Murtaza Yousuf, Co-Founder & Marketing Director, Media Mavericks

We all love to read success stories of business scions and stalwarts. People who dared to dream, people who defied all odds, people who broke the barriers, people who stood the test of time—we call them heroes of the business world. For some innovators, unusual circumstances, events, or people lead them to venture into the business world. But for a few, entrepreneurship is in their bloodline. They live, breathe, dream, and think business.

Murtaza Yousuf, Co-Founder & Marketing Director,  Media Mavericks, is one such leader who always knew his true calling was towards entrepreneurship. From the beginning, he loved sharing his knowledge & expertise with people and assisting them in bringing their ideas to life. “I have always been an entrepreneur. It has allowed me to pursue and engage in activities that inspire innovation,” shares Murtaza, adding, “therefore, when starting my own digital marketing agency, I was inspired to constantly think outside the box.”

Over the years, he has served in lead creative roles focused on defining and executing innovative marketing strategies from the ground up for F500 clients. He is a motivational leader who guides team members in maintaining brand standards and boosting client satisfaction. Murtaza is also a recognized Google Partner for all advertisement functions. In 2018, he was awarded ‘Employee of the Year’ at CPI Business.

“I thrive in an environment where I can cultivate effective relationships with stakeholders, C-Level executives, and VIP clientele to deliver high-level project management and communication that drive revenue development in ever-evolving digital landscapes,” adds Murtaza. Moreover, he firmly believes that hard work, respect, intelligence, and creative energy can make a difference in the outcomes of clients’ businesses online.

A journey towards the End Goal

Taking the first step into the unknown waters is always tricky. But once things begin to take shape, clients pour in, and hard work pays off. One gets to acquire first-hand knowledge of the business and understand how implications of each decision are made by the management. “For me setting up my own business was always the end goal, and I worked hard towards achieving it,” he continues.

When Media Mavericks was incepted, Murtaza and the management encountered many hurdles and challenges that were unanticipated. He explains, “One of the major mistakes we did early on was not vetting the talent we were acquiring; because a lot of the staff we hired was not fit for the roles we were looking for. However, it was a learning phase for the company, and we learned a great deal through this journey.”

Yusuf Mohammed Barbhaya, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Media Mavericks

Offering Digitally Forward Marketing Strategies

Based in Dubai, Media Mavericks is one of the leading digital marketing agencies, providing top-level services like SEO, SMM, content writing, web & app development, video production, & Email marketing. The company’s main motive is to strategically market clients’ business in the digital landscape and empower them to sustain and grow their brand and profits year on year.

Currently, the top digital marketing company is catering a whole platter of world-class and profitable digital marketing services to UAE’s established and upcoming brands by reaching target audiences on a broad spectrum of digital communication platforms that are highly viewable and high-performing. Since its establishment, the company has successfully retained 95% of its clients through daily engagement and top-notch services. And so, what sets Media Mavericks apart from others is its transparency of process and guarantee of results.

Speaking on the progress made by his company and opportunities offered by the community of Dubai, Murtaza explains, “Dubai is and always will be the land of dreams and opportunities. Starting 3 years back, we have grown immensely, thanks to the ever-growing business community of Dubai. Additionally, we are thankful to the leaders who have the vision to grow the business community of Dubai and help every business achieve its fair share. Very seldom do we hear of such nations who are keen on helping not just big corporations, but also small and medium enterprises
and start-ups.”

Pre & Post Pandemic Digital Marketing Plans

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted all sectors of the economy around the globe. Whether it was retail or service industry, there were significant upheavals. Media Mavericks was also engulfed in this situation as the company had to close operations and adopt the WFH model. Murtaza ensured that his staff trusted the company during such turbulent times and helped them adjust to the ‘New Normal.’ “We communicated with our clients regarding slight hiccups in delivery as we adjusted to the new way of working. We ensured a smooth transition by joining hands,” asserts the Co-Founder & Director.

Media Mavericks has always attuned itself to changes, and “we will continue to do the same so that we can cater to our clients and reach our goals,” reveals Murtaza.

Tahera Husain, Co-Founder & Content Director, Media Mavericks

Nurturing a Healthy Workplace Culture

As a visionary and seasoned leader, Murtaza prefers to work with his team. Every project that comes to Media Mavericks is worked upon collectively; he may guide them to achieve the desired results, but he gives his staff complete creative freedom to develop a creative solution. “In this manner, we work together collectively, where every individual’s input matters. I feel this kind of leadership helps every company thrive and prosper.”

Furthermore, he shares that at Media Mavericks, the management makes sure that all the employees are happy and have a sense of belonging to the company. They feel connected so that they work towards the company’s betterment and, by extension, their own future. “We believe in keeping our employees’ content. After all, we may be the company’s engine, but they are the wheels; never undermine their importance!”
he continues.

He will be ensuring a more streamlined workflow in the coming days, which holds an important place for him and the company. Employees should feel free to go about their daily tasks and responsibilities without being rushed or stressed. In this way, Murtaza will continue to create a healthy balance between employees and setting goals for the future that aligns with the overall business strategy.

A Note for the Emerging Leaders

Successful leaders connect with their teams, encourage collaborative leadership, and inspire team members to deliver their best performances. Murtaza shares his top two tips for budding leaders. The first is to create more opportunities for your employees to advance, and the second is to focus on inspiring your employees that will help to complete tasks more cooperatively.

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