Aatika Manzar, Founder Director at Aatika Manzar Designs

Aatika Manzar is an inspiration for women entrepreneurs who aspire to become big and on their own. With over 100 projects under her belt, Aatika holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Jamia Millia Islamia and a Masters in Interior Design from Birmingham City University. Her experience of more than ten years is spread across the Middle East and India. 
With an interest in Mathematics and a passion for designing, Aatika mixed the two and chose the path of architecture and interior designing. After her return back home, she worked with a few of the most prestigious brands and known industry names before she made the decision to go solo. A brainchild of Aatika, Aatika Manzar Designs is a design collaborative established four years back. With projects like the Gaurav Gupta store, the chic Farzi Cafe, Playboy The club, Bombaybakery, Station Bar, Out of the Box, etc., the studio works proficiently on the interior and exterior spaces, large architectural areas to intricate details. They have worked on different projects ranging from hospitality, retail, design spaces to residential, hotels, malls, and departmental stores. The firm boasts about being the only Indian design studio to have designed over 50 departmental stores in the country, all with new and innovative concepts and themes.


AI and the future of design:

Artificial Intelligence has started ruling the market and has become an over-hyped buzzword for everyone and the design world is no exception. Understanding the facts and advancements AI brings with it will surely add magic in the design industry & business making the designer’s smarter than ever before by leveraging an array of technological features in hand. 

In the future designers who will start working with AI can easily create the designs faster & in a cheaper way due to the increased speed and efficiency it does offer. We even know AI is about optimization & speed and with this power it can analyze vast amounts of data and suggest design adjustments. From your repetitive day-to-day task which involves creating graphics and much more, all you have to do is a human job i.e. approve or reject, and if necessary manually adjust them and with this one saves its time 10times more than before.

The AI design tools will help the designers to create an entirely new design telling them even the reason why it can increase and generate user engagement too.

For a fact, everyone is aware of how this VR, AR & MR demands a great deal of design work, and to make it less complex and tough AI will help designers build 3D VR worlds easily & effectively.  

 What will the designer of 2025 look like?

  • A lot of people think and have a belief that sooner the AI & the technological advancements involved in it will eventually replace human designers altogether. But the reality is however, AI-driven parametrics will play a more complex and advanced role in design. It will quickly and easily create millions of variations of a design, and most designers’ productivity will dramatically increase with it.
  • AI will bring a change to the pattern of working for designers by replacing traditional methods of designing & bringing new dynamics to the world of designing. The AI will surely prove to be a big support to designers as from analyzing a variety of colors, shapes, fonts, and other visuals that perform best across different design industries it will be a super quick way for humans to be aware of recent trends in the market & can easily avoid limited research. In the coming years the designers & AI will be going hand in hand ie they will be complementary to each other
  • As we all know the standard machines don’t replace workers altogether but, instead, speed up basic tasks and help workers operate more efficiently & effectively. Artificial intelligence programs will operate in the same way with all new changes & effects, but the final work will require a human designer to go through the process and make the final decision.
  • The designing jobs are often defined by creative & social intelligence, all these start from problem-solving to persuasion & lot more. So, the major effect of AI will even be laid on the non-designers as it will directly boost & motivate them to be more creative and enhance social intelligence skills to increase their employability.
  • It’s quite evident that once AI is adapted and taken into practice the designers will quickly and easily add variations in a design, and with this designers’ work will increase in rising numbers. With increased productivity and better tools, it will be easier for amateur designers to create acceptable work.
  • Soon with the AI in use, we can see the old traditional designers becoming virtual designers. Virtual designing is becoming the need of the hour & if AI gets a part of it surely will be a game-changer for the designer & designing world. Bringing virtual worlds, objects, and experiences altogether.
  • Rather than being a threat, there is a lot of potential in the future with AI & its assistants supporting the designers. The assistants report our work, suggesting ideas and areas of improvement. The problem-solving bots can help you see a problem from a variety of perspectives, through different frameworks & give you a better vision of your work


With high technological developments & expansion, we are sure that in the coming year’s designers will effectively use the power of artificial intelligence to inform their design decisions on an everyday basis. The AI tools won’t be replacing designers but will help designers’ to work in a  better and smooth way so they can focus on bigger picture tasks. Artificial intelligence is already progressing & upholds itself across the design industry, generating graphics for websites, brands, virtual reality, and more. AI will make every designer stronger, as it won’t just show us what we already know; it will also present us with more plans, designs and open new avenues for thought.

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