Nektar Baziotis, Co-Founder & President, Enki Inc

There are a handful of traits at work and in life that simply cannot be taught. They grow and develop from within. Over time, those become an integral part of who we are. One such trait is the entrepreneurial spirit. The Co-Founder & President of ENKI Inc, Nektar Baziotis, always had an entrepreneurial spirit to his being. “When I was eleven years old, I went to sell produce in the open market with my grandfather,” shares Nektar. At 16, he developed his first program, and at 19, he took upon his first managerial role. For a few years, this became his school of learning. Working in management allowed him to build his skills and the confidence to venture out into the business world independently.

“To me, entrepreneurship is solving problems by innovating and using the talents of your team,” says Nektar, adding, “With those in hand, I decided to start my first company, Apogee Information Systems, to build inspired design and quality code.” He was 24 at that time. As an entrepreneur, this was just the beginning for him. Over the years, Nektar continued founding companies, harnessing the potential of technologies, designing innovative products, and succeeding in them—all because of a fantastic set of partners and team members who have and will continue to support him at every step of his journey.

ENKI Technologies’ Disruptive Edge in the Market

Located in Santa Monica, California, ENKI Technologies provides creative and intelligent customized software for websites and mobile apps by levering the power of AI. The tech company’s core services include business analysis, stream & custom app development, and IT consulting. Moreover, ENKI is committed to building longevity and a successful future for its clients and businesses.

“From the beginning, I wanted ENKI to stand apart in the industry by focusing on relationships. I firmly believe that the focus of every business should be on its people and what matters most are relationships,” says Nektar. Furthermore, he says that the management puts a lot of emphasis on business development and sales to get to know their prospective clients as much as possible. This enables them to build strong client relationships and gain insights into what that particular client wants and future prospective leads.

At the end of the day, companies are built little by little, laid brick by brick with every bit of success. Growth, scalability, and quality come hand in hand with a good team. Therefore, Nektar reveals, “My vision for ENKI is to be a people-centered business.” Employees trust leaders who both lead and follow. Nektar ensures that at ENKI, people can rely on him to set the tone and that everything he does is imbued with the culture they have built together.

Building Relationships in the Pandemic Times

The coronavirus pandemic hit the business and its economy hard. Industry leaders were forced to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and think outside the box. Looking back at 2020, Nektar reveals that at ENKI Technologies, the pandemic allowed them to value human affinity and connections even more. The company’s management decided to have all of its employees work remotely from home to maximize safety and employee satisfaction. At the same time, the team of ENKI maintained daily contact with each other to ensure that the work would remain high quality as always. “By prioritizing the people in our organization, we have been able to fully stand by and serve our clients and our community as they face the immense difficulties ahead,” affirms Nektar.

In the post-pandemic world, the Co-Founder & Director plans to continue focusing on delivering high-quality work and strengthening the bond with his team and clients. No one knows what the future will bring, but one thing is true: “we will have to adapt, and by adapting, we will bring out our best,” remarks Nektar.

Productive & Calm Leadership

With offices located in US and Europe, Nektar has a bit of an untraditional schedule to follow. “This means that I’m tackling EU work late at night, as that coincides with traditional business hours in the EU and working in the early morning for US work. I find that splitting my work like this gives me clarity, as otherwise, it would be easy to confuse who I am dealing with and when,” states Nektar.

Often working for long hours, juggling numerous roles & responsibilities, and meeting project deadlines may put a lot of pressure on leaders. Finding peace from within, staying calm, and keeping things in perspective become a requisite during such times. No matter what life or business may throw at you, you need to know who you are and what you need to do for yourself, your family, your team, and your business. By focusing on those things, you can become stronger day by day and better equipped to handle pressure. “I personally find that my family and my cats are the things that ground and calm me,” shares Nektar.

ENKI Technologies’ Future Endeavours

Nektar & his team are very excited and thrilled about their latest project— Icarus AI E-Learning. Nektar excitedly shares, “Our target is to bring a brand new, AI-enhanced E-learning solution to remote students.” ENKI’s research shows that many E-Learning solutions often focus on a single language and thus have poor support for multiple languages. Therefore, the team is seeking to bridge this gap by integrating multi-language support into the core of their offering to remove language as a barrier, especially in regions (like Europe) where there isn’t a single standardized language. With Icarus AI, more people will have access to knowledge, making us achieve progress as the human race. “Our mission is to give every child in the world access to knowledge and grow their horizon,” adds Nektar.

A Word from the Wise

According to Nektar, one should never neglect the human element in employees. A team is only as good as its teamwork, and a team will beat a group of individuals every time. Young people should build up their technical skills and understand that that is the bare minimum. Many people know how to code and the ins and outs of technology; they have solid soft skills that will help them rise to the top and become the leaders of tomorrow. “My last piece of advice is to go for it! If you have a dream, make it a reality. You have less to lose than you think, and you’ll never know what you’re capable of if you never try,” concludes Nektar.

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