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Founded in 2020, by Delhi-based entrepreneur, Pritika Singh, Mohh believes in delivering superior quality, modern and fresh designs inspired from trends and phenomena from across the world, which invoke a sense of happiness in you and extend your personality to any space.


After more than a year of work from home, most offices are considering a staggered opening with the rise in vaccination rates and fall in the number of Covid-19 cases. However, there’s a greater realisation that the existing office layout, space or design cannot be the norm and newer design trends are being adopted. Some design trends which align with our new normal and will be trending in the coming future are –

Resimercial design

Stepping into an industrial office after a year plus of remote working would strip away the comfort employees now expect from their office. A mix of residential with commercial design, aptly titled resimerical design, will see a rise. Achieved easily by adding softer furnishings such as rugs, coffee tables, comfortable couches, artwork, and ergonomics with lighter colours seating can strike a balance between seriousness and casual enough. The amalgamation of features from home and office helps to foster creativity, positivity and calmness thereby creating a best of both worlds solution.

Open floor plan meets pods

Pre-pandemic there was a rise in proper spatial planning in offices and an even greater emphasis will be placed on it now. To ensure safety of employees, social distancing norms will still have to be maintained and a new trend which seamlessly blends into this ethos is the office pod. A semi-enclosed space, perfect for 1-2 people will become the new norm in most offices whether it’s for working, taking video calls or having quick strategizing conversations. It’s a miniature workspace affording privacy and comfort to get the work done

Integration of technology

While technology has been effervescent in all workplaces for years now, we’ll see it adapt to the new working conditions. An advent of touchless technology will take greater precedence with voice commands, wireless systems for presentations, video conferences etc. QR code scanning for visitors and employees alike will be a step forward to minimise the touching of surfaces. Smarter solutions to ensure social distancing, regular sanitisations, mask wearing, fever checks may also become the norm to create an environment of safety for all employees returning to office.

Focus on wellbeing at office

The importance of the wellbeing of your human resources is a burgeoning conversation as we slowly navigate this pandemic. To foster an environment of productivity as well as happiness in the work space, we’ll see an advent of green areas indoors along with natural light, open spaces, dedicated areas to relax where employees across ranks can collaborate and spend some down time during the working hours. As we become more conscious of mental health, management will be mindful to create physical spaces which help employees give their very best.

Air it out

An upgraded ventilation system will be the focal point of all layouts and designs of every office which will be complemented with minimalism making a comeback in the interiors of an office. Lesser surfaces to touch and clean will be the main motivation behind it and a less crowded workplace will also bring a sense of serenity as everyone slowly makes their way back to the office. The return of minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean clinical design, but rather a variation of it which is warm and inviting

Glass partitions are back

The erstwhile partitions which had become a trend of the past will be more of a necessity at this point. However, the incorporation of it this year onwards will be more design focused making by using glass instead of the solid partitions which will help to maintain the illusion of an open office while affording that added layer of privacy as well as protection. The easy to clean feature of glass partition is an added bonus and the availability of them in different colours make it a quirky part of the interior while allowing light to still flow through the office.

Flexible furniture

This trend, besides being helpful in maintaining social distancing, also adds an element of cool. Wheel around desks, standing as well as sitting desks, movable screens, modular seating and easy to reconfigure pieces will help to transform board rooms, workstations etc and will definitely see a rise in the coming years.

Offices are poised to adapt to the new normal by giving due importance to the physical space of work and how it impacts the mental and physical well-being of their employees! The above trends will surely play a huge role in making offices trendy as well as ready to open in these trying times.

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