Sonarika Mahajan, Founder, Humanitive

Sonarika Mahajan is the founder of Humanitive, a luxurious gifting brand which effectively merges gift giving and donations together in a very transparent, impactful and artful way. Ms. Sonarika has pursued her Bachelor’s of Arts on the subject of Marketing and Advertising from Lancaster University, UK in the year of 2010. Once she was done with that, she also pursued her Diploma in Animation, Film Making, Interactive Technology, Graphics and Special Effects. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Entertainment Business Management from Vancouver Film School. Ms. Sonarika has been the Managing Director of Appolo Cranes Pvt. Ltd for 6+ years.


Think about the last time you had to buy a present for a loved one. Was the intention to find the most expensive article or one with the most meaning? If you picked the latter, you probably handpicked a gift that conveyed immense gratitude, love, and thoughtfulness – strengthening the bond you share with this individual. But why are personalized gifts trumping conventional ones? Contrary to common belief, Milos Djordjevic, a digital media strategist, claims that chocolates and flowers are the least wanted gifts among women. Instead, folks are opting for unique gifts, portray effort, and make a difference. These include personalized letters, engraved items, or donation kits.

Personalized gifts speak directly to the recipient’s heart.  The personalized gift ideas help express the gesture of love, gratitude and appreciation in a unique way that shows the recipient that they are loved and accepted for who they are. It is the idea that matters when it comes to gifting. The personalized gifts show the recipient that the sender was thinking about them. They show that not only did the giver choose the best gift but also put a lot of thought and went the extra mile to personalize it. That makes the gift even more unique and precious.

The personalized gifting industry has boomed in the past few years and will continue to do so in the upcoming years to thrive. According to Statista (a German company that provides market and consumer information), the market size will reach $34.3 billion by 2026. Moreover, BusinessWorld, claims that the personalized gifting industry in India has witnessed massive growth over the past decade. Given that fifty-eight per cent of people are more likely to tell others about receiving a personalized gift (Vistaprint), the rapid growth of the industry bears no shock. Personalization has also made its mark within the corporate world. Companies are now switching to personalized gifts to build brand and employee recognition. Additionally, Ecommerce has contributed to the ease of personalization.

Due to the obvious expanding popularity of internet purchasing, consumers may now quickly search and purchase giftable items. Online shopping, for example, used to be confined to photo frames, mugs, and pillows, but it is now expanding to include personalised lamps, plants, tiles, calendars, tote bags, scrolls, jewels, and other items. With growing internet penetration, a huge assortment of personalised presents with innovative design, material, and technology is expected. Gifting has a seasonal component as well.

The rise in income has caused a shift in consumer purchasing behaviour. Affluent lifestyles and ambitious shopping requirements have recently resulted in a significant shift in consumer purchasing behaviour. Individuals are moving away from traditional gifting alternatives and toward one-of-a-kind personalised gifting concepts that serve as a symbol or gesture of a personal connection between the gift receiver and the giver.

India has experienced a surge in online purchases for more than a decade. Digitization, greater internet penetration, and efficient and well-functioning logistics all contribute to the growth of India’s e-commerce business. Clients are becoming more open to new opportunities online, and clients from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are contributing to the market’s overall growth. Customers receive good value from e-commerce in a timely and efficient manner at the lowest feasible price.

India’s personalised giving industry has a bright future and is growing since India is one of the top emerging nations contributing to the global gifting market’s expansion. The advent of new technology and enhanced and secure payment mechanisms has also supported the market’s rapid rise.

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