Anamika Pandey, Founder, Naario

Anamika Pandey, aged 24 years, an engineer is from Uttar Pradesh. She dropped out of MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business to pursue a career as Subscription Head, Bigbasket’ s new venture- BBdaily to only quit later to launch her own food product startup Naario to help her mother and some other mothers to fulfill their dreams. Used a model similar to BB daily’s to run a pilot on Naario in late 2020. Launched Naario officially in early 2021 as a solo female founder with 2 people in the early team. Anamika has been awarded the youngest business icon by Dainik Jagran in 2021.


Natural and organic products are something that gets delivered to the customers with organic ways of farming and it provides the privilege of delivering the optimum quality as well. As per research India is ranked in the second position after China in terms of export of organic food products. Which clearly shows India is doing quite well in terms of organic food production. Although, there is still a long way for these organic food products to travel and settle in the daily buying routines of people.

Recently pandemic has approached people with a total shift in mindset. It is now more important for a normal citizen to pursue a health-conscious life rather than a luxury conscious life. These new sentimental changes and shifted consciousness has led people to choose organic and qualitative food products.

These new preferences and choices have worked as a booster for the organic food market as well. Keeping these factors in mind brands of these organic food markets are providing best of the food trends for a better approach and regularity towards organic food consumption. Here are few emerging most popular trends running all over in the market:

Sustainable packaging: Saying no to plastic is a new trend in the market. The organic food product providing companies are trying to be a step ahead with not just providing organic food products. That is grown through all other organic ways of farming. Being a sustainable and eco-friendly action for our earth. These food products companies are also providing eco-friendly packaging for the respective food products. These habits are allowing organic food products to provide the privilege of environmentally friendly behaviour by the customer. Which ultimately levels up the satisfaction level of customers in an ecstatic way.

Good for the taste: Good for the Brain– Mental health was always there as a deep-down problem in society. While situations like pandemic hit the world, people were more concentrated to deal with mental issues on their own. This does lead to a realisation phase, letting people know how mental health is related to a better diet. Organic food with low chemicals or even no chemicals does give customers a satisfaction of giving best quality food to the gut and relatable doing best health practices for the brain. Hence the new food trends in the organic food product selling companies are driven towards a healthy gut and brain friendly diet. That comes from real organic food products.

Food for the skin: Who does not want to look good and what a luxury it is to be able to look naturally beautiful. It has been always understood that one must give the best nutrition and supplements to their body. To fight problems like aging, skin issues and dull skin. An overall healthy body always looks way more beautiful than a body hidden under layers of makeup. Hence the new trends in the organic food markets are developing a taste of beauty consciousness by its customers. In that way the organic food market h=is coming up with providing the natural dietary supplements a food product to ensure a natural beauty that sustains for a long time.

Pro Vegan customers saying no to processed food: Being vegan is certainly a great choice and the increasing number of people attest to it. Although when it comes to the availability of a vegan food market there is yet a lot to be done in that terms. Huge chunk of these vegan products does come from the processed industry leading to non-natural f0od products. Recent trends on the vegan market are now getting more inclined towards the organic food market. To obtain an organic and eco-friendly vegan food product for its customers.

Saying yes to bioengineered food choice: To deliver more and more natural and plant based organic food and beauty products there is likely to be a greater strain on the environment. Hence the organic food industry is also carving its ways of production through bio engineered methods of growing organic and eco-friendly food products. So as to remove the unwanted strain from the environment and become a more sustainable solution for the planet.

Era of the good-for-the-planet brands: Brands within the organic food market that are planet friendly are being welcomed by the people. Customers who are prone towards the organic food products want to ensure the pro planet brands consumption. So as to feel more responsible when it comes to consuming organic food products. Thus, leading to a higher demand in the trends of consuming more pro planet food products. Products that are just not good for personal health but also planetary health on a whole.

The new emerging trends in the organic food market are evolving with the evolved customers. Customers are now trying to get more eco friendly and sustainable food brands and products. The choices of organic food products are leading towards a brand that can provide the most sustainable effect to the planet as well as people.

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