Appy Bhullar, Real Estate Agent, RE/MAX

The road to real estate success is a long one, but there is plenty to learn from those who have been there and aced it. Calgary, Alberta-based Appy Bhullar is one of the most influential real estate leaders who has carved a niche in the industry through honesty, putting clients’ needs first, and building long-term relationships.

Appy is a seasoned realtor, passionate about helping clients achieve their real estate goals. He currently services Calgary and surrounding areas as a solo agent with RE/MAX and has a proven track record of selling over 100,000 square feet of property. He also works with local community associations and organizations to ensure his clients have close relationships with the neighborhoods where they live and work. His ongoing project involves meeting clients’ industrial needs since the industrial demand has risen in the post-pandemic era.

Career Beginnings

Appy began his career in the real estate industry in 2004 after encouragement and support from a family member who was already a part of the industry. He considers working in real estate, especially with businesses, as a long-term investment. Hence, he builds his relationships with long-term goals. He further explains, “That’s how I build trust: I reach out to all of my existing clients every so often. Many are business owners, so their time is valuable, but I like to see how their business is going and how the location works for them. If they’re investors, I want to see how the property serves their tenets. It’s good for business, and it helps me stay connected.”

Moreover, Appy’s favorite part of working in the real estate industry includes meeting new people, helping clients find the right property that meets their requirements, and, most recently, having succeeded in selling a retail development in Calgary.

Going the Extra Mile

With thousands of real estate agents fighting tooth and nail to sell properties and make big bucks, what truly gives Appy an edge over them is his dedication to going the extra mile to ensure client requirements are met in terms of location, pricing, and outcomes. That is how he has built and maintained his reputation in the real estate industry throughout his almost two decades of career. He knows how to soothe clients’ worries and reassure them during trying times, which goes a long way toward building trust.

Building Long-term Relationships with Clients

Right from the beginning of his career, Appy has relied on thorough communication tactics and building long-term relationships with clients to fuel his commercial real estate enterprise. “Looking after clients’ needs always comes first – that’s what’s helped me succeed. Before I start showing properties to any of my clients, I want to know their goals so that I have a full understanding of what they need, and that helps in making sure they’re getting the right property,” asserts Appy.

Furthermore, Appy’s persistent relationships have helped him build a business that is fifty percent repeat of referral clients. He leverages this network when he acquires new listings. He adds, “A lot of work is done on social media – Facebook, Instagram, and then other commercial real estate sites like the local MLS. But I always reach out to my past clients and share my listings with them. They don’t always need something at that moment, but if they don’t, I almost always get a referral.” By prioritizing the success of each client, Appy endears himself to his professional network, and they, in turn, feel confident in recommending a friend or family member for his services.

Success Mantra to Establishing a Loyal & Happy Customer Base

With a majority of his clientele being business owners, Appy goes to great lengths to provide guidance and service long after he’s left the closing table. He points out that working with them to purchase the property is just the beginning of the process. He talks to his clients through floor plans to make sure their concept will actually work on the premises— together, they make a layout, and Appy further helps connect them with the right mortgage brokers and lawyers to ensure everything is in place for them to succeed. He adds, “I’m able to give them the exact services they need so they can buy confidently.” As a result, Appy’s meticulous attention to detail sets his clients up for long-term success, and this approach has helped him establish a loyal and happy customer base.

Career Milestone & Family Time

Appy’s biggest career milestone is selling 52 townhouses in 60 days and possessions 90 days after. When he’s not busy maintaining his relationships and working within his community, Appy takes every opportunity to spend quality time with his family.

Roadmap to the Future

Going ahead, Appy plans to stay focused on commercial real estate, especially new retail and multi-family developments in Calgary.

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