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FidyPay, one of the leading FinTech brands operated by Jambopay Express Pvt Ltd, is all about financial inclusion and digital payments. FidyPay’s API stack enables the business to change the way they transact and creates a more digitally aware society by deploying plug-and-play solutions. Since its inception, the company has processed over Rs. 1000 crores worth of transactions. “We focus on enabling businesses onto the financial services using the technology. Although we started a completely different model, we promoted it through the front-layer models. Finally, we understood that the FinTech API Platform is much better suited,” says Manan Dixit, Founder, and CEO, FidyPay.

FidyPay API platform has been created to empower businesses, corporates, or government organizations with financial services products. Whether it is API Banking or something as simple as including payments in the workforce or invoices, or as complicated as providing customized solutions to the organizations for the collections,  automated collections, and recurring payments, FidyPay is the way to go. “When we started FidyPay in 2015, we were more into the experimental and R&D phase until 2017-18, when we started building our API platform and started on the product line. By 2019, FidyPay started commercially deploying the solutions to enterprises and government organizations,” adds Manan. 

FidyPay provides products & services for the entire BFSI sector. The company is also coming up with the micro-insurance products, including the current range of banking,payments and collections. Besides, FidyPay provides API banking solutions wherein any organization can directly integrate their banking APIs with their ERP to make direct payments without going to any banking platform. “We have a lot of customized solutions. For instance, one of our clients wanted to automate and digitize their local tax collections. We worked extensively with them for over 6 months to understand their domain, requirement, and customization and finally deliver the final product to them, which exceeded their expectations,” reminisces Manan.

The Banking Pedigree 

With his father working as a banker, Manan has traveled across the country every three years during his childhood, which helped him understand the domain and the necessity of product lines. Having traveled so much, he understood what works out and what doesn’t quite easily. “I have traveled over 40,000 km across six states to understand what will work out. It had helped in the journey as we got into deep research before we launched the product,” opines Manan.

Focusing more on the small corporates and government along with the enterprises’ businesses, FidyPay’s entire thought process runs around financial inclusion and digital payments in the semi-urban and rural areas. They try to work and enable clients in these regions to position themselves in a better scenario with the upcoming challenges in any sort of digital payment. “The biggest benefit any client or corporate gets with us is that their go-to-market time reduces drastically. If I put a number, it reduces above 60%. So what they intend to do in six weeks, we could deliver it in one week. We give them the basic integrations which are required to get their products live, and using the single pipe, they can enable multiple services for their consumers at large,” adds Manan.

With an internal sales thought process within the core team, Manan ensures that the company’s product lines are being shown to the client accordingly, and they keep concentrating on different clients. Whenever they come up with a new product, FidyPay ensures that they at least have a client or two in place by the time the product launches. Valuing regular feedback from the clients, the sales team at FidyPay and Manan have been talking to many of their clients about their service. They keep talking to them regularly. “We are in constant communication with them, trying to understand what more can be done. If the volumes are low, we try to understand why the volumes are low. Is there anything we can do to increase it out? So we work extensively with all our clients,” says Manan.

Despite the growth and the challenges, FidyPay always kept the lines of communication open among their employees. They keep them updated, motivated and keep them informed at all times. “We have a team of around 20 people. Besides, we always give room for our people to grow. We don’t push them. We always aid our employees to work at their comfort level so that deliveries are being made properly,” says Manan. Clubbing the product lines to their clientele, FidyPay tried to understand and research their client in advance and shape their strategies according to their needs, which is beneficial to the company and their client.

Technology is advancing at a breakneck pace, bringing us ground-breaking FinTech innovations that guarantee convenience and safety, not just in metro cities but also in the country’s hinterlands. That being said, the future of the fintech industry will certainly include all-in-one payment solutions that simplify the overall process of banking. From doorstep cash delivery to insurance coverage, Recharges & Bill payments and even emerging fintech players offer almost all financial services under a single umbrella, right at the customer’s doorstep. “It is going to be another thrilling journey ride for us. We have many products in developing stage and about to be LIVE soon. We intend to take our growth further and make a billion-dollar company in coming two years,” concludes Manan.

About Manan Dixit, Founder, and CEO, FidyPay

Manan Dixit  is a level-headed entrepreneur and businessman. Manan has had varied experiences through his life and has travelled widely across India. He holds a nuanced understanding of the Indian market. In his previous avatar, he was engaged with top IT companies in a technology role and won accolades for his work across teams and clients. Manan has now ventured into the exciting world of eCommerce and Payments and is focused on growing his organisation across India and abroad.

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