Ryan McClure, Founder, TWOMC Digital

Ryan McClure, the founder of TWOMC Digital, has spent 23 years working all over Asia. Originally from Canada, at one point in his journey he found himself director of a major PR agency in Jakarta, Indonesia. However, Ryan was frustrated with the traditional agency model, which separated communication, advertising, PR and video into different units or outsource to vendors where quality and speed were constant trade-offs. Ryan recalls, “Many times the client would say no to a video because they knew we were a PR firm and it would take too long and be done by an outside contractor. TWOMC Digital emerged as our answer to a growing market demand for a more integrated approach. We started with video and have grown to extended reality.”

What sets TWOMC Digital apart is its unwavering commitment to its clients. In a world where agencies often chase new business, sometimes at the expense of existing partnerships, TWOMC Digital takes a different approach. Their focus is on delivering tangible, measurable results fostering relationships that stand the test of time. Ryan says, “We recognize that many organizations lack dedicated marketing professionals and may be in uncharted territory with new mediums like automated personalized video or virtual reality. That’s where TWOMC Digital steps in. While our senior team devises a strategy that uses the “shock and awe” of the latest tech, we always insist on measuring the impact – back to our client’s bottom line. And with the old-fashioned know-how of our experienced marketing professionals, we can use these tools to punch above our client’s weight and show real revenue growth. Our team has “un-learned” more types of digital tools than we would like to think about. But dropping what doesn’t work is part of learning what does. Getting really good with digital for business to business is a process, not an event. And it’s a never-ending process.”

TWOMC Digital has a rich history of leveraging pioneering technologies for business clients. They were among the first in Indonesia to embrace social media, utilize drones for creative campaigns, and explore the exciting realm of live streaming. Their first foray into virtual reality back in 2016 helped launch a joint venture between Indonesia’s and Australia’s biggest telecoms. Today, they continue to lead the way with innovations such as a Virtual Reality Showroom, interactive video and AI-assisted Automated Personalized Video (APV).

In Pursuit of Digital Innovation

Ryan McClure’s passion lies in exploring the future of digital trends and, more importantly, how to harness them for commercial success. His approach begins with a foundation of meticulous market research and in-depth analysis. Ryan emphasizes, “We start with market research, not just any research – we dive deep. Tools like GWI and Brand24 provide valuable data, but we complement them with an exhaustive analysis until we know our client’s customers as well or better than our clients.

Once armed with a profound understanding of the client’s industry, TWOMC Digital follows a well-defined process. This process unveils two critical elements: firstly, a comprehensive grasp of the current customer journey, and secondly, a visionary blueprint of the ideal future customer journey. They also discern the precise content and channels necessary for success. And most critically – how they will measure success. From there, it’s all about creating that content, closely monitoring its performance, and actively involving the client in the journey – encouraging input and fostering healthy debates.

TWOMC Digital’s expertise extends beyond relying solely on the client’s industry knowledge. Ryan clarifies, “We consider ourselves digital experts, taking on the role of consultants to identify the optimal mix of digital tools that address our client’s unique challenges while always measuring our positive impact on their bottom line. It’s like chess, if you play a lot you can kind of see how certain moves will work for certain situations and certain players. We bring this to bare for our B2B clients. We treat our clients like business partners.”

One remarkable example of this partnership approach emerged during the tumultuous COVID-19 pandemic. International schools worldwide faced daunting financial challenges and reputational crises. However, the Singapore International School Group, with its extensive network of 14 campuses across the region, chose to double down on a bold digital strategy in collaboration with TWOMC Digital from the outset of the pandemic. The result? A remarkable double-digit growth story amidst the crisis. The school weathered the storm and expanded into new markets.

The latest toolset unveiled by TWOMC Digital has been nothing short of a revelation in the industry: Automated Personalised Video (APV). This cutting-edge technology stack operates entirely in the cloud, delivering unparalleled efficiency. It harnesses vast volumes of customer data, often numbering in the millions, to craft personalized videos. These videos dynamically incorporate the customer’s name, loyalty status, and other pertinent details, creating an immersive and engaging experience. Ryan enthusiastically explains, “Our new toolkit represents a game-changer in digital marketing. Even for cold lead databases we are getting mind-blowing open rates. It’s unheard of and we are just getting started.”

The outcomes speak volumes. Campaigns utilizing this groundbreaking technology consistently achieve open rates exceeding 50%, while click-through rates (CTR) in email and WhatsApp campaigns skyrocket to double digits, occasionally reaching an astonishing 70%. This starkly contrasts traditional email campaigns, which often struggle to breach the 2% CTR threshold.

Tailoring Digital Solutions to Every Client’s Needs

In an industry where one size rarely fits all, TWOMC Digital stands out for its commitment to tailoring digital solutions to match its client’s business needs, the client’s own level of digital resources – and their individual budgets. They recognize that not every organization operates on the scale of giants like their client Shell Singapore, and this understanding underscores their dedication to delivering value, regardless of a client’s size.

Ryan emphasizes, “We often encounter clients who approach us cautiously, having experienced disappointment with previous digital agencies. These other agencies made them grand promises but failed to measure the impact of their efforts. We understand the imperative of building trust from the ground up. It’s not about what you say, it’s about what you do for business clients.” To establish this trust, TWOMC employs a proven and highly effective strategy. They commence by delivering a tangible “quick win” for the client before suggesting more advanced and sometimes costlier strategies. Whether crafting a new website or generating creative assets for a Google Ad campaign, TWOMC handles every aspect in-house to control the quality and speed. This approach not only ensures clients get the most from their marketing budget, but just as important for stakeholder management, fosters confidence in the process.

Ryan elaborates, “Our in-house capabilities shine when a client needs something quick like a new website or a landing page update. We know other agencies charge and arm and a leg for these line items because that’s the only value they offer. We don’t charge for these incremental items if the need for them arises during a campaign – we are in it to win it, not to nickel-and-dime our clients. When it comes to trying new things we are never a “hammer looking for a nail”. We have many, many digital tools at our disposal but the value we provide is knowing which ones will work to increase client revenue, on budget our clients can afford. In many cases our clients discover we have programming and development talent so we can tackle the entire digital sales funnel and help them with their existing CRM – we’ve worked with them all. ” TWOMC Digital’s approach transcends technology; it’s about effective communication and stakeholder management. It’s about crafting solutions that fit the budget and the client’s vision and goals.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

In the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, TWOMC Digital maintains a firm grip on innovation by proactively seeking the latest trends and technologies. A shining example of this unwavering commitment is embodied by their Managing Director, Ryan McClure. Recently, he ventured to California to partake in AWE XR, a renowned event celebrated as the premier showcase for XR (AR/VR) applications.

Ryan’s active participation in such a cutting-edge event underscores TWOMC Digital’s dedication to remaining at the vanguard of technological advancements. During his journey, he also had the privilege of visiting the headquarters of NVIDIA, a relationship that extends beyond the ordinary. As an official Inception Partner of NVIDIA, TWOMC Digital enjoys substantial support in various realms, ranging from 3D holograms to AR and VR.

This partnership ensures that TWOMC Digital possesses an intricate understanding of emerging technologies and a clear vision of what lies on the technological horizon. Armed with this knowledge, they empower their clients to harness these innovations for their own customers, captivating and engaging them in fresh and exhilarating ways.

Embracing Change

At TWOMC Digital, change isn’t merely accepted; it’s warmly embraced as the one constant in life. Their attitude toward new technology is characterized by eagerness and a swift and comprehensive evaluation of its potential value for their clients. Trying out and adopting new software and technology is part of the company ethos. As is ruthlessly putting aside and “un-learning” tech that is not ready for the market yet or just doesn’t move at the speed of business. What sets them apart is their remarkable ability to perpetually learn and adapt, approaching new SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) tools with the same childlike curiosity and enthusiasm they did when they first embarked on this journey.

In fact, when ChatGPT made its official debut to the public in November 2022, TWOMC Digital was already ahead of the curve. They had taken an active role in testing the beta version, which speaks to their dedication to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technological innovation. What’s the most exciting thing they’re working on now? According to Ryan, “Without a doubt it’s digital twins. Our digital twins are displayed holographically on a table or wall and we are hosting these in dedicated NVIDIA servers optimized for Omniverse. Omniverse is a game changer for digital twins.”

TWOMC Digital’s horizons continue to expand with the recent inauguration of its new office in Singapore, where technology takes center stage. Here, they venture beyond digital marketing, delving into the cutting-edge domain of industrial digital twin technology. Their interdisciplinary approach is a true differentiator, allowing the digital marketing team to benefit from the expertise of the DT XR (Digital Twin Extended Reality) team.

TWOMC Digital also offers a downloadable DT XR demo app for Android and iPhone platforms. The app lets clients and tech enthusiasts experience their innovative solutions firsthand, bridging the gap between imagination and reality. This holistic approach to technology and their unwavering commitment to continuous learning firmly positions TWOMC Digital as trailblazers in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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