Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar, Award-Winning Author, Radio Presenter, Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing Advocate & International Keynote Speaker

Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar is a Coordinator at The Central Investigation Agency & Intelligence for Missing Children and Missing Persons. Based at United Kingdom, she is a freelance Current Affairs News Reporter, World Critic, an international keynote speaker in addition to a mental health awareness and wellbeing advocate. Dr. Lady Kendal Jaggar specialises in the fields of Travel, Hospitality, Airlines, Food, Education and Sport. She has done voiceovers, hosted conferences and awards and is also an independent expert. Her desire to continue education and knowledge acquisition led her towards gaining qualifications in Criminal Procedures, Criminology, Advance Criminology, Forensic Science & Profiling, Forensic Psychology, Criminal Law, Contract Law, Tort Law, Wills and Probate Law, Family Law and Employment Law. She understands that the world is continuously changing, therefore she continues to seek knowledge to better understand situations to help others.


In any business we need to be aware of protected characteristics in Disabilities, Equalities, Inclusion & Diversity. As a leader we must ensure and implement policies that address these challenges, your employee is an essential component to your success including the ability to provide the necessary support & tools it needs to support your company.

Are you breaking the glass to access a global breakdown on employment barriers?

Is your company truly one that is using a moral responsibility in making a meaningful contribution to breaking down any barriers that an individual seeking employment, can gain employment within your company.

We have seen many innovative schemes created by individuals who have challenges.

When we look for reflection and integrity using PR to promote what our brand is, the beauty of growth and success is not only the quality but also the value of your business.  The best part about success is showing how you can make your customers feel comfortable with your business.

When showing your business to customers are you showing them by your policies in protective characteristics that you by including more staff with disabilities and that your company has a strong ethos “Disability does not mean Beautiful”

We are the masters of our mind; we are the entrepreneurs who create our vision. Is this acceptable to be a mastermind in the modern world we live in today are we the masters of our own mind?

Are we pushing ourselves to reach the full potential we process inside to be the best version of ourselves, by the full mechanisms of our mindset to achieve our goals and to make ourselves stronger than ever as a business entrepreneur or the business leader. Are you using psychology to enhance your ability to communicate and motivate your team, psychology also equips you with the correct tools to understand and manage different personalities.

There is more to making your business a success, you need to be a compassionate company that expresses empathetic values, has a strong inner core with mental health protection policies to help your employees in their own right to keep them the masters of the mind that help your company thrive.

Masterminds are so valuable because they’re the only places in many entrepreneurs’ lives where business, personal and family all intersect. Breaking down barriers in business is essential to success. Most masterminds are based around taking your business to the next level through weekly goals.

When we break down barriers, bringing in diversity, disability, equality and inclusion You are already setting goals. Your Company is taking steps to achieve the same results but adding cultural vision and by assigning a group of people who can be the masterminds of innovative projects, even those with challenges can be a mastermind. The assignment of a group to have to report to adds a whole new element to goal setting that will surely knock your goals down faster.

Breaking down Barriers is a way of overcoming your limiting beliefs and blocks, understanding who you truly are and what you truly value, and having the empowered mindset techniques and emotional mastery.

How do you think you will feel if you have the courage and the ability to overcome obstacles that are difficult to navigate. Can you step through the challenges that come along with being a successful entrepreneur?

Are you an entrepreneur or an executive maybe even a creator, step forward and smash the glass, break down that barrier and now look through the broken barrier.

What do you see?

It’s the transformation that shifted everything from your own mentality and business growth and the way that your business has changed, in breaking through your subconscious barriers and elevating to understand how your truly are the master of your own mind.

Don’t forget the incredible personality and characteristics you possess and in your growth as an entrepreneur you don’t put barriers up, You don’t become blindsided.

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