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2022 is about to end, and we must admit that it was eventful. After the chaos of a global pandemic, many people returned to the office. For business leaders worldwide, it was a big lesson – that the traditional methodology of conducting operations may not work well in the future, and they must build a robust work culture within the organization to stay afloat. It was also an opportunity for them to reimagine and recreate modern culture by identifying the weak aspects that critically affected outcomes.

The watchwords of 2022 were Employee Well-Being and DEI – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The quarantines and never-ending zoom meetings did inversely affect workers’ mental health, forcing leaders to prioritize employee satisfaction and development. We saw companies taking measures such as flexible work hours, employee resource groups, and wellness programs to create a better work-life balance for those facing more pressure from home than before. With more humane leaders taking up the mantle or more leaders becoming increasingly humane, the world of work was a better place in 2022. It was heartening to see companies committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all employees.

In this special year-end issue of CXO Outlook Magazine, we have identified the 10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders – 2022 who created a culture of success within the organization and helped their teams perform well in adverse situations. On the cover, we feature Greg Pritchard, Executive Business Coach, Leadership Trainer & Mentor, Speaker, Author, and Founder of LEAD N EDGE Consulting. He has led big teams, big projects, and big ideas, but as a social scientist – it is the role that people play in their own success is where he seeks to focus to increase their success.

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