Lovina Robinson, Certified Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner

Lovina Robinson is a certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. These modalities allow her as the practitioner to access altered states of consciousness to speak to the subconscious mind where many of our limiting beliefs reside. These modalities help clients to break through many of the challenges they may be having and can also help with addiction and other areas of their lives. NLP and hypnotherapy are some of Lovina’s favourite modalities to work with because they are focused on improving the performance of current behaviours and skills. As one improves their behaviour(s) these changes filter up through to higher levels of the mind and stimulate change in capability, beliefs, values, attitudes, identity and even spirituality. Lovina is also a master Holy Fire ® Karuna Reiki ® and Usui Reiki practitioner trained in Sedona Arizona by the late Mrs. Laurelle S.Gaia. She is also a trained Access Consciousness ® Bars facilitator and a certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach ® as well as, a health coach, life coach, and certified law of attraction coach. When working with clients Lovina combine all the various tools and strategies that she has learned to help them achieve their goals and heal on an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual level.


A problem for so many people today is the feelings of fear, anxiety and worry.  Fear holds so many people back from living their best life.  The negative belief that keeps them trapped becomes a built-in excuse that keeps them frozen in fear and unable to move forward in their lives.

How many times have we attempted to try something new, only to stop before we ever got started because of fear of what others might think? Or perhaps we do not believe we have the time or money to achieve our desire or goals.  Another reason for having this negative belief is that we may think we are not experienced enough to be successful in a certain endeavour.

Sometimes fear can pop up in social situations and the anxiety keeps us from experiencing and having fun while in public.  

Fear can keep us feeling small and insignificant and affect so many areas of our life from our relationships, career goals, money goals and so much more.  Fear can even cause some people from seeking and finding true love.  

So what can you do about this fear that may often be debilitating and difficult in various situations? First of all, let’s take a look at what the word fear has been defined as.  

F.E.A.R has been defined as False Evidence Appearing Real, which means we have chosen to believe in something that is not true. But because it is our belief, it becomes our reality. Worry is nothing more than fear caused by indecision. We need to ask ourselves some tough questions to determine the cause of these worries or fears. Once the fear has been identified, there are tools that can be used to overcome the fear.

The first step is to identify the fear or worry you are having.  Begin by writing down the fear on a piece of paper.  Most of the time our worries and fears will be dissolved the instant we are able to define them clearly by putting them down on paper. 

This false evidence appearing real will seem to be insignificant as we observe the words on the piece of paper.  It’s as if your mind now sees that your fear was an overreaction of your mind believing something to be true when in fact it was just a belief.  I like to observe that a beLIEf may be cloaked as a lie.  You see the word lie even appears in the word belief. This acknowledgment that a belief is possibly a lie will help you move past the belief and gain clarity and confidence in moving forward.

Now that you have identified the fear or worry it’s time to ask yourself, what is the worst possible thing that can happen if this fear or worry is true? 

Write down your list on a piece of paper.  You may use the same piece of paper and write it down underneath your identified fear. Write down everything that comes to mind until you have identified the worst possible outcome(s). You will begin to realize that 90% of what you are worrying about never actualizes. 

How much time are you spending in worrying about things that never will happen? This writing tool will help you to finally see your fear is 90% irrational.

Once you have completed the activity it is time to resolve the fear in your mind that will allow you to accept the worst possible thing that can happen. And since 90% of those fears will never happen and generally the other 10% will not kill you or hurt you in any significant way, you will now accept and realize that you will survive. 

The next step is to accept the worst possible thing that can happen by telling yourself, “I can deal with this worse possibility repeatedly.” This will start to diminish the fear in your mind and help to absolve it completely with practice.

Finally, to make sure the worst never happens it’s time to put together an action plan of exactly what you need to do to turn these fears around. By focusing on making positive changes and implementing your action plan, your focus will shift to positive outcomes and solutions and away from your fear. 

With these new mindfulness tools, you will become empowered and confident because now you can DO SOMETHING to change your thoughts when you are feeling riddled with fear. Positive action and writing down your beliefs on paper is the only way for fear and worry to be diminished and resolved from your life. Give these tools a try the next time you are feeling overcome by fear and worry and you will begin to witness the powerful transformation they will make in your life.  

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