Dhruv Dutt, Founder, The Counsellor

Mr. Dhruv Dutt is an Entrepreneur and a Business Consultant. He founded The Counsellor in 2015 , a Consulting &  Professional Services Firm. Mr. Dutt found a solution to the dissatisfaction faced by business owners when it comes to finding trust worthy and flexible professional service providers. Having received recognition, awards and many accolades for his work, Mr. Dutt believes in strengthening Indian Businesses and Entrepreneurs which has made The Counsellor one of the leading professional & consulting firms in Delhi/NCR.


Recently due to government lockdowns and uncertainty about business operations during the pandemic, there has been a significant shift in business practices and work structure. The bigger question today is business sustainability in this new normal.

Businesses are readily changing their operating style and are opting towards digital integration and business process automation, we are seeing less labour intensive jobs and more automated strategies, most meetings are now conducted through online virtual meeting platforms, distance and essentiality of physical meetings or workings are now becoming obsolete.

There has been a larger acceptance of business proposals and opportunities through mail and general telecommunications, business’s have increasingly become more communicative and transparent about their goals and strategies.

This shift towards focusing at online business procedures and lead generation through digital marketing are opening up newer and bigger markets. Traditional operating procedures are now being improved, companies are focusing on brand positioning and economic viability.

This digitisation is not only a substitute for the current global situation but a welcomed addition to a business’s functionality which saves time and unnecessary expenditure. The necessary introduction of advanced operating procedures are rapidly improving a business’s inner workings. Manufacturing and Production has increased as global markets are looking for alternatives and increase in supply chains, brands are now targeting quality and reliable delivery timelines over cheaper cost per units.

We are seeing traditional business’s and family owned enterprises adapting towards and updating their digital presence.

As a professional services and business consulting firm, The Counsellor helps with digital support as well as re-structuring of existing business models.

Furthermore, a noticeable shift has occurred relating to financial planning and investments, business’s  are devoting their efforts to improving their production capacity and increasing diversification in product capability.

Indian Government Initiatives such as, ‘Digital India’ & ‘Government E-MarketPlace or GEM’ are providing business owners and entrepreneurs new opportunities for growth and scalability. The emergence of a digital support system and encouragement from the government is a welcomed step for the economy.

The work-from-home operating style which arose as a necessity has become a suitable alternative for a better work environment and studies have shown an increase in performance and job satisfaction of Employees. Services based industries are amending their way of managing day-to-day activities, big multi-national corporations are promoting independent working hours and are enabling employees to increase productivity by permitting flexible hours.

Young Entrepreneurs have been advancing towards ventures in the Tech-Space and are looking at India as a power house for upcoming opportunities and growth. The vast population and developing Infrastructure make it favourable to incubate new ventures. This inclusion of youngsters with a fresh outlook and different way of doing things is altering the way existing business’s operate and are dynamically changing business practices.

We are looking at a surge of new ventures and start-up’s that are disruptive, and are focusing towards a more digital and liberal form of working.

A positive outcome has been that businesses have now started to engage with their local communities, corporates are coming forward to help the general public and a sense of social responsibility has been seen like never before. This local support empowers employees and team members to focus on more than just profitability for a business and gives thought to the betterment of society in general. Socially responsible organisations are resilient and have a direct support from the local community, this customer loyalty secures a promising future for a brand.

During the pandemic, a sense of togetherness has been observed and organisations have come together in support of one another which has lead to strategic partnerships, this support has enabled many business’s to progress and expand. This understanding of co-dependency has improved inter-organisation workings and have strengthened existing industries to face business uncertainties. 

Health, safety and well being of employees has taken paramount importance in this post pandemic era, focus on well being of employees and team members ensures a happier workforce which hugely improves efficiency and performance of the organisation as a whole.

An Important aspect of business is revenue and it is currently observed that organisations have now reworked their revenue models, focus is on early remittance and follow up on demand notices, credit cycles have shortened keeping businesses cash flow positive and thus enhancing their financial proficiency.

As Charles Darwin once said for evolution, “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”

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