Bill Douglas, CEO of OpticWise

In a business landscape often dominated by tangible assets, OpticWise emerges as a transformative force, revolutionizing the landscape of multi-tenant and multi-family commercial real estate (CRE) properties. “Our unique solutions empower Commercial Real Estate (CRE) owners to implement cutting-edge connectivity solutions, elevating user experiences and leveraging building network infrastructure to drive tenant/resident retention and significantly augment Net Operating Income (NOI),” remarks Bill Douglas, CEO of OpticWise.

Originating from the pressing need to overcome connectivity challenges within multi-tenant real estate, OpticWise traces its roots back to Summit Networks, founded in 2005. A strategic rebranding in 2015 transformed the company into OpticWise, redirecting its focus exclusively towards multifamily and multi-tenant office properties. This strategic pivot coincided with substantial investments in its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, the cornerstone supporting its hallmark 5S® user experience.

OpticWise’s impact reverberates across the CRE spectrum, earning praise from property owners and tenants alike. Their premium solutions, underpinned by a team renowned for extensive experience in managed services and deep technical expertise, have garnered widespread acclaim. “Over nearly two decades, we’ve empowered clients to efficiently manage tens of millions of square feet of commercial real estate,” shares Bill. “Our unwavering commitment ensures that property owners unlock the full financial potential of their technology assets, cementing our reputation as a trusted industry partner.”

Revolutionizing Digital Infrastructure for Enhanced Property Value and Tenant Satisfaction

OpticWise brings a wealth of value propositions to asset owners through innovative communication and connectivity solutions. Whether managing office spaces or apartment complexes, the benefits are substantial. “Our dedicated team assumes full responsibility for managing the complexities of a property owner’s digital infrastructure,” asserts Bill. OpticWise manages all tenant and staff support requests, orchestrates the collaboration of all involved partners in delivering tech and/or proptech solutions, and oversees system updates, ensuring a premium experience for both property owners and tenants.

Setting itself apart, OpticWise crafts solutions meticulously tailored to the requirements of modern workplaces and multi-family residential communities. Bill emphasizes, “Our 5S® User Experience framework—seamless mobility, speed, stability, security, and service—ensures resident satisfaction, safety, and productivity. We prioritize solutions that simply ‘work,’ while delivering essential security, scalability, and financial benefits behind the scenes.”

OpticWise’s proprietary 5S® SaaS platform guarantees security and privacy for every user. Deployed over a resilient digital infrastructure, it ensures the fastest and most contemporary connectivity throughout a property, while 5S® keeps users entirely within their private network regardless of their physical location. The core network incorporates unified threat management—antivirus, malware protection, firewall, intrusion prevention, and blacklist web filtering—for enhanced user protection.

At OpticWise, the ultimate goal is to transform digital infrastructure from a burdensome overhead cost and source of headaches into a powerful retention tool and profit center for property owners. By leveraging our solutions, property owners can reshape the value equation of their real estate investments, crafting an asset that elevates tenant satisfaction, bolsters retention rates, and generates additional revenue streams.

OpticWise streamlines the complexities of technology for property owners. “Our commitment to seamless experiences, bespoke solutions, and redefining the value equation empowers owners to focus on their core business while we handle the digital infrastructure. Together, we envisage a future where technology seamlessly supports their business objectives and fosters long-term success,” reassures Bill.

At the core of OpticWise lies a compassionate team, infusing it with a distinctive and exceptional spirit. “Our collective values not only define our culture but also underscore the immeasurable value our team brings to our clients. Thriving on technical excellence, agility, and accountability, we pride ourselves on living and breathing our core values: Own It! (No Renters, Do the Right Thing), On It! (No Procrastinators, Take Initiative), Make It Better! (No Status Quo. Hunger to Gain & Share Knowledge), and Kick Butt & Have Fun! (No Politics. We Love to Win & Celebrate),” shares Bill.

Pioneering Proptech Innovation Through Strategic Collaboration and Agile Solutions

Remaining at the forefront of adopting and implementing cutting-edge proptech innovations demands a blend of strategic foresight, adaptability, and a culture of innovation. “Our approach commences with continuous market research, where we meticulously monitor industry trends and, more crucially, prioritize understanding the challenges our clients encounter in meeting the needs of their customers,” remarks Bill.

OpticWise employs an agile process for the adoption and implementation of new technologies. This framework empowers the company to swiftly experiment with various solutions, iterate based on feedback, and remain responsive to dynamic market conditions. Bill states, “Central to our strategy is a commitment to implementing scalable solutions capable of evolving alongside market demands. This entails considering factors such as interoperability, integration capabilities, and futureproofing at every stage of development.”

Deepening industry relationships with technology providers is paramount at OpticWise. Through networking, engagement in industry events, conferences, and forums, and the formation of strategic alliances with technology providers whose products or services complement our offering, OpticWise fosters robust industry ties. Bill explains, “We actively collaborate with our technology partners and provide feedback based on our client experiences, enabling us to remain at the forefront of innovation.”

Monetizing Digital Infrastructure for Enhanced Property Value

OpticWise caters to clients who own multi-tenant CRE properties, each with a diverse array of technology, devices, systems, sensors, networks, and more. Despite this intricate technological ecosystem, most properties primarily concentrate on the physical assets of the building, often overlooking their technology assets. Leveraging OpticWise’s Building of Things® strategy alongside its 5S® platform, the company specializes in monetizing the digital infrastructure within multi-tenant office and apartment buildings.

“Our comprehensive approach entails designing, engineering, constructing, implementing, and supporting the digital infrastructure within these properties. Unlike merely selling a network and stepping away, we adopt a different approach. We construct a robust network and then monitor, operate, and provide support for all users on it, empowering the owner to generate revenue from this digital ecosystem,” highlights Bill.

Aligning company strategy with the evolving needs of the real estate and technology industries necessitates a proactive and adaptable approach. OpticWise achieves this by regularly analyzing trends and developments in both the real estate and technology sectors, soliciting feedback from clients, tenants, and other stakeholders to understand their evolving needs and preferences, and conducting market research to identify emerging trends and anticipate future demands.

“Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of our business philosophy—it’s our primary focus and the driving force behind everything we do. We’re committed to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations in terms of quality, reliability, and performance. Our dedication to excellence permeates every aspect of our operations,” affirms Bill.

Recognizing that one size does not fit all, OpticWise tailors its solutions to align with the unique needs and preferences of each client and every building it serves. The company continually refines its approach to enhance the client experience, drawing insights from feedback, market trends, and evolving client needs.

Shaping the Future of Proptech and In-Building Connectivity

In 2024, proptech trends are evolving towards AI-powered Solutions, IoT and Smart Home Automation, and Co-Renting and Co-Living Marketplaces. These innovations necessitate a robust network offering high reliability, security, and seamless integration across the property, capable of supporting the diverse array of applications they entail. This is precisely where OpticWise excels.

“We specialize in designing, engineering, deploying, operating, and maintaining networks within buildings, facilitating the mainstream adoption of these trends. By managing the digital infrastructure, the data, and network within the building, we enable building owners to swiftly deploy these technologies without the complexities and costs associated with managing multiple networks,” explains Bill.

Bill envisions OpticWise as a dynamic force, pushing the boundaries of possibility and generating benefits that extend far beyond our client base. He states, “Our future is marked by ambitious growth, innovation, sustainability, and an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact not only for our clients but also the broader industry and society. OpticWise stands poised as a global leader, reshaping the landscape of digital infrastructure and setting new standards of excellence.”

In the years ahead, OpticWise will emerge as a pivotal player in shaping the future of proptech and in-building connectivity by pioneering innovative solutions and setting new industry standards. The company’s vision transcends mere technological advancement; it aims to redefine the way properties are connected and managed, transforming them into intelligent, efficient, and sustainable spaces. Through its dedication to research, development, and collaboration, OpticWise endeavors to push the boundaries of what’s possible in proptech, driving meaningful progress that benefits both property owners and occupants.

“Ultimately, we envision OpticWise spearheading the revolution of in-building connectivity, transforming buildings into vibrant hubs of connectivity, productivity, and well-being, redefining them from mere structures to dynamic entities at the forefront of progress” concludes Bill.

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