Paridhi Khaitan, Managing Director, ProTeen

Paridhi heads the ProTeen business with a focus on its global product vision, go-to-marketing strategy and B2C and B2B2C revenue channels. Paridhi has led the spin-out of the ProTeen research and product development initiative inside the UNIDEL group to build a company that is changing the way young adults make academic and career choices. Paridhi has a decade of experience spanning software product development, marketing and strategy across diverse sectors like Information Technology, Manufacturing, Automotive and Retail. Before joining ProTeen, Paridhi worked with global organizations like Infosys and Cummins. Paridhi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering from Institute of Technology & Management (ITM) and an MBA in Marketing from Symbiosis Centre for Management & HR Development.


The career world has been transformed by the digital revolution. Similarly, career counselling is being disrupted owing to the widespread reach of the internet and the near omnipresence of smartphones. Tech-led innovations like AI-powered algorithms, gamification, career demos, and roleplays have reimagined career counselling for today’s digital age and made it both immersive and experiential.

Tomorrow’s career landscape

Morgan Stanley’s 2020 report states that India will witness a spike from 670 million internet users to 914 million by 2027. The ever-increasing rate of internet penetration, coupled with tech innovations has encouraged the creation of new-age careers. No wonder, it is believed that the AI revolution will create 97 million new jobs, and technologies like AI, cloud computing, and cyber-security will become highly in-demand. Emerging green jobs like solar engineering, organic farming, and environmental conservation reflect the shift in career choices that prioritises social responsibility. Jobs based on digital media (i.e., social media influencers, digital marketers, and media coordinators) have also become increasingly sought-after. The heavy increase in internet consumption has created viable careers in digital content creation like live streaming and vlogging.

Keeping up with the future career world

Keeping pace with the evolving career landscape and opportunities is crucial. To that end, students need to be aware of their strengths and skills and have good awareness of the different careers available. Digital career guidance platforms leverage cutting-edge technology and predictive AI algorithms to deliver personalized reports allowing students to map skill sets, personalities, and capabilities to the various careers available. They also provide easy access to vast career libraries which carry all the information important to understanding any career. Students also have the option to preview and scope out all the facets required for a career before making any career decisions. The benefits provided by online digital platforms enable students to view, experience, and learn about careers from the comfort of their homes. Modern career guidance offers students an immersive, textured, and gamified virtual experience, enabling career readiness at the earliest possible time.

21st century skills for 21st century careers

Students must be aware that 21st century careers are constantly evolving. Today’s career era demands more than just qualifications. Skills previously ignored, are game changers today. With reports estimating that in five years, nearly half of the current workforce will have to undergo upskilling and re-skilling, adaptation has become the key. Modern career guidance platforms offer 21st century skills programs to make students career-ready for the future. Future businesses are set to focus more on new age skills as they help a professional adapt to dynamic job scenarios. Skills such as complex problem solving, critical thinking, resilience, and stress tolerance are now seen as crucial in helping an individual adapt to future career demands and industry trends.

Leveraging digital solutions

The future of career counselling and guidance firmly lies in fully utilising the advantages of the digital domain. With even rural areas boasting easy access to the internet and mobile technologies, students now face an overload of information with 40% noting it as a concern. Students need credible and comprehensive access to information on a platform that can take advantage of the inherent benefits of the internet like unparalleled reach and ease of access. Digital platforms leverage these perks to reach smaller towns and cities which traditionally, have never had access to the convenience of online career counselling. Perks like comprehensive assessments, career demos, libraries, and roleplays provide effective and timely guidance to students from all areas now. Irrespective of backgrounds or locations, digital platforms can address the need for career counselling and form the backbone of new-age counselling in the country.

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