Niraj Johri, Founder, Casa Décor

Niraj Johri is the Founder of Casa Décor – a home decorative hardware and accessories company that offers a range of luxurious furniture, Christmas décor, Kitchen and Garden, and Metal Figurines. Mr Johri started the company in 2008 after successfully graduating from the University of Greenwich. Inspired by the huge market opportunity in exporting artisanal hardware and accessories for the home furnishing industry, he was instrumental in diversifying the market presence of Casa Décor across the Americas and Europe.


India reflects diverse history and religion, representing the various furniture and craft trends of each state, its culture and tradition. A place rich in variety and diversity stuck to its grassroots, India and its handicrafts add to the value of its creations leading to a beautiful legacy. Today, handicrafts are not seen just as a way of ornamentation but can be seen as competing in the commercial market showing versatility and making its place in design streams like architecture, interior design, furniture pieces, and products as well. Wood carving is an ancient Indian art. It first began as a temple and palace craft and started flourishing alongside sculpture art. The ancient art of crafting almost always is a reflection of the times and sometimes is powerful enough to make time itself its reflection.

For us, our crafts hold dear the myths, legends, and faiths that lent their form, these stories desperately need to be shared with the on-looking audience. These stories not only help the people appreciate the craft righteously but also offer many lessons in humble living. Crafts have weathered many a storm at the hands of increased industrialization and overall paradigm shifts in the crafts’ production and consumption ecosystem. The global consumer now slowly wakes to the actual ecological price that the increasingly mechanized and plastic-addicted industries entail. They are more willing now than ever before, to hear and pay heed to the tales of craft. Traditional Indian furniture design used to be a classic choice for Indian homes. Solid wood lends warmth and authenticity that is unparalleled. Combined with etchings, carvings, Indian workmanship, mandi-inspired colours, and rich fabrics, these designs would stand out and instantly lend a lively appeal, further adding a regal touch to your interiors.

Clean lines, sleek surfaces, sculptural forms… There’s a lot to love about contemporary furnishings, but they can come with a serious intimidation factor—especially if you naturally gravitate to more traditional pieces. Therefore, finding the right balance between the modern design language of your home and the traditional Indian infusions can be tricky, hence we offer a wide variety of Plant Stands, Accent Table, End Table, Storage Carts, Wall Shelves that would most certainly strike a chord with both your modern and traditional tastes. Our Plant Stand assortment exudes a modern rustic feel and is designed with a fusion of a variety of traditional geometrical patterns including chevron, rhombus, checkerboard etc, making them evolve into something eccentric and novel. These exclusive decor pieces are sure to add an element of style with their unique shape and Indian prints. What’s more, they are available in multiple finishes to suit your interiors. The collection has a minimalistic design and a modern aesthetic – the subtle designs allow modern homeowners to highlight their space with a touch of vividity and prominence, thus offering a meticulous blend and fusion. This mixture creates a unique, multi-layered space.

One of the perks of blending traditional and modern design styles is developing a personal style that you won’t see in other homes. These compact stands are multifunctional furniture pieces that can be used as accent tables, side tables, garden stands, etc. Today, while we are greatly influenced by western concepts, we’ve forgotten great homegrown styles and architecture. Though we can’t bring back the palaces of the Mughals or the Rajputs, and the intricacies of temple art, Indian modernism is a way to bridge that divide by introducing smaller elements and patterns, charm and grace into the new wave of design but can always offer the best to our customers and the company aims to recreate the same three primary ways to revisit Indian modernism at home, which are – blending the old with the new, utilizing art, antiques and colour, and incorporating a traditional layout and indigenous materials. In addition to that, our product range comes at an affordable price, making it more accessible for people to revisit our traditional, artistic roots. It has also been our constant strive to give back to society and to support artisanal communities wherein times like these it has become increasingly difficult for them to sustain their livelihood. By doing our bit, we make sure that our country’s artistic legacy remains intact for generations to come.

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