Siddharth Parmar, Managing Partner, EQUL Store & Magazine

Siddharth Parmar is the jack of all trades, before slaying it at Equl store, he was a producer and had a plethora of experience across various industries like food, fashion, hospitality, business, and event management. He is a fitness fanatic and a traveler who believes in balance. Equl store is much more than a passion project for Sid.


The fashion vertical has become more raw, real, and un-filtered. It’s an era that’s moving away from faking candids and more towards bold and proud. Not only being gender inclusive breaks away from the Patriarchal norms, it also gives everyone the space to breathe, the chance to occupy space and just being them despite their body size or type. From makeup brands that say It’s kay to be you, we need this type of representation in the Fashion field as well. People are becoming more aware, more accepting and it is the change our 16-year-old selves would be happy to see. Not only being more gender fluid inclusive gives you the space to be you, however you are, it is also sustainable and economic for the brands. Unisex clothing is not a fashion fad but a stellar move, individuals are making to claim their space. It’s time to normalize and embrace all body types and sizes, and not just size zero.  It also takes away the pressure to dress up a certain way to validate your gender preferences.

As for sustainability, it’s not just a fashion trend that needs attention, it’s quite literally the need of the hour. With brands completely dropping plastic from their delivery, to taking out a line of conscious and recycled clothing, we have come a long way. When big magnum opus brands start to be sustainable, it automatically trickles down as something everyone needs to adopt. It’s time to make Sustainability cool.

There are several brands which are basing their market positioning around gender neutral clothing, body positivity and androgynous clothing. They feature a contemporary range of clothing that features fits, sizes and colors that are completely gender neutral and breaks away from the conditioning of “Pink is for girls and blue is for boys” which is the change we needed.

Brands have also started dedicating a line of clothing to sustainability, which are crafted to make you feel good, both from the fabric and the tailored design which features bespoke loungewear options for you to choose from which includes T shirts, hoodies, joggers, and shorts in a myriad of colors. They also promote for you to be effortlessly bold and expressive without uttering.

It’s safe to say that the future is in good hands and the way forward may be hard, but change will come and that too for good. Sustainability and androgynous clothing will be topping the charts not just at fashion weeks but will become a household topic to be inspired from.

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