Alicia Rios Wilks, Radical Freedom Coach & Transformational Therapist

Alicia Rios Wilks is an award-winning thought leader, scientist of international repute, a licensed RTT therapist and certified Magnetic Mind Coach. A few years back, she was led on the path towards establishing her company, Radical Freedom, after personally feeling powerless, unsatisfied, and limited in life. “I created the Radical Freedom Movement to inspire as many people as possible to ‘unlimit’ their life, live their fullest expression, and share their unique genius with the world,” says Alicia.

Past Experiences Leading Towards a New Beginning

As a student, Alicia was brilliant in school and was driven by the purpose of proving herself and emerging as the best. In university, she studied science and received a First-Class Honours degree in Biology with Professional Placement from the University of Bath. Alicia conducted biomedical research for a year at the Garvan Institute in Australia. As a result of her pioneering research, Alicia co-authored an article which was published in a high-impact factor journal, ‘The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.’

“Until now, mostly every decision I made was based on how other people would perceive me, so I chased after achieving things that would “impress” others. I didn’t realise it then, but by exploring that path, driven by the validation of others, I was demonstrating to myself that I can’t just follow other people’s idea of what my path in life should be,” shares Alicia. This was a true revelation for Alicia. It gave her the courage to decline the opportunity to pursue PhD and the determination to begin her life afresh.

Today, as the Radical Freedom Coach & Transformational Therapist, Alicia is helping others uncover their most authentic desires in life so that they actually know what will bring them the most joy, fun, passion, purpose, and fulfilment in life. She considers this one of the most significant milestones of her life.

Cherishing the End Results Instead of Worrying over the Roadblocks

Sharing her personal set of challenges of being an entrepreneur, Alicia says, “Running your own business brings challenges that don’t exist when you’re employed. It’s no longer purely about how amazing you are at your job. It’s about how well you can market yourself, attract clients or customers, manage money, take care of the legal side, and so on.” An entrepreneur has to play multiple roles at once while building a business from the ground up.

Instead of being stressed over her venture, Alicia stays connected to the end result of her mission—to move all people toward Radical Freedom. She further explains, “I am building this business, sharing my message, and leading this movement because I love what I’m creating. This feels like my truth and purpose, and I found it only because I followed my heart and pursued what I truly love to do.”

Helping Clients Live an Unlimited Life through RCTM

Rapid Consciousness Transformation Method (RCTM)™ is a truly unlimited approach, accessing all aspects of mind and body, making it the most comprehensive and practical approach ever seen. This method is so powerful that it can heal, remove limits, and recode all 3 levels of consciousness for total transformation. RCTM is unique because it connects people with their unique genius and aligns their everyday experience and expression of self with their true, full, original being.

Alicia has pioneered this ground-breaking RCTM designed for the most powerful and rapid transformation humanly possible. “As a Radical Freedom Coach, I create spaces for people to let go of their past, step into their power, and harness 100% of their consciousness to create their dream life,” shares Alicia. Moreover, she also feels that every individual possesses unique creative genius and an intrinsic connection to higher wisdom and intelligence. But due to the constraints in human perception, people are unable to unveil their qualities and reach their full potential. Alicia’s science-backed methods help clients ‘unlimit’ themselves and create their dream lives.

A Typical Day in the Life of a Leader

“Every day, the greatest choice I make is to live in Radical Freedom and have fun with it. It brings a feeling of joy and love and flows into each day,” passionately adds Alicia. In the morning, Alicia uses a power ritual, the same one she gives to her clients—to ground herself in her power, shift into the experience of life that she chooses to have, and create momentum and inspiration. She also follows an evening ritual to bring celebration and gratitude into her daily life.

Her day at work consists of conducting one-on-one sessions with clients, leading group coaching sessions and webinars, creating new meditations and transformational experiences, writing motivational content for social media, and fulfilling other business duties. She also takes time to maintain her physical health in the form of a workout, swimming, surfing, dancing, or simply movement with music.

Likewise, before the start of each week, Alicia plans her schedule in a way that has equal room for clients, personal creativity, and things that bring her joy. Therefore, the flexibility in her schedule does not make her routine boring or monotonous.

Inspiring Message from a Leader

Alicia opines that the structures of being a leader in this world are based on masculine principles and traits. On top of it, society has created a certain image and list of expectations that the female leaders must abide by and fulfil. “For me to be in my fullest expression, as a young woman, I must centre myself in the freedom to be me and express myself that way, without restrictions, rather than altering myself to be what other people expect as a leader and founder of a business,” reveals Alicia.

Therefore, Alicia recommends any individual who wishes to achieve big goals in life just go for it. She adds, “I want to encourage people to choose their goals based on what feels true to them, what they want in their hearts, and what they would simply love to do.” Instead of justifying and explaining personal goals and choices to others and society, one must find the true source of its origin. If an individual is passionate and driven by the goal which he or she believes in, then the sky is the limit for them.

An Exciting Future Ahead

Through the Radical Freedom Movement, Alicia is walking in sync with her vision in which every person is the fullest expression of their true self, connected to their unique genius, and living a life they love. That’s a world full of love, peace and harmony with all life.

In the coming days, Alicia wishes to spread this message of the Radical Freedom Movement, where people are given the opportunity to embark on a transformational journey that frees themselves and unleashes their full potential. She will also lead private and group coaching and guide private clients through RCTM™ sessions. In addition, Alicia is planning to expand an App-based platform for making Radical Freedom’s tools and material easily accessible to clients across the world.

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