Purvi Balasaria, Psychologist, Sri Healthcare-Research International (SHRI)

Purvi Balasaria, is a Counselling Psychologist based in India. She currently works as a psychologist at Sri Healthcare-Research International (SHRI). Holding a B.Sc degree in Human Development from J.D Birla Institute, Jadavpur University, Purvi did her MA in Applied Psychology (specialization in Counselling Psychology) from TISS-BALM, Tata Institute of Social Sciences,


The Pandemic has brought about many changes, and gradually with a year into it, we all have made peace and tried our best to adapt to it. 

The Pandemic has also given rise for many innovations, sustainable developments and new sectors for career. 

However, the uncertainty of the Pandemic and the conditions in the world with regard to health, economy, well-being and mobility remains. 

In such times, even one year into the Pandemic it seems weary, and difficult to understand many of the dynamics and occurrences. 

One crucial aspect of coping with the Pandemic and all that it entails, is to first accept all that it unsettles within us. The Pandemic has brought an opportunity to break free from the previous neural patterns and mindset we were functioning on without much consciousness and awareness of the Present. 

Pandemic has given us the opportunity to live in the Present and with our conscious awareness and potential, realize our unique ways of coping, purpose and intention. 

It is definitely very exhausting, and constant work to be aware and adapt to the changes that is happening each moment. It brings up many different feelings, challenges and questions on the beliefs and the security we had in our planning and living in future. 

The first step in overcoming the mental exhaustion and the stress, anxiety and shock the Pandemic has brought in our professions, is the awareness of the various feelings, thoughts and limiting beliefs from which the discomfort feelings stem from. With its acceptance, it is important to be aware of the conditions within and outside of our control. In this regard, an analysis of the strengths, intentions of choice and the possible threats and situations beyond our control is necessary. 

The awareness and processing of the feelings and thoughts that bring discomfort in itself is definitely very taxing, and makes us feel lost as well, as it forces to explore and go deep in our 

inner Self. These altogether also result in us often reacting in most situation instead of responding in context to the situation and the individuals involved. 

The reactions and the feelings of being lost often lead us to work from an autopilot mode where we simply work in the routine ways and behaviors that come as a habit or reflex. 

But if we actually through our conscious awareness and acceptance perceive and live in the Moment, we can allow ourselves to find opportunities and enhance our creative intelligence to make solution for ourself. 

Our conscious awareness can be recharged through various practices like Yoga, Grounding Mindfulness, breathing and surrendering to the Universe and the unknown. 

Consistency in these practices is the key as it allows us to create the spaces in our mind as well. This space can allow us to subconsciously think and create pathways in the mind to move the processes in that space forward and in tangible reality. 

Having separate physical spaces for work in the home environment (as many of us are now working from home) also helps a great deal for the mind to navigate between the dimensions and shifting the Energy. It enables us to come to the Present when we move through the space. 

When the work space is separate from the rest of home space, it is a cue for the mind to know when it is in the professional dimension and in the cognitive mode, alert mode, and in the home space where he can delve in feelings, integrate with loved ones, be in relaxed mode and in Present with the people around. 

These are of the generic, common experiences most of us have been experiencing and finding ways to cope at present in the prevailing situation globally. However, for many certain unique, personal situations and factors might also be at play that might be making it difficult to cope and respond well with the present situations, adding to their stress. The unattended stress often leads our body and mind to go in the flight, freeze or fog mode where we try ways to escape from the situation, or where we feel ourselves going numb and just a witness to what’s happening around. These are a natural, innate response of our nervous system to threatening situations. This can be resolved once we are aware of the triggers for the same, and with certain stress management techniques, life skills and Grounding Mindfulness. 

Often for many the triggers of acute stress can be different and unique to them based on their experiences and life journey.

In case one finds it difficult to manage by their own and cope with their surroundings, one can always seek the help of mental health professionals who can help them understand their various dimensions of their Self, their present situation, their specific triggers and how they themselves can manage with their life situations. 

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