call it—the invisible barrier that prevents them from reaching higher levels of success within their organizations or career paths due to a lack of mentors or role models who have already achieved success in similar positions. As such, it’s important for aspiring female leaders to seek out mentors or sponsors who can help guide them toward their goals. They should also look for opportunities within their workplaces to demonstrate their talents and leadership potential to upper management to rise up through the ranks more quickly.

Harassment & Discrimination

Unfortunately, harassment and discrimination are still all too common experiences for many women working in real estate today. This can be especially true when dealing with clients or colleagues who may not value their expertise or contributions due to their gender identity or other factors beyond their control. To combat this issue, its important women are aware of their rights & the companies must create safe environments where employees feel comfortable speaking up about any form of discrimination or harassment they experience without fear of repercussions from peers or supervisors. 

To sum it, women have been making great strides in the world of real estate over the past few years—but there is still much work left to do before they are fully represented at every level within this industry. The challenges faced by female professionals often seem insurmountable, but with dedication and resilience they can be overcome and turned into successes stories instead! 

With strong support networks behind them (including both male and female allies), access to resources that empower them professionally such as mentorships programs/networks/events along with knowledge about anti-discrimination laws -women have more tools than ever before at their disposal when it comes time overcoming obstacles within this dynamic field! It’s time for us all celebrate our collective accomplishments while continuing strive towards greater representation & equity across all industries! Go Women in Real Estate!!

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