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Lady Kendal Jaggar – known in the industry as LKJ is an advocate for Mental Health Awareness and Well Being. LKJ strives for excellence as a Freelance Current Affairs News Reporter, Travel Journalist, Travel Writer, Published Author, and World Critic. She in her strive regarding her news reporting and other journalism areas decided to explore her mind and undertook further studies with Continual Professional Development taking further examinations in Criminal Procedures, Criminology, Advance Criminology, Forensic Science & Profiling, Forensic Psychology, Criminal Law, Contract Law, Tort Law, Wills & Probate Law, Family Law, Employment Law plus many more as she continues to feed her brain with knowledge to understand the ever changing and challenging world we live in. She believes that we have to look at the problems completely unbiased also without pre-judgment, use the voice we have to speak words of support and hopefully advise once we have used the ear to listen.


We see more often than not in today’s modern world the phrase “Are you a leader or a boss”

How many films have been made regarding bad bosses? You may recall the country and western singer Dolly Parton starring in “9-5” or horrible bosses 1 & 2 all depicting the same message “Bad Bosses do not belong in the workplace”.

We have all been made to understand the reality of mental health and how it inflicts trauma to our mindset. How many of you have called in sick due to the emotional pressure inflicted upon you. How many of you have been subjected to mental health in the workplace?

“It’s time to say NO, and your No must have value as your Yes has to have reason” a motto used by my great friend Dr Rhonda Wood, who is a mental health advocate and top USA lawyer.

As a mental health advocate certified also in law, I look at these issues on a daily basis as a radio presenter dedicated to mental health and that of a journalist.

We have to stand in this modern world and have a workplace that is safe and secure, both physically and also for our mental health wellness.

Nick Inge, a close a dear friend, has taken on board these issues by creating the Itrust App. “We have developed a ground-breaking speak up app which we supply to organisations to allow their staff to anonymously report wrongdoing. We also provide specialist speak up consultancy, training and technical expertise.”

In our modern world we need a great boss, someone who inspires their employees to be their best selves. As a boss they should always be able to ‘identify their employees’ best qualities’ using their wisdom along with their knowledge to bring them out. Additionally, they should pinpoint growth opportunities, share them in a constructive manner and help develop a plan for improvement.

Our workplace is a challenging place, as a leader you look out for your team, by engagement, communication skills, using participation and offering your help to explain any questions they may want to ask without fear of repercussions. We have to constantly feed our brains with knowledge, using training as a functional and a proactive way to keep hold of your staff. Shawn Fair has shown how his methods work in training and is highly recognised in the business world. Shawn Fair has trained over 300,000 leadership speakers, encouraging a new way forward in the workplace as has Marcus Wright showing us how we must use emotional intelligence in the workplace. We have to use the correct mindset; we have to work with a positive mindset to complete our tasks.

The Metaverse is Coming – Web 3

When web 2 (the internet) hit the workplace and the world by storm, it dramatically lowered the interaction costs of two-way communication over the World Wide Web, however, my belief is that the Metaverse is what web 2 didn’t fully complete.

The future in business is changing at a rapid rate, one in which all companies will be joining the Meta Verse. What we must do as a leader in this new revolutionary world, is ensure safety and mental health when we are creating our placement in the Metaverse.

Our voices have to be heard, we can not be voiceless, we have to protect our mindset, we have to call out against any form of discrimination, we need to ensure that Diversity, Equality, Inclusion & disabilities are the main fundamental key we use to unlock that door to the Metaverse.

Empower your workforce, engage with your workforce, yes, the old cliche will remain even in the Metaverse, “LEAD AS YOU WISH TO BE FOLLOWED”.

Do not be a boss your workforce wants to burn at the stake like an effigy like Guy Fawkes on bonfire night, or perhaps many that have burnt on the bonfire showcasing why they believed they made one telling stories that is no legacy to be remembered by. Edenbridge in Kent, is known for this spectacular effigy burning; Liz Truss being the latest to burn on November 5th 2022,with a lettuce on her shoulder.

Liz trust had worked hard through her career and was over within weeks in her promotion as the Prime Minister for the UNITED KINGDOM, The 11-metre-high effigy was clutching a cardboard box containing a leaver’s card and a copy of the Guinness Book of Records in reference to her record as the shortest serving PM.

We need to look to the modern leader, one that includes more women into the world of technology. We need more workplaces showcasing their mindsets in employment that shows everyone has a right to work, which is a protected characteristic in the UK. however more needs to be done in the world.

Use your mindset with wisdom, look towards saving the planet we live in by using Green Energy, Sustainability. As a leader in the modern world, show who you are! Showcase your persona and character and why you deserve to lead, leave a legacy that counts.

Be remembered that you truly led with courage to stand to show everyone was enough, you saw the vision and purpose in your colleague, friend for the right reasons; neither did you exploit their mental health. You led with appreciation, you led with using the correct letters of the alphabet to empower, causing effective language.

You were a modern leader, that moved your workforce in your participation as their leader, being simply your authentic self.

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