Sharon Anderson, Founder & CEO, KCG Consulting Services (KCG)

Every individual is blessed with a unique set of talents and skills. But, only a handful of those is ready to utilize them for the betterment of society. Known for her philanthropic nature, out-of-the-box thinking, solution-oriented approach, and optimistic attitude, Sharon Anderson, the Founder & CEO of KCG Consulting Services (KCG), is one such role model to be emulated.

Sharon holds a BA degree from Tufts University in International Relations and a Juris Doctorate from the prestigious Georgetown Law School. From a very young age, she had a passion for serving the public. This is why Sharon began her career as a public defender and started representing individuals who couldn’t afford their own legal aid. Later on, with experience and expertise, she became recognized as a global thought leader in civility and the law. She is also an Executive Pastor at a major church in Washington, DC.

Notable Accolades, Awards & Recognitions

Sharon’s benevolent contribution to the legal profession has earned her numerous promotions, awards, and accolades. Among those, her work for the Mayor of the District of Columbia at the Office of the Attorney General as the Senior Deputy for Public Protection and Enforcement holds a special place in her heart. She was awarded the coveted District of Columbia Mayor’s TrailBlazer recognition during the Williams’ Administration and was appointed the Co-Chair of the Prince George County Maryland Faith Based Advisory Board in 2020.

In 2021, Sharon was acknowledged as the Special Advisor to the Global Board Chair of OPAD- and recognized in the 2021 World Book of Greatness in the UK. Sharing one of her proud moments out of many, Sharon says, “I am extremely proud of my current appointment to the Executive Board of the International Congress on Global Communications. Our goal is to create a global platform to discuss and innovate solutions to the sustainable goals worldwide.”

She is also a published author on civility and the law. Through her current book “Emotional Civility-The New Standard for Global Success”, she encourages the world to understand the importance of civility and keeping it on the societal forefront. Sharon shares, “I have dedicated this moment in my career to examining the abandoned value of civil interaction; and call us to action to apply civility as our standard to bring success, peace, and safety to our homes, communities, and nations.” This successful author is planning on three more literary works on civility in the coming days.

Birth of KCG & its Functionality in the Pandemic Times

“Over the last decade, I have focused my career on building civility in a society that all too often seems tilted towards uncivil speech and actions, and through research and experience in developing a proven framework for cultivating a safe and productive culture of civility and respect in all spheres of our daily lives,” asserts Sharon. Founded in 2018, KCG Consulting Services is unique in the business development industry because it is client-centered and tailors its services to meet the needs of each client regardless of size and revenue/worth.

Moreover, when the COVID-19 pandemic caught the world off guard, people, much fewer businesses, were unprepared and overwhelmed. To survive in such unprecedented times, small to mid-sized and large businesses had to quickly shift gears and become technology-driven. But this is not as easy as it sounds. Leaders from all industrial landscapes were expected to bring innovative plans and digital strategies to manage their working from home employees, supervise staff, and bring financial outcomes to the table.

This was the crucial and most functional time when a consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses with strategic planning, training, and funding, such as KCG, came as an answer to their prayers. Reminiscing those days, Sharon says, “We became functional during the pandemic to be an answer for businesses and business leaders who needed help to manage the transitions created by the pandemic.” She also strongly feels that communication, transparency, and managing expectations are the key traits for businesses and business leaders. Hence, KCG, led by Sharon, made every effort to practice what they preach to their clients.

Mistakes are the Steppingstone to Success

Each one of us makes mistakes. It is, however, solely up to us how much we learn from them and never walk on the same path again. Similarly, in the early days, Sharon made a few errors. One of them was undervaluing her work. The effort, time, and resources one puts in are irreplaceable, whether for charity or paid clients. In many charitable cases, people tend to not appreciate the work or the efforts. Hence, one of the most important lessons she learned was to balance the donated work with the paid clients.

Another crucial lesson she learned was the problems that can develop from a lack of communication. Irrespective of the amount of pressure, ongoing projects, deadlines, or numerous meetings, communicating with the clients is imperative. They must always be kept informed about their work status. A simple mail or an update to keep them in the loop goes a long way. Likewise, Sharon believes that not every client is suitable for their business. One must learn the art of saying no and also understand what may prove to be good and fatal in the long term. Finances and money should not be the sole driving force. Hence, leaders and managers should always be in the mode of learning.

While looking back at her journey as a successful leader, Sharon explains, “The need for my voice, knowledge, and expertise around the world has come to a full circle. I am now being asked to comment, contract, and manage globally.”

Post-Pandemic Plans for KCG

Just like the arrival of the pandemic, its post scenario is bound to change unforeseeably. Leaders and organizations who can sight this change will survive and succeed, whereas businesses that continue to operate as before are bound to crash and burn.

In the case of KCG Consulting Service, Sharon feels that the company will continue to be the voice for civil communication and a business development, management, and training firm. Furthermore, she asserts, “My vision is to become one of the leading business development firms in the world, known for the ability to craft creative solutions to complex problems, and most importantly train all levels of employees and leadership so that implementation is seamless and change is sustainable.”

Sage Advice for Business Leaders

Sharon wants all business leaders and owners to stay encouraged and seek out collaborations and partnerships whenever possible. During the hour of need, one must never be afraid to ask for assistance. Also, mentorships are helpful when one is navigating change. Finally, she adds, “God is still in the miracle-working business. If you are struggling right now, remember, one call, one partner, one connection can change the trajectory of your life. Stay the course.”

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