Srinivas Ganadinni, Founder, The Tea Planet

Srinivas Ganadinni, Founder, The Tea Planet, a franchise chain that sells various blends of tea found globally by sourcing the finest ingredients from all over the world. Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the Indian Tea industry with a passion to Innovate and entice tea drinkers worldwide.


Technology has been spearheading all industries for the good part of the last decade. As innovations and advancements have come about in technology, the ease and use of tech have only increased with time. Further, the advent of the Covid pandemic has added to the need and relevance of the use of technology and the internet. With the world backed into the confines of their houses, and restrictions being laid out on physical movement, a shift to digital means was the only option left. In this circumstance, businesses, big and small, made a quick leap to all things digital and thus began the era of digitization.

Even though the general adoption and acceptance of technology came so drastically, majorly, because of the pandemic, its sustenance in the present times is only because of the overwhelming amounts of benefits it offers. Owing to these, industries, including the tea industry, have become digitized for good.

The rise of Tea amidst the pandemic

Tea is one of the things that gained immense prominence during the global pandemic. As people grew increasingly concerned about their health amidst the viral outbreak, they switched to traditional foods and beverages, tea being one of them. Chai, which is the prevalent form of tea consumed in India has been known for its several medicinal properties. Thus, a lot of people switched to consuming tea as a concoction to avoid catching the virus or any other infection in the trying times. Additionally, several other forms of teas from, dandelion to chamomile, also became mainstream as people increasingly delved into their delicious taste and calming properties that proved to be of immense benefit in the face of the stressful crisis. Lastly, as shopping for the most part, whether essentials or luxury, shifted to online mediums, almost every product made its way to the internet. Thus, in today’s time, if a business wishes to make substantial sales, it has little option but to transition to the virtual mediums as that is where the majority of the customer base resides.

Benefits of E-commerce derived by tea business

As established, the switch to the internet has brought about significant benefits for all businesses, including the ones functioning in the tea industry. Some of these are discussed below-

Wider Reach

The internet has been truly transforming when it comes to the reach and visibility that it allows a business operating online. It essentially bridges the resource gap between big and small conglomerations by letting them achieve widespread reach in terms of customers without huge investments. It also grants firms the power to appeal to audiences that are far beyond their geographical reach, which can, at times, even mean bagging international business for them. Such perks can prove to be instrumental for small and medium-sized firms. Since the tea industry mostly consists of small players, this has helped to bolster the tea trade tremendously.

Enhanced customer knowledge

Online websites and applications are easy to use and can help aid customer knowledge and information. Most online platforms of brands contain detailed information about not only their offerings but also their workings. This content can help customers understand better what they will receive from your products and help them make better decisions. They may also stumble across products that they weren’t aware of but needed, and in this way, a detailed outline of your products and services on online mediums can facilitate your sales.

Quick and feasible payment options

The one thing that the internet is most adored for is the ease and comfort that it provides its users. E-commerce has gained such quick and widespread acceptance primarily because of this feature. Being able to order one’s favorite items and services from anywhere across the world is obviously a very attractive prospect for buyers. The feasible payment options that accompany internet facilities just act like a cherry on top in this circumstance. The payment options available nowadays are secure and credible which makes the entire experience extremely carefree and enjoyable for the customer. Tea brands can capitalize on these to sell their products all across the world and boost their presence and sales.

Summing Up

Internet has been fast spreading in all of the world’s industries in recent times. In this circumstance, the tea industry is no different. It has been capitalizing on the many benefits of the internet that are discussed in the scope of this article. Further, the Covid pandemic has also played its role in strengthening the presence of tea as a commodity in the Indian and global markets. All these factors have been covered above.

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