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Migration has been a global phenomenon over the ages that have helped to shape societies and civilizations. The need for an economic boost has allowed countries to welcome migrants who are willing to invest in their countries in lieu of second citizenship. Several countries offer investment migration programs that are used by high net worth individuals to move to countries which offer them better digital infrastructure, social security and medical facilities, access to top-class education and a better quality of life. MIgrants through the Investment Migration Program route contribute to the prosperity of their adopted country. Studies show that while migrants form 3% of the global population they contribute 9% to the global GDP. This makes the investment route a win-win proposition for both individuals and countries.

Investment Migration can be processed by using one of the following options. 

Investment in New Business – A high net worth individual who is prepared to invest in a new business and create employment opportunities is welcomed by several countries that have tailored special migration programs. UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the notable countries that have tailored Investment Migration Residency Programs for those willing to invest in a new business.

Investment in StartUps – With the surge in startups in the recent decade, some countries have introduced a separate category of visas for those who display entrepreneurial abilities and start innovative businesses. Canada offers the Canada Start-Up Visa while the UK offers the UK Innovator Visa program.

Investment in Real Estate – A third option that is offered by several countries is an investment in real estate as a ticket to migration. Investment in real estate in these countries can offer good returns, freedom to reside and travel and access to visa-free travel to several countries.Several High Networth Individuals use this option to set up a second home and residency in a different country. The top destinations for this route of investment migration are Portugal, Turkey, Spain, Greece, Malta, Caribbean Residencies – Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, and Antigua & Barbuda.

Let us take a look at the features of the Investment Migration programs offered by a few countries.


Canada has remained one of the preferred immigration destinations worldwide and attracts people from all countries. Canada plans to offer 432000 migrant visas in 2022. There are several paths available to get a Canadian visa and it is important to judge which one is most suited for you.

Canadian Immigrant Investor Program or Canada Investor Visa was designed by the Government of Canada to welcome migrant investors to contribute to the local economy. This program allows the applicant to earn his Permanent Resident status in Canada along with his family members. Once three years of residence are completed, the resident is eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship.

Canada Start-up Visa – Canada’s Start-up Visa Program is aimed at immigrant entrepreneurs who have the necessary skills and acumen to start an innovative business in Canada that can create jobs for locals, compete globally, and contribute to the economy.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program – This Canadian province, backed by a robust economy,  is known for the beauty of its skies. Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry are the mainstays of the economy. Immigrant investors can invest in any existing business or start-up in the region. Immigrants can start or obtain a partnership in a local business while residing in Saskatchewan.

Ontario Immigration Program – Immigrants who are interested in starting a new business or purchasing an existing business in Ontario can use this program. Once the business is established in Ontario, the entrepreneur can be nominated for permanent residence. Immigrant investors can invest in Ontario in lieu of Permanent Residency in Canada.

US Immigrant Investment Program (EB 5) –  This visa program was designed by the US government in 1990 to attract capital investment from foreign migrants willing to invest and create jobs. The Employment-Based Immigration Reference 5 visa is administered by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services and enables foreign investors to set up a business, create jobs and obtain the coveted Green Card which offers Permanent Residency in the USA.

The US Congress passed the EB 5 Program Reform and Integrity Act, 2022  which has authorized the program till September 30, 2027. The new version of the EB-5 Program requires the applicant to invest a minimum of USD 10,50,000 in the Non-Targeted Employment Areas and USD 8,00,000 as an investment in Targeted Employment Areas. EB-5 Investors would be required to pay a fee of USD 1000 towards the Integrity Fund. The new EB-5 Law allows investors to apply for the Green Card even if the EB-5 Program is terminated by a resolution or expires in the future.


The Australian government has designed the Australian Investor Visa Scheme to attract business owners or new entrepreneurs to migrate and contribute to the local economy. The most popular visa in this category is the Business Innovation and Investment Visa Subclass 188. Investors can contribute capital to an existing business or set up a new business in Australia. The visa is valid for four years post which the applicant can apply for a permanent visa if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Subclass 188 offers four different streams-

Business Innovation  – A state or territorial government will need to nominate the applicant for this visa which applies to investors with entrepreneurial skills who want to start, develop and manage a new or existing Australian business.

Investors–  A state or territorial government can nominate an individual who is ready to invest AUD 2.5 million in Australian investments while maintaining investment activity in Victoria.

Significant Investors  –  A state or territorial government can nominate an individual who is ready to invest AUD 5 million in Australian investments while maintaining investments in Victoria.

Entrepreneurs – XIPHIAS can assist aspiring startup founders or co-founders by recommending them to the Victorian Government and getting them investment opportunities.

Germany Investor Residency Program

Germany is one of the main economic superpowers of Europe. Germany offers an investor residency program where foreign entrepreneurs can invest in a regional development fund in lieu of permanent residency. Applicants will get a temporary residence permit for the main applicant and 5 years for the family. After 3 years, permanent residency will be issued. Once you have completed 8 years of residence in Germany, you can apply for citizenship. Germany offers its residents a very high standard of living with access to free education in prestigious schools and universities, excellent, affordable medical facilities, modern travel infrastructure and excellent quality of life that many will aspire for.

The process of applying for an Investment Migration Program and completing the formalities can be daunting. Getting in touch with professional immigration consultants makes the entire paperwork and processing hassle-free. It is easy to get confused with all the technicalities and using the expertise of seasoned professionals will put you at ease. Using the Investment Migration Program to relocate to the country of your choice can secure your future and enhance the quality of life for you and your family with access to superior facilities of education, healthcare and general quality of life. Make sure you find the right Immigration Consultants who can partner with you in this journey and make it a pleasant experience

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