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Gaurav Bhagat is the very definition of “self-made, he was dabbling in entrepreneurship even when he was 16 and formally started his first company, Consortium Gifts, at the age of 19 years. After having garnered overwhelming success in the business sphere, Gaurav then turned his attention towards training large corporates, business owners, and working professionals so that they can achieve their goals and 10X success as well. Towards this purpose, he launched the Gaurav Bhagat Academy in 2018, it’s an organization dedicated to training and mentoring businesses and individuals so that they can enjoy the 10X life.


GenZ is coming and everyone needs to watch out. This generation has a lot going for it, they are naturally tech-savvy, driven and willing to experiment. In the coming years there will be undoubtedly causing quite a revolution in the space, however there are some important qualities they will have to incorporate to make the magic happen.  

Digital literacy and computational thinking

Who hasn’t heard of STEM, but how many of you have heard of SMAC? It stands for social, mobile, analytics and cloud. Suppose you have the capabilities that come with being digitally literate. In that case, you can open yourself up to the world of possibilities—forthcoming techs like IoT, ML, AI, data science, and more. 


There are robots and applications to help us through the process bydiagnostic solving and calculating. But still, humans will have to be capable enough to work about the subjective side of data analysis. Human touch will never be irrelevant! 

Assume we are on the brink of another industrial revolution; we will need someone capable enough to make us understand what it means. 


GenZ is often termed as being very impatient and looking for wins in a very short duration. Attention spans are low and they do tend to drift more than their predecessors. Patience will be an important virtue and going into roles knowing that not everything goes according to a plan conceptualized on the drawing board will be important.  

Emotional intelligence

This is something no robot, no AI, no machine can ever recreate. The world is moving at a rapid pace which makes it even more important to demonstrate this quality. 

Also, emotional intelligence is of utmost importance in some sectors, like education, healthcare, and more. Human interaction is highly crucial, and having empathy, the spirit of collaborating will take you a long way. 

Creative approach 

If you were confused, let us tell you that robots and automation will create more jobs than they will take. But to benefitfrom the pool of opportunities, you need to be creative in your approach. If you are a GenZ, you already know the importance of creativity, if you manage to develop an innovative approach to your job, there will be no stopping you. 

We mentioned some practical qualities, but nothing will be useful if you do not have the right mindset to pair it up. Here are few mental attributes you should develop and polish. 


There is no overstating as to why one should be curious. The more curious you are, the more knowledge you can gather and subsequently, you will be able to connect the dots better. It can lead you to greater heights, broaden your horizon, and help you understand trends, notice patterns, and garner insights. 


How open are you to new ideas will define you in future. Your ideas will constantly be challenged, and those receptive to new ideas will come out victorious. It is a critical skill set, which will lead you to have diverse experiences and opinions. 


Entrepreneurial skills will be requisite in the coming years. The skills to dive deeper into the market with vision will be very important. In the barest form, you may choose to look at it as the ability to solve problems, to find new ways to embark on ventures and more. 

Entrepreneurship is the mix of persistence, risk-taking abilities, and infectious passion. 


Oxford dictionary defines resilience as thecapacity to recover quickly from difficulties. It is the highest form of a shift in human life, both professional and personal. This competency makes you embrace the oscillating shifts in your life and makes you bounce back stronger. It is made of three parts a) be mindful of the new piece of information b)wrap your head around it c)think through and solve it.

Optimism and Imagination

Optimism has the power to change things moving forward. It brings you the ability to keep a positive outlook on the outcomes and focus on what is possible. The experts find lack of imagination as the huge reason behind the inability to come up with responses. This skill will prepare you to envision the positive and stay motivated to create new beginnings. 

Not everyone doing well in their respective fields was born with these qualities. You can practice them and make them part of your life for a brighter future and a successful professional and personal life. 

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