Steve Schroeder, CEO/Founder, Twitter Fundraising

Steve Schroeder is the founder and CEO of Twitter Fundraising, Smart Community Technologies, DeCoy (Decentralized Customer Loyalty) and FAAST (Fundraising as a Service Technologies). All companies are focused on expanding the bitcoin ecosystem around the world.  Steve has been in the customer loyalty space for over 20 years.  Long before Bitcoin, Steve was devising a custom currency in the form of USD rather than points, miles or stars but after learning about Bitcoin the asset in 2019 and then spending considerable study on the subject over the past 3 years, Steve’s passion is helping others and using his past experience to create a fun, easy, and lucrative way for people to secure their own digital asset and learn how to hold property rights for their families which can’t be confiscated or inflated away.


Is money simply a store of value or a medium of exchange? Is it a use of technology or a use of multiple technologies?

Have you ever stopped to contemplate The Importance of Money? Of Your Money?

Without money, we simply can’t live. The mantra, “Follow the Money” is often shared among the media and your peer groups to discover and uncover corruption, incentive structures and rogue power over models. The phrase: “Fix the Money, Fix the World” is another common expression explaining the magnitude and importance that money plays in every aspect of our lives. 

Money has impacted civilization for millennia. Jesus taught more about money than any other subject…by far. Depending upon the version of His teachings, there are over 140 references to “money” throughout the King James Version of the Bible.  Jesus said that “we cannot serve God and money at the same time. We will either serve one or despise the other.” And He goes on to say, “our lives would be directed by one, or the other.”

If money is so important, why do so many people know so little about it?  And if money is so important, then will technology play a key role in determining money’s destiny? Technology already has played a key role in money and its circulation, but very few understand it and even less teach accurately about it.  

As of April 2023, today’s money or today’s global reserve currency is the U.S. Dollar.  The U.S. Dollar is under attack right now due to increased inflation, over-printing, removal from the gold standard, centralized power with the Federal Reserve and unelected centralized power with the Fed.  Which has led to corruption, greed, illegal taxation, confiscation, cancellation, to name just a few.

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s) are being tested in well over 100 different countries around the world as of April 2023. Banks are collapsing from money being printed out of thin air, which coincidentally requires technology to do so.

In the United States, the battle of money, power, and control could very well determine whether the country survives or is torn apart by division and hatred between the Left and the Right.  Very similar to our own historic Civil War.  And even similar to a more recent Civil War in El Salvador around 30 years ago, which destroyed their country. El Salvador realized the problem was with the money and boldly became the first country to claim that Bitcoin will be legal tender and is in the process of switching from dependence on the U.S. dollar to a complete Bitcoin economy. Is this money’s influence on technology? Or the Converse?  

What does a Bitcoin economy look like? Check out El Salvador and look for yourself as to what is happening. Here are a few benefits to a Bitcoin economy many people miss:

  1. You can take your money with you anywhere.
  2. Nobody can confiscate, steal, or tax it.
  3. Nobody can change the core technology and protocol of Bitcoin.

Let’s look at this, with an example in real-time. Using the ongoing conflict and war of Ukraine and Russia, people from Ukraine were able to secure their wealth by transferring their assets to Bitcoin. And then, putting that Bitcoin in ‘cold storage’ (specifically in this case with a Ledger Nano, which is a small device-like-key holding a confidential security phrase). They then memorized their personalized 12-or-24-word confidential security phrase and disposed of their Ledger Nano device since any device will work once the code phrase is inserted.  When many of them arrived in Poland, (or any other country), they ordered another Ledger Nano and put in their 12-or-24-word phrase, which they had memorized, and all their wealth was restored. No fees, no taxes, no pillaging. 

This is the Importance of the Technology of Money. How many others around the world know this is an option? And our own ability to transfer our wealth and assets and be in control of them at the same time?  This asset transfer ability may seem unnecessary to Americans and citizens of other first world countries, but for the billions of the world who are not able to protect their money or own property this ability is life changing. This technology is life changing, yet very people realize that money has now taken on a technology that may invite and allow billions of people in the world to be sovereign and experience true freedom.

Owning bitcoin is not about wealth, it’s about freedom. When people are free, then wealth is a byproduct of freedom. We can orchestrate and synthetically create many different things to avoid pain and loss, but so few people understand or know about the technology of money. 

Should you wish to learn more and experience the power and potential of how important technology is to the future of money, then please contact us.  Our team will be glad to educate you and show you the way.

Thank you for reading.

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