Tim Shein, President, King Business Services

Based in Burnaby, B.C., CA, Tim Shein, President at King Business Services Corp, is at the forefront of helping customers with Peace of Mind for their POS needs and preparing them for their future growth. Having trained and worked at Legrand, Hubbell Canada LP, and PepsiCo, Tim’s eclectic background gave him a unique perspective, allowing him to navigate the always-changing and developing IT and POS industry with agility and innovation. He has led continuous efforts towards meeting the requirements of his customers and delivering exceptional services. Tim’s leadership journey is undoubtedly a testament to the power of diverse experiences, calculated risks, and unwavering persistence. It underscores the notion that setbacks in one’s journey are not failures but opportunities to grow and race ahead. He is an inspiration to many.

Making a Successful Career Pivot

Tim began his career at the watch counter at Henry Birks and Sons, where he cultivated an appreciation for delivering a positive customer experience. This foundation propelled him into industrial sales and service Imperial Oil, where he honed his skills in navigating complex business relationships and negotiations. Tim later served as the Franchise Manager for Pepsi-Cola Corp, a role that not only exposed him to the marketing genius of Pepsi but also instilled in him a strategic mindset crucial for success in the corporate world. Afterward, Tim forayed into the electrical manufacturing industry with Legrand, where he got to travel and experience most aspects of Western Canada customers. This chapter marked his formative years, providing him with invaluable insights into the intricacies of a rapidly evolving sector.

However, the turning point came when an exciting opportunity presented itself to Tim and his partners at DTS Partners Group – a chance to collaborate and acquire a Hi-Tech Service and Sales company. This venture specializes in providing cutting-edge Point of Sales (POS) Software and Hardware to the retail industry. While reminiscing those days, Tim shares, “It was a leap into a world where technology intersected with business solutions, marking the beginning of my association with King Business Services.”


Turning Challenges into Triumphs

After conducting thorough due diligence, Tim and his partners, identified an untapped potential. They recognized a fundamental truth: leaders increasingly rely on scanning and data collection for making informed decisions, which is essential for business growth. King Business Services checked all the right boxes. The company stood out for its established industry reputation and credibility and, more importantly, for the experienced talent within its ranks.

As the quote goes, the road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive, and passion, achieving the end goal is possible. After coming on board at King Business Services, Tim faced numerous challenges, such as the departure of key team members and the loss of significant accounts. However, instead of viewing setbacks as obstacles, he identified them as opportunities to innovate and build anew. “Patience and unwavering faith fueled our commitment to the belief that, if you build it with dedication and excellence, customers will inevitably come,” explains Tim.

Later on, Tim’s decision to rebuild was rooted in a vision of giving back to King Business Services’ dedicated staff and provide unparalleled customer service and reliable software and hardware solutions to the clients. This strategic shift revitalized the company and positioned King Business Services as a dynamic force in the IT and POS sector, driven by a commitment to quality and a vision for the future. Since then, the company has successfully maintained a Trusted Advisor status with its customers as their partners in technology for their businesses.

King Business Services: The Trusted Advisor for Technology

King Business Services Corp. has been a full-service IT and POS service provider since 1969. With offices in Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo and Ottawa, the company helps clients navigate retail and wholesale technology needs for their businesses. It’s in King Business Services’ culture, philosophy, drive, and commitment to be the best provider of technology services, products, and customer support!

Moreover, King Business Services’ dedication extends across various industry segments or verticals, offering tailored solutions to grocery stores, specialty retailers, liquor stores, C-stores and gas stations, butcher or deli shops, produce stores, and farm markets. This diverse portfolio showcases the company’s versatility and expertise, ensuring its partners receive solutions finely tuned to their unique business requirements. “At King Business Services, we don’t just provide services; we forge lasting partnerships that drive success across the retail spectrum,” asserts Tim.

What Makes King Business Services Unique?

In the age where AI emerges as both a threat and an opportunity, King Business Services stands out as a pivotal player, providing indispensable services and cutting-edge equipment integral to seamless operations. Its primary offerings include advanced Point of Sale (POS) software explicitly tailored for retail store operations. This software elevates the customer experience and serves as a cornerstone for critical data collection, facilitating informed decision-making in areas such as store growth, marketing strategies, and operational efficiency.

In addition, Tim and his team understand the importance of compatibility and futureproofing, acknowledging the nature of technology. King Business Services proudly partners with established and respected manufacturers, including Acronis, Datalogic, Elo, Epson, Honeywell, Lenovo, Sophos, Toshiba Commerce, and Zebra, to achieve this. These collaborations are more than just alliances; they represent a shared commitment to excellence and contribute significantly to the company’s reputation and respect in the marketplace. Likewise, King Business Services’ further associations with established and scalable software partners like Acceo/Logivision, Auto-star, NCC, IT Retail, and Optima allow it to provide the best-in-class services.

Customizing Solutions to Meet Client Needs

Unlike other IT and POS service providers offering one-size-fits-all solutions, King Business Services is built with a deep understanding of the nuances, regulations, and workflows of diverse industries. The services are laser-focused on the exact requirements of each industry, ensuring that every feature and function is relevant and adds value. Moreover, the tailored solutions are built to integrate seamlessly with the existing systems and tools within a specific industry. This ensures a smoother workflow, reduces the employee learning curve, and enhances overall productivity. As a result, King Business Services’ customized solutions allow organizations to operate more efficiently, make informed decisions, offer superior services, and give them an edge over competitors using generic solutions.

Creating a Genuine Connection with Customers

At King Business Services, building lasting relationships isn’t just about tech solutions; it’s about creating a genuine connection. Tim and his team are constantly in touch, checking in, and being more than just a service provider to their customers. The King Business Services team always listens to their customers, explores, and finds better solutions. For them, it’s all about embracing innovation and discovering new things that could improve their customers’ lives. Going above and beyond, the company tries to educate its clients about the latest technological developments to discover limitless possibilities. Therefore, for King Business Services, maintaining a trusted advisor status is not a one-time thing; it’s an ongoing commitment.

Client Success Story

Once, King Business Services had a deli/butcher shop in a tech nightmare. The team got a call Thursday at 7:15 pm – the client was frustrated with their system. Cutting to the chase, Tim and his team installed cutting-edge, new equipment and software within a week. And boom! The deli/butcher shop was back in business like never before.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

At King Business Services, fostering innovation is not just a strategy; it’s a way of life. Inspired by the relentless pursuit of excellence, the company believes in turning customer needs into opportunities for embracing new solutions. A true testament to its innovative spirit is a customer-driven revelation. For example, once a customer of King Business Services expressed a desire to elevate their experience – to scan a bottle of wine or whisky and receive tasting notes promptly. Tim and his team didn’t just hear their request; they saw an uncharted path to redefine their experience. With a collective nod to innovation, the team delved into this challenge. They transformed customer aspirations into reality. Now, scanning a bottle unfolds a world of tasting notes seamlessly delivered through an email. Tim says, “At King Business Services, we’re not just following trends; we’re setting new standards, one customer-driven innovation at a time.”

True Leadership Philosophy

As a visionary leader, Tim’s compass at King Business Services is guided by principles at it’s core, respect, encouragement, and providing the tools for success. He firmly believes that empowering people with the right environment, tools, and confidence transforms them into exceptional employees. Hence, reflecting on the wisdom of leadership visionaries like Richard Branson and Simon Sinek, Tim seeks inspiration from Sinek’s profound insight that reveals, ‘Leadership is not about being in charge. It’s about taking care of those in your charge.’ This principle resonates deeply with Tim, emphasizing the profound impact of cultivating a culture centered around care, support, and the growth of each team member.

A Bright Future Ahead

Recently, King Business Services has locked eyes on a major critical account, a colossal player, that will expand its equipment across all 650 branches. The company also aims to venture into innovation with new projects that promise to redefine the landscape of the retail and commercial industry. King Business launching of its Commercial Division last year, is set to bring the Trusted Advisor status to Material Handling, Warehouse and Logistics and Distribution companies. Moving those clients from a paper to digital, making their life easier and more efficient. “While I can’t spill all the beans just yet, rest assured that these initiatives are poised to set new standards and solidify our position as trailblazers in the field,” excitedly concludes Tim.

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