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fashion industry and indulging herself in the world of fashion and business that inspired her to start her own label. Japnah has done Bachelors in Business Management from Reading University London. She has certificates of participation and has a great collection at multiple exhibitions across the country. Her inspiration comes from a combination of her personal style as well as the day-to-day trends.


The year has gone by. The current year, if we see it, has nothing positive to talk about as COVID 19 took over the whole world. It has come as a shocker to everyone around the globe and has impacted each and everyone’s life in some or the another way. Life has come to a standstill. People have suffered physically, emotionally and economically as well. The second wave of covid 19 has left a sense of fear in the hearts and minds of people as it has been the worst time for our country with the whole system crashing down.

One of the major impacts of covid has been on the business sector, where a lot of businesses had to shut due to this ongoing pandemic stringent lockdown scenario. It has been hard for all the industries and the fashion industry being one of the biggest industries, has also been affected adversely due to Covid 19. With people locked inside their houses on account of fear or restrictions, the worst impacted segment has been the fashion clothing industry. The budding designers who had just started businesses by opening their stores have suffered huge losses; their workers have lost jobs as the owners are unable to bear expenses without any income generation. This pandemic has become a nightmare for brick and mortar businesses.

Weddings, events and parties all have been cancelled or postponed owing to the pandemic and designer brands and other retail stores being closed has led to the stocking of old collections without any sale and has become obsolete and are no longer saleable. The stores have been shut with no hope as and when the pandemic would end.

With the advent of work from home culture, the demand and sales for formal wear have also gone down.

What has come as a sigh of relief and looks like a ray of hope for the fashion industry is the growth in the e-commerce sector. With people moving to online sites for making purchases and also with platforms like Instagram and Facebook, now designers can showcase their collection online, and customers can have access to them sitting at the comfort of their homes. It is high time for the designers to cash on this digital opportunity as this could be a profitable platform with better access to the people globally.

In order to safeguard the interests of the industry, fashion designers have showcased their collections through virtual fashion shows.

The fashion industry is a field of creativity, and the designers have come up with innovative ideas; and as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of all inventions, people have started designing the most in-demand thing during this pandemic, such as the masks.

Also, understanding the work from home culture, designers have started creating comfortable, stylish outfits for the people as per demand.

Also, now with the decrease in the number of cases and the vigorous vaccination drives organised by the Government, there is a ray of hope as the lockdown regulations have been eased out, which has led to the businesses opening up and people coming out of their homes and the wedding season coming up. Thus we can be hopeful of a beginning of a better future ahead.

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