Kent Vanho, Founder, Alpha Coast Inc

Kent Vanho, the founder of Alpha Coast, spent the majority of his 17-year corporate career constructing systems and platforms for enterprises. After parting ways with the corporate world, he honed a proven, repeatable sales process and a leak-proof system. Leveraging personalized automation and the company’s proprietary AI software, Kent propelled his own business and that of his clients to multi 6 & 7 figures within 12 months or less. “Achieving success in scaling any online business today requires finding the perfect balance between AI and human involvement. Relying solely on AI is insufficient due to its lack of human touch, while depending solely on people limits scalability. However, striking the right balance between the two is crucial for optimal growth,” opines Kent.

Three factors inspired Kent to leave the corporate world: time, emotional, and financial freedom. “I was tied down for 50 weeks a year, with just 2 weeks of vacation annually. This lack of time freedom didn’t sit well with me,” he continues. “Emotionally, I yearned for the autonomy to make final business decisions without feeling constrained by corporate politics. And financially, I witnessed colleagues with decades of experience who were nowhere near retirement. I wanted to retire earlier and support my children.” These considerations motivated him to take the leap and pursue a new path.

Armed with his extensive tech experience from building enterprise platforms at Cisco and backed by an MBA background, Kent set his sights on assisting entrepreneurs and service providers in scaling their online presence. His exploration led him to a renowned platform developed to bridge the gap between buyers and service providers.

“I realized that this platform, boasting a vast user base of 900 million, catered to the 3% of the market actively seeking services. This realization ignited my drive to prioritize speed to market,” Kent shares. “Career coaches, in particular, faced a limited window of opportunity to respond to proposal requests before potential leads disappeared. My goal was to alleviate their stress, accelerate their time to market, and provide a streamlined system that efficiently converts inbound leads into customers.”

This vision gave birth to Client ProFinder™ program, Kent’s brainchild. The program was meticulously crafted to swiftly identify inbound leads who submit requests for proposals (RFPs) and automate personalized responses, granting career coaches an 87% distinct advantage over their competition. “Our program eliminates the need for constant monitoring, empowering career coaches to reclaim their time while equipping them with a winning strategy to convert leads into customers,” Kent confidently asserts.

Four Steps to Maximizing Results

Users of the exclusive Client ProFinder™ program have the option of engaging with personalized assistance throughout the entire process. The program unfolds in four sequential steps, each contributing to the ultimate goal of maximizing results.

In the first step, Client ProFinder™ program users are guided in building a robust foundation for their online presence. This involves optimizing their digital footprint and ensuring readiness to receive inbound leads. They are empowered to make informed decisions regarding the desired quantity of inbound leads they can effectively handle.

“Once the building phase is complete, clients are equipped to proactively respond to inbound leads who have submitted proposal requests. Promptness is key in this stage, as it enables them to capitalize on potential opportunities swiftly and efficiently, establishing themselves as reliable and responsive in the market,” explains Kent.

In the crucial third step, beneficiaries of the Client ProFinder™ program continue to nurture their relationship with inbound leads by booking calls, conducting persuasive sales conversations, and signing new customers. They manage these operational aspects to sustain the momentum generated from the previous steps and steadily progress towards achieving their desired outcomes.

As Client ProFinder™ program users witness the fruits of their labor and experience growth, they reach the final stage of the program: scaling. It becomes advantageous to expand operations by hiring and training a virtual assistant. Kent shares, “Delegating certain tasks to a capable assistant allows them to offload responsibilities, increase efficiency, and accommodate a higher volume of leads. Scaling empowers users to optimize their operations, effectively multiplying their productivity and potential.”

By embarking on this comprehensive journey through the Client ProFinder™ program, career coaches can navigate the path to success with personalized guidance at each step. From building a strong online presence to scaling their operations, the program provides invaluable support for achieving and surpassing their goals.

Recognizing the Potential of Professional Networking Platforms

With professional networking platforms surpassing competitors like job search engines and recruitment websites by a considerable margin, their rapid growth and projected user base of millions make them an undeniable force to leverage. Kent adds, “Recognizing the potential of professional networking platforms as a source of leads for career coaches, we developed the idea of using these platforms to help them connect with their potential clients efficiently.”

Client ProFinder™ program is an invaluable resource that harnesses the extensive reach and untapped potential of professional networking platforms. It has brought about a groundbreaking shift in how career coaches discover and engage with prospective clients. According to Kent, the founder, “Our program is specifically crafted to rapidly identify and promptly address RFP inquiries, granting career coaches a competitive advantage and significantly enhancing their likelihood of securing valuable inbound leads.”

With its exceptional robustness, Client ProFinder™ program possesses the capability to handle and promptly address RFP inquiries across various service categories simultaneously, irrespective of the volume. This versatility and swiftness grant its users a significant edge in the market, setting them apart from their competitors. Kent discloses, “We harness cutting-edge technologies like Google Cloud Services and Amazon AWS to ensure unwavering reliability and stability. This empowers our clients to be at the forefront of responding to inquiries, securing valuable inbound leads. Being the first to respond holds a considerable advantage, enabling our clients to choose their preferred collaborators rather than being limited by options.”

Client ProFinder™ program offers a service that effectively assists its clients in scaling their businesses with a remarkable level of predictability. The revenue generated from the leads acquired through the platform serves to practically offset the cost of using Client ProFinder™ program’s services, making it an exceedingly cost-effective solution. Alongside the financial advantages, clients also benefit from significant time savings and a reduction in advertising expenses. Kent further elaborates, “Every entrepreneur aspires to achieve significant milestones, and we empower them to turn their dreams into reality. Our services extend beyond inbound lead generation. We aid our clients in identifying and resolving bottlenecks within their sales and fulfillment processes, enabling them to scale their operations and achieve an annual recurring revenue (ARR) of $1M, all while upholding the quality of their service.”

Kent is driven by a clear mission to empower service-based businesses, specifically career coaches, by helping them become approved vendors and enabling them to promptly respond to RFPs 24/7. His ultimate goal is to assist them in achieving an ARR of one million dollars or more within a timeframe of 12 months or less. Kent emphasizes the importance of forming strategic partnerships, stating, “We strive to establish close collaborations with early-stage entrepreneurs and service-based businesses, equipping them with the necessary tools and strategies for scaling their operations. Through collective efforts, we have the potential to drive significant growth and facilitate transformative changes in businesses right from the start. By taking proactive action early on, we can prevent the unfortunate fate that befalls over 90% of businesses, where dreams often perish within three to five years along with the founders.”

Scaling Success and Empowering Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

Kent places great emphasis on the importance of a proven and repeatable sales process, coupled with a leak-proof system that incorporates personalized automation and proprietary AI software. He explains, “Achieving scalability in a business goes beyond simply generating inbound leads; the entire sales process must be leak-proof and scalable. This means that the ability to convert inbound leads into sales calls must be as scalable as the process of generating inbound leads. Furthermore, it is crucial to develop strategies for scaling fulfillment to accommodate the increased volume.” While Client ProFinder™ program effectively brings qualified inbound prospects to the top of the sales funnel, which is a significant initial step, Kent highlights the equal importance of the subsequent steps. These include the ability to convert leads into booked sales calls and establishing a scalable fulfillment process to handle the growing demand.

Reflecting on the remarkable growth of his consulting business, Kent emphasizes three pivotal factors that played a significant role in its success: product-market fit, an effective lead generation strategy, and scalable sales and fulfillment processes. He elaborates, stating, “Achieving a strong product-market fit entails understanding the precise needs of our target market, not just their wants. By aligning our product with their specific requirements and addressing their genuine needs, we were able to establish a strong resonance. In addition, we honed our skills in inbound lead generation, consistently attracting a steady flow of highly promising clients. Lastly, we devoted attention to developing scalable sales and fulfillment processes, allowing us to handle increased demand while upholding the quality of our services.”

Today, Kent’s primary objective is to streamline the workflow for his clients and alleviate the repetitive tasks associated with lead and prospect management. He aims to provide clients with a more efficient and time-saving experience by minimizing or eliminating the need for manual intervention. Kent expresses particular enthusiasm for an upcoming feature that will seamlessly integrate their outbound and inbound platforms. This integration will allow clients to effortlessly transfer inbound prospects from one platform to another without requiring manual intervention. As a result, the speed to market will increase, and a significant amount of time wasted on manual tasks will be reduced. The automation and synchronization of these platforms will significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Client ProFinder™ program’s services, ultimately assisting clients in scaling their businesses more effectively.

Kent offers valuable advice, stating, “The professional networking platforms we collaborate with are currently undergoing substantial and rapid growth. I strongly encourage career coaches and service providers to join these platforms, as doing so will grant them higher priority and visibility, ultimately increasing their chances of securing valuable inbound leads within their accounts.”

To provide additional support, Kent has established a new community platform specifically created for career coaches and service providers. This community serves as a centralized hub where members can access a wide range of valuable resources, including informative guides and best practices. It offers a wealth of knowledge about the platforms the company partners with, helping members navigate and maximize their presence effectively. By actively engaging in this community, clients have the opportunity to tap into the collective wisdom and experiences of like-minded professionals, fostering growth and success in their respective fields.

Future Growth and Expansion

Kent expresses his pride as the trailblazer behind a groundbreaking SaaS product that automates the detection and response to RFPs 24/7. However, he emphasizes that their journey of innovation is far from over. “We are actively seeking partnerships with a few more professional networking platforms to expand our reach and help our clients scale their businesses on all possible online platforms where business inquiries are provided. Our focus remains on continuous growth, innovation, and staying at the forefront of the ‘ready to buy 3% of any given market who will buy at any given time’ industry,” shares Kent.

Alpha Coast’s commitment to ongoing innovation and improvement ensures that its clients can expect even more streamlined and efficient services in the future. Career coaches will experience increased productivity and automation with upcoming features like seamless cross-platform integration. Kent’s advice to career coaches emphasizes the importance of seizing the opportunity on professional networking platforms early on to maximize their visibility and generate valuable leads. As looks ahead, they aim to forge new partnerships and expand its services to multiple professional networking platforms, solidifying its position as a leading force in helping businesses scale and succeed.

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