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Climbing the career ladder has always been an arduous task in woman’s life compared to men. Although it is estimated that half of the world’s workforce are women, they face a glass ceiling when they start moving to the top. Apparently, only about 27 percent of women are in management and leadership positions. Even fewer hold top-tier, C-suite level jobs. Call ourselves people living in modern society, but we cannot deny that the world still has an unconscious bias about female employees.

Despite the struggles, passionate and talented women are now reaching leadership roles they always deserved. With an increasing number of multi-national corporations appointing female CEOs, the trend toward women in leadership positions seems to be on the rise. In fact, more women are running Fortune 500 businesses today than at any point in the 63-year history of the Fortune 500. Not just in the industry, but in many parts of the world, women hold more public administration positions than men. For instance, women account for over 50% of workers in the public sector in Eastern and Southeastern Asia, Oceania, Europe, and North America.

Interestingly, women-led companies tend to show better stock prices than those led by men. To celebrate the success of women leaders in business all over the world, we have come up with a special issue that features ‘10 Most Inspiring Business Women – 2022.’ These real-life superheroes have scored higher than men on most key leadership qualities, including resilience and results-driven attitudes. On the cover, we feature Karen Mangia (Vice President, Customer & Market Insights, Salesforce), a self-built leader with a seat at the decision-making table focusing on devising personal and professional success strategies.

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