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2020 changed many things. In its second quarter, business leaders across the world had a different challenge to face – strategizing and implementing new policies that could help the company sustain amidst the pandemic. Remote working became the new norm. Platforms like Zoom and Google Meet were the new board rooms. However, business leaders reacted to these changes in different ways. While some embraced the change to grow their businesses in a new way, a few were desperately hoping that things would get back to normal – whatever that is.

Without a doubt, we can say that disruptions do not stop. What we did yesterday may not work tomorrow. To be future-ready, business leaders must be willing to try new things, invest in improving technology infrastructure, and create cultures where employee well-being comes first. For instance, a study conducted by Gallup finds that higher levels of organizational well-being track with lower levels of employee burnout, stress, worry, anxiety, and depression — while boosting trust, innovation and resiliency. So, they say, f you focus on fortifying well-being this year, your company can regain the well-being it lost and a shockingly effective security system.

This global edition of CXO Outlook is all about leaders and leadership styles. In this issue, we have identified ‘10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders in 2022’ who have taken empirically proven actions to stabilize organizations and help them succeed. On the cover, we feature Scott Truehl, Executive Vice President & Partner, Friede & Associates. Scott is a true leader who walks the walk when it comes to helping others in the construction industry.

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