Sylvia Hii, Founder & CEO, DAP E-nnovative Solutions Pvt Ltd (DAP Group of Companies)

Sylvia has more than 18+ years of experience in international business, operations, PR, event management, sales, and marketing in different sectors. She founded the DAP group of companies in 2011 together with Vikas Sharma (Co-founder & Managing Director) and now has two main verticals in the same, Digital A Plus Healthcare & DAP E-nnovative Solutions. She poses strong social networking skills, connected with over 3000 entrepreneurs globally. She is a born social entrepreneur, believes in giving back to the society and one of the causes that she supports is woman empowerment.


The pharmaceutical marketing landscape has changed dramatically during the last decade. The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that communication is more vital than ever. One analysis predicted it would hit nearly $3.5 billion in 2021 and will jump to a whopping $8.2 billion by 2026. The one-size-fits-all approach to HCP engagement may no longer be effective. When looking for information on new therapies, providers can now resort to internet sources and digital technologies rather than contacting representatives or pharmaceutical firms directly. What contributed to this shift is the Covid-19 social distancing requirements that eliminated facetime and gave emergence to digital tools like teleconferencing which allows reps to get treatment information directly into physicians’ hands that too in real time.

Pharmaceutical Marketing in new normal

What sure does matter the most is that the pharmaceutical companies should be willing to implement new technologies for sales and marketing, such as digital training, virtual classes and further use of email communication. According to a recent survey on my company’s platform, nearly 30% of physicians would like “on-demand” access to pharmaceutical sales representatives. The Pharma market is looking for new ways to engage the patients and get desired results in terms of treatment, reports and excellence of the treatment. The customers are more looking towards a brighter aspect in pharma communication with the AI-based machines and devices coming into the international market as well as sales and production of pharma also brightening up with the this aspect.

Road Ahead for Technological Treatments

The healthcare professionals and pharma companies are now moving towards a certain goal to accelerate the innovation and trends in the industry. The AI-based machines which are being launched has reduced the burden of human effort, it has become more align and brighter to deliver precise results at a rapid pace. The technology is creating human results at a pace like never before. The experiences which we had before regarding the medical science are now becoming a reality for the customer. The professionals are looking at raising the bar higher with each step to derive results which we could not imagine before. The Industry is not limited to a single space or not running on a single technology, the global market is heated up with new inventions of AI-based machines as well as drugs which are curing the mankind as well as preventing new diseases.

Omnichannel Presence of Pharma Companies

The advent of the new AI-based machinery and ML technologies exceeding the human intelligence, the omnipresence of the tech aspect is clearly visible to the global market leaders as well as the consumers. The leadership in the market is looking to invest more in the healthcare sector to promote advancement and make it easily accessible for the consumers and professionals. The digitisation of the medtech and pharma sector has not only fulfilled tech presence but also made things lucid with omnichannel the health apps, analytical data reading etc. This has made it a huge channelized network which is working throughout the year with a least effort from human and getting the desired results. outlook of the industry. The professionals are now looking to treat the patients in new ways through interactions sessions, through

The Management of Customer Engagement 

The Industry is now flooding with the new technologies and the pandemic has led to technologies leading to virtual treatments and interaction between the patients and the professionals. It has led to diversity which has been leading to good and precise results. The integrated strategies are being used to advise the customers to generate high amount of precision and results which are not acceptable before. The trials are now helping patients in discovering the hidden issues which are not visible with our naked eyes.

These kinds of technologies are surely giving major developments goals for the pharma companies as well as professionals. The prosperity and advancement on this road to recovery post pandemic is surely going to help the people in its achievement.

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