Salvador Cano, CEO and Founder, PENTONIX Freight

Salvador Cano is a visionary entrepreneur and a passionate leader, known for consistently pushing the boundaries, seeking out unique ways to simplify logistics operations, and providing unparalleled services to his customers. He is a proven leader, demonstrating high integrity, a strong work ethic, and 12 years of leadership experience attained through the private sector and service with the U.S. Marine Corps. As CEO and founder, Salvador has implemented cutting-edge technologies and disruptive approaches to drive PENTONIX Freight to great heights of success.

Today, Salvador’s remarkable achievements and innovative thinking have propelled him to the forefront of the logistics sector, redefining industry standards, and revolutionizing the way goods are transported and delivered. As a trailblazer in the logistics industry, he continues to inspire the next generation of logistics leaders.

Journey from a Veteran to a Visionary Entrepreneur

Salvador earned a degree in Criminology and Psychology from the University of New Mexico. He was first introduced to Logistics when he was Commissioned as an Officer in the U.S Marine Corps. As a Logistics Officer, he was sent to school to learn about the industry and fulfill his duties while in service. At that time, his Staff Platoon Officer in the Marine Corps, Capt. Gliwa believed Salvador would be a great fit to serve as a Logistics Officer while he was training in Quantico, VA during the Basic Officer Course. After deployments while in service and time away from his family and son, he decided to leave the active-duty force and transition to a civilian occupation.

Shortly after that, Salvador started working as a sourcing agent for a heating and hot water manufacturing facility and moved up to a Platform Logistics Manager role. While in that role, he felt the calling to start a business in the logistics field. He quickly put in his two weeks’ notice and jumped to entrepreneurship without any prior preparation. “For me, failure was not an option, and neither was not taking action, so I embarked on the journey ahead,” shares Salvador. He took what he learned about leadership and determination in the Marine Corps and applied it to his businesses. The result has been phenomenal growth.

PENTONIX Freight: Simplifying Logistics through Operational Excellence

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, PENTONIX Freight is an award-winning, third-party logistics company providing customized freight solutions. It is a veteran-owned company with 18+ years of industry experience and military diligence that integrates lean logistics operations with business analytics.

Moreover, PENTONIX Freight is known for providing Five-Star customer service at competitive and affordable pricing. “Our purpose is to enable our customers to focus on their core competencies while allowing us to manage their supply chain,” states Salvador. Under his leadership, PENTONIX Freight has been recognized as Best Emerging Logistics Service Provider by Logistics Warehouse & Supply Chain Awards 2023 and Top 3PL Services Provider 2023 by Logistics & Transportation Review Magazine.

What Sets PENTONIX Freight Apart from Other Logistics Companies?

According to Salvador, PENTONIX Freight’s dedication to meeting and exceeding customers’ needs along with its Transportation Management System (TMS) is what distinguishes the company from its market competitors.

PENTONIX Freight’s Transportation Management System (TMS) offers ease of use to its customers and carriers alike. Just like booking a travel ticket, PENTONIX Freight’s TMS allows customers to book their shipments with their provider of choice in real time. The time of waiting for a quote from a broker or waiting for shipping documents such as a Bill of Lading, is over. PENTONIX Freight’s system houses all that information for its customers to attain. Likewise, tracking and tracing is no longer a pain point for customers. PENTONIX Freight’s TMS offers true API connection with its carriers to look up where a shipment may be. The booking platform offers data to its customers that enables decision-makers to quickly analyze their spending and track critical key performance indicators such as On Time Pick up and On Time Delivery.

Leading by Example

One of the principles that every Marine Corps Officer learns (and lives by) is “Ductus Exemplo” meaning ‘Lead by Example’ and that is what Salvador has carried into his business management opportunities. “When the people you lead see you fighting alongside them, they are willing to take a bullet for you,” asserts Salvador.

Moreover, Salvador believes that it is the people (team members) who accomplish the mission. Therefore, training, equipping, and trusting your team members is important as they will accomplish any task set before them. He has, in this similar way, led both his professional and personal life. Similarly, Salvador feels that leaders who enable their subordinates to take action and delegate responsibilities along with authority are able to witness tremendous growth and improvements made at work.

Improvise, Adapt, & Overcome

Salvador, while reflecting on the challenges overcome by him, states that the freight industry has been in a recession mode that has put brokers, 3PLs, and carriers to the test. There were two questions in front of him as an entrepreneur: How do you continue to be in business under the current market conditions? And further, how do you continue to grow under the current market conditions?

Guided by the Marine Corps Mindset of “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome”, Salvador and his team critically analysed PENTONIX Freight’s service offerings and decided to focus their efforts in the Less Than Truckload mode and grow that portion of their business. This strategy to pivot and adapt according to the current market challenges proved highly successful as PENTONIX Freight has exhibited a positive growth year after year.

Success Story

A while back, Salvador managed the logistics portion of a facility transition from a facility built in the 60s to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with tremendous productivity improvement. Salvador implemented a Transition Management Operating system detailing a sending and receiving site plan with specific mile down to inch stones. He also developed time estimates at each cell and function level to incorporate into a wholistic project timeline transition. This timeline included the decommissioning of manufacturing equipment to the commissioning of manufacturing equipment. Due to Salvador’s game-changing strategies, the project transition was executed in a timely manner.

Staying at the Forefront of Tech Innovations

In Salvador’s opinion, the fast-changing pace of innovation is the key to success for any business in any industry in today’s digital era. He, however, states that we must remember the power in people. “It is a known reality of the effects people continue to have and will have in the future that we must focus our efforts on networking and attending innovation conferences while taking those lessons learned and implementing them to our technology and services to our customers. That is how winning is done,” highlights Salvador.

Pearls of Wisdom

“No one, even with the education behind them, starts out knowing what to do. We all learn along the way. So, start, jump, and take risks. It will be okay, and you will learn,” concludes Salvador.

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