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When everyone thought everything would change in that couple of years, a minority shone. Examples are pharma companies hunting for a COVID-19 vaccine and tech firms buoyed by the trend of working from home. Conversely, operations were not smooth for companies that depended on customer footfall and logistics. For instance, many proclaimed that it was the demise of retail as it was the end of commutation. In reality, however, leaders with excellent vision dealt with the crisis by pivoting to business models conducive to short-term survival and long-term resilience and growth.

One such success story from the global retail market is BFL (Brands for Less) Group, which was initially founded in Lebanon as a small-scale retail outlet and, over the years, established a distinctive retail environment, which has led to the expansion of the group across the GCC region. BFL Group’s Executive Chairman of the Board and Group CEO, Toufic Kreidieh, knows how to win over and entice customers with the promise of exciting products and services. To learn more about his entrepreneurial journey and business hacks, we have featured him on the cover of this special issue, where we have identified the 10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders – 2023 who have created a sustainable path to profitability.

The Journeys of Brent Marshall (CEO, ), Gene Moran (Founder & President of Capitol Integration) and Vierka Hiscock (Managing Director & CEO of Care Horizons Ltd) are two other major stories we have covered in this magazine. We have also included insights and opinions from industry experts so that our readers can understand the latest trend in the business world.

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