Oded Tirrer, Founder & CEO, Frisbee Global

Over time, temperature-controlled logistics for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry underwent massive transformations. Along with the irregularity and stability of the various shipping systems, there is an increasing demand for higher shipping quality, GDP compliance, a desire to avoid temperature deviations, and a cost-effective price.

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, Frisbee Global is one of the most innovative logistics solutions providing companies, offering an extensive range of products specifically developed to maximize the cost/quality ratio and produce a value of operational simplicity and superior performance. Over time, temperature-controlled logistics for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry underwent massive transformations

Frisbee’s solutions help save human resources and save the need to use active temperature-controlled vehicles, in addition to a high return on investment along with the safe transport of medicines, home treatments, vaccines, and medical cannabis.

The Founding Story

Oded Tirrer (Founder & CEO, Frisbee Global), having previously worked for seven years in a company specializing in pharmaceutical and life sciences shipments, realized that the pharmaceutical market needed creative and flexible solutions that had not been provided before. After that, the decision was made to establish a new company offering unique solutions to the temperature-controlled distribution and logistics field. In 2012, Frisbee Global was established to challenge the status quo with its innovative temperature-controlled solutions and services.

Like every emerging start-up company, Frisbee Global also had a difficult beginning. At that time, most customers were already using different solutions; changing them required a significant investment of resources. “But when the customers realized the advantages of our products, the entire market started drifting towards our solutions when our primary marketing method was that a customer brings a customer,” passionately shares Oded. Likewise, the company prioritized maintaining uncompromising product quality and a high level of service right from the start. Since then, Frisbee Global has been serving a large clientele base and expanding its footprint across all sectors, including multinational pharmaceutical companies, logistics centers, biotech companies, clinical research, and pharmacies, among others.

A Wide Range of Solutions & Services

Frisbee Global offers a variety of unique and innovative solutions that optimize the temperature-controlled distribution and shipping process.

  • Frisbee 360° Door 2 Door Service: Frisbee 360° is a revolutionary delivery service, providing a comprehensive logistics service, including packaging, adding temperature records, transferring them to the customer, and providing shipping services abroad from the customer. The purpose of this service is to reduce shipping costs without compromising the quality of the temperature-controlled solutions.
  • Packages/ Solutions for International Shipping: Frisbee has developed passive thermal packages named GYRO, which come in several forms, sizes, and temperature ranges. The GYRO combines Vacuum-Insulated Panels (VIP) with PCM cooling elements to stabilize the needed temperature inside, which can be maintained for up to 216 hours.
  • Distribution Bags & Carriers for Internal Domestic Distribution: When it comes to internal domestic distribution, Frisbee offers a range of distribution bags and cold chain carriers. The cold chain carriers have unique panels containing PCM gel that immediately stabilize the temperature inside them even when the PCM cooling element is inserted directly from the freezer without prior defrosting. In addition, the carriers allow 48 hours of distribution and 20 openings to take out goods without causing temperature deviation. These carriers also have a secure\anti cut version for transporting medical cannabis and are protected against hacking and cutting.
  • SMART Bags & Carriers: Those advanced bags and carriers for local and domestic distribution can also arrive in the format of a “Smart Bag” that contains an online temperature data logger that reports via the cellular network whether there are temperature deviations, the location of the carrier, and whether it is tightly closed.
  • Breakthrough Products for Temperature-Controlled Logistics: Flexible Pallet Shippers and Thermal Reactive Blankets containing innovative PCM gel Booster are some of Frisbee’s breakthrough solutions improving performance while reducing costs. Flexible Pallet Shippers and Reactive Thermal Blankets contain dual-core energy, PCM-based, and advanced flexible insulation, which help maintain a temperature range of 15°C to 25°C for pharma products, during a variety of transportation (air, sea, & road), for an extended time.

What Sets Frisbee Global Apart from its Competitors?

Earlier, many companies used to work with standard products offered by the industry. However, customers often found the off-the-shelf products unsatisfactory since didn’t meet their multiple needs and diverse working methods.

This is not the case with Frisbee Global’s customers. Frisbee’s customers benefit from its breakthrough technological developments tailored to their needs. This technology was developed in partnership with leading companies and reshaped how customers send and transport their temperature-controlled goods. As a leading solutions provider, Frisbee knows how to match customers with the appropriate product that meets their specifications. The team of Frisbee does this by analyzing the payload size, the time the temperature is maintained, and the method of preparing the solution. Besides, color options for the products, logos, and other prints are also offered. Ultimately, the customers receive a product tailored to their requirements, which includes qualification according to the parameters provided by them. Additionally, Frisbee’s qualification documents comply with GDP regulations and are approved by the health authorities.

Always Putting Customers Front & Centre

“We place ourselves first and foremost as a partner of our customers and businesses in the pharma and life sciences when professionalism and expertise are above all,” mentions Oded. Likewise, the customers feel safe to contact Frisbee’s team with their queries and challenges, even about those which are unrelated to their products. Staying true to their values of being honest with the customers, Frisbee’s team advice and directs the customers to the correct solutions, even if the solution belongs to a competing company. As a result, Frisbee’s past and current customers have continued to bestow their trust in the company and its innovative, high-quality solutions because they are confident that they will get the best solutions that suit them.

Important Case Studies

Once, Frisbee Global was approached by a company that wanted to import a costly medicine at a temperature between 150C and 250C. Considering the extreme weather and the sensitivity of the medication, Oded and his team recommended the right solution for them. However, the company claimed it was substantially more expensive and chose to opt for a cheaper one. “We could also have sold them a more affordable solution but decided to lose the job and not damage the goods and our reputation,” states Oded. As expected, the import failed with a substantial temperature deviation, destroying the goods. The company suffered damage of 500,000 euros. For the next shipment, the company again approached Frisbee Global and told its team that they would go for Frisbee’s solution, irrespective of the pricing. With Frisbee’s solution onboard, the shipment was carried out successfully. Since then, that company has been Frisbee’s loyal customer.

In another instance, a domestic company distributing medicines sought Frisbee’s assistance in providing a solution that catered to their needs. The team offered them Frisbee’s innovative carrier that does not require pre-defrosting and allows inserting the PCM cooling elements directly from the freezer. However, Frisbee’s carrier was 30% more expensive than the solutions offered by other brands. But Frisbee’s team explained how the advantages of the carrier would save them money on a daily basis. After a trial period, the company was convinced of the effectiveness of the carrier and transferred all the cold chain distribution to Frisbee’s carriers. Soon, the company’s operating costs dropped drastically, and it began to win government and pharmaceutical companies’ distribution tenders.

Encouraging Employee Involvement in Decision Making

Oded is one of those leaders who doesn’t believe in centralized management nor thinks he always knows the best. That’s why at Frisbee Global, when topics come up for discussion in front of the team members, their opinions are considered no less than others’ opinions.

“My main motto is that employees must come to work happily, and a healthy laugh is always welcome,” asserts Oded. He adds, “My team members know they are not a small screw in the system; their existence and opinions matter.” In addition, regular meetings are held where employees are free to express their opinions on upcoming or existing products and services.

Satisfied Clients are the Best Marketing Agents

For Frisbee, 90% of its new customers have come due to a recommendation or referral from existing customers. In addition, 70% of those customers who came due to the recommendations of an existing customer purchased the company’s products and became its actual customers. This demonstrates that word-of-mouth recommendations are Frisbee Global’s most effective sales method. As for attracting new customers, Frisbee mainly operates online and through multiple social networks.

Roadmap to an Exciting Future

From developing advanced, easy-to-operate, economical temperature-controlled distribution carriers to unique small pharmaceutical and life science shipment solutions to innovative solutions that combine a thermal blanket and PCM booster sleeves, increasing performance 20 times, Frisbee has a lot in stores for its customers in the year 2023.

Going forward, Frisbee Global plans to increase the number of its logistics and sales centers in the US and Europe and subsequently to additional countries.

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