Dr Navana Kundu, Bestselling Author & TEDx Speaker

Dr Navana Kundu is a Bestselling and Award-Winning Author and Coach of Emotional Mastery. She is also a renowned international keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, active entrepreneur      and Master practitioner in several therapies and coaching specialties to accelerate positive change in people’s lives. Her book ‘Emotional Mastery – Toolkit for Success’ is a #1 Bestseller in multiple countries USA, UAE, UK, India in multiple categories of mental health, self-help, medical and health, and psychology. In her early 20s Dr Navana formed a highly successful career in fashion industry in Milan with Elite Model Management and finally, started her own corporate events company IBB International in Barcelona. In the following years, she brought together leading decision makers of FT500 companies ranging from Nike, Microsoft, Coca Cola to many more in her premier conferences and summits in Europe, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, and Hong Kong. She is currently a serial entrepreneur as well and runs her international consultancy from Dubai. Through tragedy, death, failed relationships, loss, and pain, she explored deeper the energetics of human mind and the spiritual aspects of human life. In the world of mental health and self-empowerment, Dr Navana is an Ambassador and Facilitator of International Mental Health Association, USA, and UAE Country Chair, Training & Coaching of G100 Mission Million.


75% of the Fortune 500 companies use emotional intelligence training tools – Vantage Circle Report. Yes, this is a fact!

These companies are on the top for a reason and what can we learn from them? Why are these organizations investing in their leaders’ emotional intelligence (EI) training? Here are some of the crucial factors:

  • The rise of millennials and Gen Z – The generation of this new era prioritize feelings over facts
  • The overwhelming rise in ‘change fatigue’ stemming from pandemic, volatile economic conditions impacting global mental health and performance
  • The rise of AI and the ability to collect and analyze data on every aspect of people’s lives

Today’s Leadership demands Emotional Mastery and Intelligence

In an increasingly volatile environment of today, traditional skills are no longer enough. As a leader you have to manage change, manage your own emotions plus manage and influence your team’s emotions to accomplish your vision. A strong leadership presence means empowering your own self, commanding the room with power, and leading with influence.

This is where emotional mastery and leadership intersects!

When you learn how to be emotionally strong in good and bad times, the currency you gain is trust. The more you trust yourself, the stronger your confidence grows.

Teams thrive on the positive qualities of a great leader. Your confidence inspires your team to full potential and performance. It takes a brave heart to experience and express emotions in a positive way.

An impactful leader encourages healthy expression of emotions within the organization. As a leader when you share candidly the good and the not-so-good, you come across as honest, authentic, trustworthy, and dependable. You set the culture of people building and honoring each other.

Remember we are dealing with humans with emotions and not machines. Emotional mastery and intelligence are key to fully engaging teams, building trust, and creating connections. Leaders with empathy perform over 40% higher in employee engagement, decision-making, and coaching.

According to Psychology Today, high-EQ individuals are able to regulate their emotions and avoid impulsive or hasty decisions—essential skills in this current market environment.

Can emotional mastery be developed as a skill? The good news is Yes! Just like any other skill it can be learned, improved and mastered with practice. Try out the 7 step Emotion Breakthrough Formula from my book Emotional Mastery – Toolkit for Success if you feel stuck in a repeating pattern of anger, fear, lack of confidence, depression, or anxiety.

The currency of our future is not money, it’s emotional mastery. It is no longer confined to just ‘a nice to own’ skill but a crucial life skill. We all want to be great leaders not just in our careers but in our life. Be a great leader and build great teams. Or be a bad leader and kill good teams. The choice is yours.

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