Lovedeep Arora, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions

Lovedeep, a passionate strategist and leader, is the Managing Partner and Co-founder of Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions and its offshoots. He has his roots in Amritsar, Punjab and has been conditioned in a well-renowned family of medical professionals. Serving as a director of a reputed healthcare company, he is lending his expertise to the sector diligently. Pursuing his law degree followed by a degree in Management from the University of London in the UK, he has honed his knowledge and skill set from the best educational institutions across the maps.


As we are all aware, both the Business Immigration and Investment Migration sectors were severely affected when the wave of covid hit the entire globe. Things are now slowly getting back on track as the vaccination programs across the world are improving with higher numbers of people being vaccinated which has once again given the momentum to the immigration sectors.

Each and every country wants its economy to thrive and flourish; hence they need people to invest in their country in different forms.

Canada offers a range of business immigration programs that lead to permanent residency and then citizenship. Canada has a first class education system, low crime rate, great infrastructure and a world-class healthcare service. Investors, entrepreneurs and business people are looking to create new lives for themselves and their families. Whilst Covid did impact the migration flow, numerous changes have been made by the Government to help streamline the process, reducing response times in achieving work permits and residency status. The numbers of people looking to make the move to Canada increases year on year and 2021 is no exception despite the challenges the pandemic has brought.

Recently, all the governments have started to opt for immigration friendly rules and policies to attract new talent and people who can provide financial benefits along with cultural and business knowledge to support the local employment growth.

Canada has another program that is currently in the limelight, which has attracted investors and entrepreneurs alike the Immigration by Investment Program or Canada Investor Immigration Program. All an individual has to do is invest CAD 1.2 million for a period of five years with no interest in the country’s economy, which eventually leads to the person and his immediate family gaining Permanent Residence. This is a win-win situation for both the parties, Canada as well as the entrepreneur who is looking to expand their business and earn Permanent Residency status. There are other terms and conditions which a person has to fulfil while applying for this program. Yet for High Net Worth individuals this investment migration option has proved to be extremely viable for investors

The liquidity from the investment migration programs provides the economic benefits to the country, including growth in employment and an upsurge in tourism. In the early days, when the Investment Migration Program came into existence, it was disorderly and highly unregulated. Yet with time, the government chose to enhance the regulation to enhance the process.

The recent trend in the field of immigration is that governments, worldwide, are investing in immigration technology. The new software that has been launched is helping to streamline the immigration applications and with further government investment in the area of immigration software development and additional training, and support for the government agencies responsible for the immigration process, it can only further reduce the processing time.

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