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Adeeti Singh has a Master in Human Behaviour and Social Cognition. She is skilled in understanding people behaviour, human ecology, Product flow, Q&A lead, A/B testing. She is a big believer of consumer insight & building what people love.


The trend of social media platforms has increased very rapidly in the last decade across the world. During the Covid pandemic, people have taken to social media to stay connected with each other and during this time we have seen a new wave of social media platforms gaining popularity.

New technology and innovation implementation in the platform is necessary to keep people connected continuously and we got to see the same in the field of social media applications. The apps worked towards implementing all those things so that users can get a better experience and feel like a personal meeting even when interacting online. From video quality to good audio experience and better connectivity, social media apps worked in all these areas. Many new social media platforms come up with creative ideas and successfully establish themselves in this competitive arena by using new technologies and providing an experience different from the existing ones.

As per a Global report, the global social networking platform market for the year 2019 was valued at approx USD 190 billion and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 25.38% to reach a market size of approx USD 940 billion by the year 2026. The market for social networking platforms is growing rapidly. The increase in demand is not only over the millennium but also due to significant adoption by all age groups. Rising penetration of Internet Accessible devices leads to an increase in time spent on social media platforms.

During pandemics and self-quarantining many people have begun socializing via video meeting apps. Whether you want to watch a movie together or attend a wedding ceremony or a birthday party, you can enjoy virtually everything by staying away from each other. Meeting apps like Zoom, Team also gained popularity in workplaces and have become a tool for regular meetings.

Many applications emerge after Covid for gamers to socialize with each other on which they can enjoy the game while interacting with other gamers too. While playing games on these apps, you will not feel that you are playing the game alone. You will feel like you are playing games with your friends at home. Visual, sound quality and connectivity on the apps made for the gamers, give a better experience. Houseparty is a very popular application in this domain.

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