Susan Semmelmann, Owner, Susan Semmelmann Interiors

Susan Semmelmann is an award-winning philanthropist, modern-day entrepreneur, innovative designer, doting wife, and mother of three wonderful children. What do you call someone who dons multiple hats and excels in all roles with a bright smile and a deep-rooted desire to give back to the community? An inspirational leader indeed! The Owner of Susan Semmelmann Interiors is a testament to this persona.

Susan has been involved in the construction and design world for the last 25 years and believes ‘The spirit of living is in the giving’. Along with her husband, Susan owned a construction company for many years. Her foray into solo entrepreneurship resulted from her desire to create beauty for others and give back to her community. Susan is gifted with a creative eye, a knack for attention to detail, bold design vision, and a passion for giving. It’s the perfect recipe for her wildly successful, heart-centered, people-first design business.

Taking Lessons from Hardships

Just over ten years ago, Susan’s husband developed a very rare and life-threatening form of bone cancer. “During that time, every day I woke up, and he was still here was a gift,” says Susan. How difficult it must have been for her to see him fight for life while all she could do was wait and pray. Thankfully, he beat the odds and is still by Susan’s side, healthy and well.

Looking back at that challenging phase of her life, Susan says, “It developed my grit and determination and filled my heart with pure gratitude for the supportive community that rallied around us, and strengthened my purpose to give back.” This is what planted the seeds and laid the foundation for everything Susan Semmelmann Interiors stands for today.

About Susan Semmelmann Interiors

Established in 2019, Susan Semmelmann Interiors is a full-service design firm covering every aspect of construction and design, from renovating an existing home to walking its clients through a new build from the ground up with its construction detailing services. “It’s our mission to create beautiful spaces where life happens, and we make sure the uniqueness of each client is evident in their finished product,” says Susan.

Susan Semmelmann Interiors provides many levels of custom consultation and design options and hundreds of top-quality vendor lines offering art, décor, and furnishings. It is also backed by an expert team of designers who bring a design vision from CAD into reality in a blink of an eye. In the coming days, Susan and her team are ready to open the doors of their Fort Worth Design Studio, enabling them to share their resources and expertise with the public and other designers.

Innovation & Cutting-edge Designs are the Calling Cards

“We bring our skills and creativity to the table to collaborate with our clients and bring their home dreams to life,” reveals Susan. At Susan Semmelmann Interiors, each meeting with the client is approached with open hearts and open minds, ready to hear the overall vision for the finished product and join in that vision to bring it to reality. Moreover, the brand’s in-house manufacturing services and custom designs allow its team to think out-of-the-box and develop innovative ideas.

“When we say that “Our style is your style,” we mean that we will never try to fit a client’s style into a box; we want to dream alongside every client to create a signature look and feel wholly unique to each home,” explains Susan. Recently, Susan and her team completed an industrial-style project with a stunning copper range hood sketched on a napkin and brought to life. This is how Susan Semmelmann Interiors became successful quickly due to its top-notch services, luxury designs, and ‘Our style is your style’ approach.

A People-First Company based on Faith, Family, & Friendship

The team at Susan Semmelmann Interiors is like a close-knit family. They always look out for each other’s best interests. They are passionate and driven like their leader, Susan. For them, no task is beneath or above them. Susan considers this mindset of building trust and camaraderie within the team as a reflection of how they engage with clients and the community. Moreover, the team is rightly aligned to the company’s goal; to make each client know they are the most valuable part of the process.

Like her team, Susan’s clients also become a part of her family. “We are being trusted with their hearts’ desire for their homes, and it’s an honour to be part of that process, and we don’t take it lightly. We simply partner with each client by bringing our resources, expertise, energy, and excitement to the table to build something beautiful!” passionately shares Susan. Susan Semmelmann Interiors is therefore 100% invested in making its clients’ dreams a reality.

Good Work Speaks for Itself

Over the years, Susan has created a mark for herself and her business in the construction and design world through sheer hard work and passion for giving back to society. To name a few of the notable achievements; Philanthropist of the Year, Best of Design, Best of Houzz, Best Luxury Interior Design Firm in Texas, Most Influential People in Fort Worth, Entrepreneur of Excellence Award, Most Innovative Interior Design Firm, and 10 Most Powerful Leaders Revamping the Future. She also has the honour of being a five-time Fort Worth Dream Home designer.

When asked about her career achievements to date, Susan reveals, “My work, and my team’s work, speaks for itself through awards acknowledging our professional and philanthropic pursuits.”

A Day in the Life of a Multitalented Leader

“My days consist of early mornings taking care of the details of running my business, and the rest of the day is spent out in the field with my team and our clients,” happily adds Susan. You can often spot her in conversation with her team or discuss ideas or work updates with her clients on project sites.

Irrespective of her title, Susan doesn’t own a fancy office or a desk at work. There is also never a dull moment or monotonous schedule at work that gets her stressed or tired. Her passion for bringing her client’s dreams and visions to life motivates and inspires her every day. Susan’s day ends by spending quality time with her family and friends.

A Message for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Initially, when Susan started her business, she experienced a steep learning curve related to the ins and outs of running a business. She took a giant leap of faith and dove into the challenging waters of entrepreneurship. Although she and her husband have owned business throughout their marriage, Susan’s focus and passion for her namesake firm have been the driving force behind her willingness to put in the hard work and learn as she goes – even if the road gets bumpy sometimes. Therefore, Susan wants others to realize their own calling, discover their dreams, and work hard towards achieving them through her journey.

On a Life’s Mission to Give Back

“In my mind, the more successful the company is, the more we can give back – it’s that simple,” says Susan. As the proud Owner of Susan Semmelmann Interiors, Susan wants her company to experience healthy growth while maintaining the highest integrity, remaining client-focused, and keeping a heart for philanthropy at its center. She believes that if the focus stays on maintaining a strong foundation, the rest will take care of itself.

One of her personal goals as a leader is to set an example for others, go the extra mile for every project, and never rest on her laurels. “Helping people brings fresh air to my lungs. It’s the life force and the joy in my world,” asserts Susan. She is an active part of numerous charitable organizations, such as A Wish with Wings, Raquel’s Wings for Life, etc. and wishes to contribute more in the future. “Life isn’t about what you get, it’s about what you give, and I want to give what I have to you,” earnestly concludes Susan.

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