Dr. Mohammed Khan, Founder, President & CEO, Khans Media City

Dr. Mohammed Khan was born to Mattil Puthukkat Abdu Haji and Amina in a small village called Peruvalloor in Kerala, a Southern State in India. Dr. Khan is a well-known figure in the stream of advertising, media, photography, publishing, and event management. He has carved a niche for himself in the national and international domains with pioneering and proactive thoughts and actions in his own style. He has an exuberant and dynamic personality and is presently a global figure in the ever-widening stream of Media celebrities. His expansive and vivacious endeavor relationships with international personalities and celebrities are widespread in matters of quality, taste, wide-ranging full-blossom of bondages made-up Khans Media City into the top of the world.


Communication is a cardinal element in the success of any business. To quote Prof. J. Haste, when the communication occurs between either two or more than two business people for the purpose of effective organization and administration of business then it is considered as Business Communication. In other terms, communication between business parties or people for business-related tasks is considered as ‘Business Communication’. It is important to convey clear, strong messages about strategy, customer service and branding. A business building a brand reflects a consistent message tailored to its audience. Internal communication builds rapport among employees and managers and encourages teamwork and collaboration. 

Effective communication skills.

When communication is positive and encouraging, team members become stronger and work better together. Those who practice good communication skills make working beside them easier. Good communicators listen well, think before they speak and react appropriately. Good listeners are more likely to find solutions without becoming defensive. When conflicts arise, they address the problem right away and listen to the other side. In business, one need to know what their customers want and need from them to serve them. Forming business relationships is how companies build trust in their brand and bring customers back. Reliable and positive communication with customers is important to maintaining a valued customer service reputation. Effective communication with customers by answering questions and providing solutions helps to improve the business’ reputation. 

For a successful venture, short- and long-term goals must be clear and concise. When employees know what the goals and visions of their company are, they are better able to focus their efforts on achieving them.  It also help employees understand the importance of their roles in making the company successful, which can improve loyalty within the company and reduce hiring turnover. When trust is built based on effective communication, team members are more apt to share with each other to inspire creativity.

Business Communication and pandemic.

A significant number ventures have encountered resistance from workers to go to work, due to fear of infection. Beyond other challenges, this problem has stagnated business activity  deeper. In terms of facing these communication challenges, companies that were more open to process digitization,  have survived the pandemic with much ease. Certain companies were already employing online work platforms, even before the peril. This pandemic crisis forced them into shifting the communication completely online, including holding business meetings, monitoring task progress, and arranging projects with teams online. Businesses that have digitized their internal and external communication processes have had a smoother transition to the new normal, and have decided to continue the same. The ability to work from home has had its benefits for employees; however, one major concern they have expressed about working remotely is surveillance. For employees having to use work laptops and communicate through company’s selected platforms, there seems to exist a state of discomfort; they are ambiguous about the extent to which their companies can monitor them.

Direct physical communication between consumers and businesses has been very difficult, which reflected in the lack of proper and timely information of consumers about business offers and products; consequently, declining purchases and interest in products. Fear and restrictions on movement have caused majority of the business activities to shift online, and have highlighted the advantages of doing business online. With this, consumption concentrated online, social networks and own company websites became crucial in the communication and value exchange between businesses and consumers.

How can we improve?

COVID-19 has changed the world forever and business communication is no exception. Remote work is becoming a new normal making employees set up their home offices and bring all the work communication online. Let us dive into some feasible acclimatization techniques that can be employed.

Switching to video meetings.

Since one can’t get into a real in-office meeting, we should do our best to get as close to it as possible. Frequent video calls is a great solution that brings a team together, lets everyone stay on the same page increasing accountability and transparency in the team. 

Water cooler chat space

One of the best ways to create a “water cooler chat” space for your employees is to have a specific chat room where everyone is allowed to share those cat pics, cool memes or new food delivery services they ran by. It’s a place where co-workers can let off some work steam, build relationships, improve productivity and collaboration. 

Speak up.

With so many teams working from homes a big part of our communication has turned into text and people get tired of typing all the time. Voice messages are a great way to enhance the communication within the team. It’s obvious that businesses working from home need a reliable tool that covers all the needs of today’s remote team and makes online communication as human as it can possibly be. 

Crisis management team.

Many departments are involved in the overall functioning of an organization, including sales, human resources and more. A spokesperson from each department should be part of a crisis team that agrees on a message that will be sent out. 

Things change at a rapid rate these days and it’s super important to keep your customers in the know – what are your working hours now, how can they get in touch, any other changes they should be aware of. Make sure to put it up online to as many places as possible. Sales is mostly about solving problems. Unfortunately, the issues, customers had a few weeks ago are no longer the same. The task is to understand what kind of challenges they have now. That’s why the key to revamping the communication with customers is actively listening to them and suggesting the solution that will make that problem go away. To add, Since you can’t go to a meeting, it’s always a better idea to have a call with a client rather than write an email. 

The world has learned to embrace this pandemic, adapting to a new normal way of living and communicating mainly using digital tools to do so. It is yet to be known,  how comfortable we will get with this new normal and whether we will get back to the old way of doing things when the pandemic is over. 

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