Luc Eric KRIEF, Chairman and CEO of New World Wind

Luc Eric KRIEF, the dynamic Chairman and CEO of New World Wind, brings over thirty years of diverse leadership experience to the table, straddling the realms of construction and service industries. Armed with a robust educational background in aeronautics and management, coupled with hands-on involvement across various sectors, KRIEF has consistently showcased his prowess in areas such as re-engineering, logistics, finance, commercial development, and human resources. “In today’s energy landscape, nuclear, petrol, and coal belong to the past. It’s time for renewable energies to take center stage, delivering electricity where it’s needed most,” remarks KRIEF.

Since 2017, New World Wind has been at the forefront of the energy revolution, introducing innovative solutions to the market. “Our focus has been on creating smart wind turbines tailored for individuals and communities. These turbines are specifically engineered for seamless integration within urban environments,” KRIEF elaborates.

Central to New World Wind’s offerings is Aeroleaf®, a groundbreaking micro-turbine that redefines wind power generation. Lightweight and agile, Aeroleaf® harnesses wind energy from all directions, maximizing efficiency even in low-wind conditions. Unlike traditional turbines, its direct drive mechanism operates silently, making it ideal for urban settings where noise pollution is a concern. “Aeroleaf® technology strikes a balance between simplicity and complexity. While it leverages the magnetic field generated by magnets and wiring, the process of converting this energy into usable power requires intricate engineering,” explains KRIEF.

Beyond its technological advancements, New World Wind is driven by a commitment to environmental sustainability. By harnessing the power of nature to generate electricity, the company not only reduces carbon emissions but also lowers energy costs for consumers. “We pride ourselves on being both environmentally conscious and socially responsible. Our products are designed to seamlessly integrate into urban landscapes, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum eco-friendliness,” KRIEF asserts.

Revolutionizing Energy

New World Wind is pioneering a transformative concept in the realm of energy. “We are biomorphic, customizable, adaptable, recyclable. What’s else? We are the new product for a new way of energy,” shares KRIEF. At the heart of New World Wind’s mission is the reduction of carbon emissions, offering a compelling alternative to fossil fuels. With a philosophy of harnessing wind energy wherever it blows, the company’s Aeroleaf® can be seamlessly integrated into diverse environments. “We collaborate with cities and architects to ensure optimal placement, but thanks to our biomorphic design, integration is simple and effortless,” adds KRIEF.

From rooftops to telecom towers, there are virtually no limits to where Aeroleaf® can be deployed. Leveraging nature-inspired designs such as WindBush, WindTree and WindPalm, New World Wind continues to innovate, offering aesthetically pleasing and effective solutions. “To date, we’ve installed more than 130 ‘tree’ units worldwide, and we’re continuously refining our technologies to introduce new products and applications,” KRIEF reveals.

With a global presence spanning five continents, New World Wind is dedicated to empowering individuals with access to clean energy. One notable project involved providing Aeroleaf® to a Spanish research base in Antarctica, demonstrating the resilience and versatility of the technology. “We take pride in such installations, as they showcase the reliability of Aeroleaf® even in the harshest conditions,” remarks KRIEF.

Empowering the Future

KRIEF’s vision for New World Wind has always been centered on delivering innovative, environmentally friendly solutions to customers. “Our products are original and relevant, they do not have any impact on the environment (no bird kills, no noise) and are close to the final users. This is crucial, as ‘smart grids’ are the future of energy provision, and we’ve been at the forefront since day one,” emphasizes KRIEF.

KRIEF’s multifaceted expertise, particularly in re-engineering and resource optimization, has been instrumental in positioning New World Wind as a niche player with global ambitions. Drawing parallels with Tesla’s trajectory, he envisions a future where New World Wind’s solutions become ubiquitous and competitively priced. “Like Tesla, we started with high prices and new technology. But as demand grows, we aim to make our products accessible to everyone,” KRIEF shares.

In a world where energy is indispensable for every aspect of life, KRIEF recognizes the urgent need for sustainable alternatives. “Energy is essential for food, education, travel, information, communication, and every other aspect of our lives. But we must also acknowledge its potential to harm our planet. That’s why we’re committed to finding greener solutions,” affirms KRIEF.

New World Wind’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its products; it’s ingrained in the company’s culture. “As engineers and entrepreneurs, our focus is singular: to provide the best products and solutions while minimizing our carbon footprint,” KRIEF explains.

Looking ahead, New World Wind is poised to expand its product range and market reach to meet the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions. “The demand for energy will only increase, and we’re determined to meet these new challenges while aligning with the evolving needs of our customers. New World Wind is ready to be the provider of choice for the new era,” KRIEF concludes, encapsulating the company’s unwavering commitment to shaping a brighter, greener future for generations to come.

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