Vierka Hiscock, Managing Director & CEO, Care Horizons Ltd

Vierka Hiscock is the Managing Director & CEO of Care Horizons Ltd, a domiciliary care provider based in the UK. She is a passionate and visionary leader with over fifteen years of experience in patient social care and business administration. She holds a Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership Health and Social Care and is currently pursuing a CMI Level 7 Diploma. As a certified coach/mentor, Vierka believes that with the right support, everyone can reach their full potential and become successful.

The Journey to Leadership

Vierka was born and raised in Slovakia. As a child, she loved reading and was always eager to learn new things. Her dream was to become an ethnographist, but due to antiquated times, she pursued a Degree in Accountancy and Economics and a Degree in Management for export and import.

Later in professional life, Vierka would often challenge the status quo. It was important for her as a headstrong individual to have the chance to put forward her views across people. This was seldom attempted by women, who were a rarity in leadership positions. She worked in several companies where the toxic workplace environment began suffocating her. It made her decide that it was not the right path for her. Hence, in 2005, when Vierka came to England, she switched her career and gained numerous recognized qualifications in Dementia, which led her to study more about Psychology, Coaching, and Mentoring. This is where she got an opportunity to seek deep insights into human psychology, which fascinated her throughout her life.

Putting on New Wings

In 2017, Vierka took over Care Horizons and turned it into a more specialized care services company, which now provides bespoke assistance for people with learning difficulties and mental health needs. Considering herself lucky, Vierka feels honored to work with incredible people at Care Horizons who are extremely versatile and resourceful. “For me, you are only as good of a leader, as the teams you are managing and supporting,” shares Vierka. “Their accomplishments reflect the amazing team we have in place to enable us to support not just our clients but our staff members too.”

As the Managing Director & CEO of Care Horizons, Vierka instigated an individualized training plan for each staff member, including QCF qualification training. As a certified professional, she knows how positive empathy should be put into coaching and mentoring. Hence, she offers all her staff one-to-one mentoring/coaching every month for life skills and a business coaching and mentoring service to other companies.

Care Horizons: The Key Provider of Bespoke Care & Mentoring

Headquartered in Yate, Bristol, Care Horizons aims to provide a holistic service to its client group within their home, based upon each individual’s wishes, rights, competence, and health reasons. These services aim to develop each individual to their fullest potential while maintaining the dignity and equality of all its customers. Moreover, Vierka and her team recognize that people are their most valued resource. So, they uphold the principles of teamwork through open communication, clear objectives, and flexibility and continually strive to improve the quality and standard of service offered to their clients.

“Our vision is to tear down the stigma of mental health and disabilities and turn them into superhuman power,” reveals Vierka.

What Makes Care Horizons Unique?

Unlike other agencies that offer pre-made packages to clients, Care Horizons tailor-fits its package to the client’s needs and preferences. What’s more remarkable is that the staff members and clients also become part of the ‘Care Horizons’ family. Together, they are there to celebrate the great and less glamorous aspects of success on a time scale specific to the client.

“We set realistic goals for clients, where staff members are fully involved in the progress and review what is going well and what needs to be improved, or the path of the outcome changed,” explains Vierka. This is what makes Care Horizons unique among other specialist care providers.

Staying Strong & Growing Together Over the Years

At Care Horizons, the last few years have been challenging for Vierka and her team. With psychology as her passion, Vierka found herself learning more about the fundamental nature of people. Some of the experiences were good, while the others were not so good. The feedback and love from the witnesses brought tears to the team’s eyes, while the new volunteers who lost their jobs during the pandemic thought that the work was very easy but was proven wrong quickly. After all, working in social care with vulnerable people is not suitable for everyone.

Nevertheless, the team of Care Horizons continued to display a genuine feeling to help and support others in need, making Vierka very proud to be a part of the company. “As a team, we have become closer than ever, and we would like to keep the relationship between us professional but supportive,” says Vierka.

Embracing Innovation & Balancing Technology Cost with ROI

At Care Horizons, Vierka and her team are always looking for new ways to embrace innovation, as they recognize how much it can positively benefit clients and staff members to improve lives altogether.

Before investing in any new technology, the team of Care Horizons conducts thorough research and looks for feedback. “It is a fine line as I believe that progress should not be reflected by cutting cost on the correct technology, but it has to be worth the investment on the other side too,” says Vierka.

Motivating Employees in the Workplace

As a transformative leader, Vierka believes in leading by example. “Instead of focusing on their performance alone, I see to it that the organization also invests in developing their skills and character,” shares Vierka. This is compounded by the fact that employees are more naturally and intrinsically motivated when they consistently improve and become better versions of themselves.

Likewise, Vierka considers being truthful and honest with team members vital, especially when mistakes happen, as nobody is perfect. What’s important is to learn from the mistakes and not repeat them again. Making time for staff members and letting them feel appreciated is also very important, as she wants everyone to feel supported.

Tackling Challenges Head On

According to Vierka, the biggest challenge in the care services sector is the need for more awareness, understanding, and recognition of the importance of social care, which is very interlinked with health, but sadly forgotten occasionally. She further explains, “The challenge is the lack of, and cuts to funding, which we try to compensate for by offering different benefits, work environment, and further training.”

Celebrating Career Milestones

In 2018, Care Horizons participated in the Parliamentary Review into social care and received the Healthcare Service of the Year award at the Bristol Prestige Awards in 2020. For Vierka, getting featured as a Women Leader in the Official Platinum Jubilee Pageant commemorative album in 2022 and celebrating the Queen’s birthday in Claridge are the best achievements and milestones in her role as a business leader.

Personal Role Model

When asked about her personal role model, who helped her become the leader she is today, Vierka answers, “My dad has been my biggest role model in life. He led by example, having held several positions in management and leadership throughout his career.” He showed Vierka that success is achievable and motivated and inspired her to dream bigger and achieve more.

A Day in the Life of a Leader

Vierka is a leader who is so passionate about her work that it doesn’t feel like work. She begins her day with planned tasks and an optimistic mindset to get them done. There are, however, times when urgent matters need her attention. Instead of getting anxious, Vierka seeks the support of her manager, Joe, who is there to lend her ear, offer advice, and take over a few tasks herself.

In addition, Vierka is surrounded by a very supportive network of people whom she considers important and is grateful to have in her life. Finally, and most importantly, Shadow and Petal, her two dogs, are her biggest stress busters. Playing, going for walks, and spending time with them drains out Vierka’s stress, brings calm, and rejuvenates and energizes her for the next day.

Future Plans

Vierka and her team are currently canvasing Care Horizons’ market growth strategy and streamlining their processes before expanding the company’s footprint in other markets.

Vierka loved spending time with her grandmother, who showed her that age is only a number. She also had personal experiences with her beloved late father, whom she cared for and supported in his old age. He sadly passed away in May 2022 at the age of only 71 years due to his refusal to seek treatment. Vierka points out that this is a massive problem with ageism in Slovakia. She further reveals, “To honor their legacy, we are opening a social hub in Yate and looking to build a care home in Slovakia to be the “pioneer” in how elderly should be treated.”

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