Matteo Bianchini, Founder and CEO, Peoitaly

Matteo Bianchini is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the Employer of Record and recruitment industries. Currently serving as the Founder and CEO of PeoItaly, Matteo leads the company with a focus on delivering top-notch EOR and HR services in Italy to international clients. Prior to founding PeoItaly, Matteo held various significant roles a in sales and business development at renowned firms such as Manpower, GoGlobal and Capital GES (People 2.0). With a proven track record of success, Matteo is known for his strategic mindset and dedication to client satisfaction. His expertise in the field continues to drive PeoItaly’s growth and success in the industry.

Recently, in an exclusive interview with CXO Outlook Magazine, Matteo shared his professional trajectory, what sets Peoitaly apart from other market competitors, his favorite quote, future plans, words of wisdom, and much more. The following excerpts are taken from the interview.

Hi Matteo. Please brief us about your background and areas of expertise.

I began my career in the Human Resources industry in 2005 as a recruitment consultant at Manpower. In 2016, I transitioned to the Employer of Record (EOR) industry, assisting companies in hiring professionals internationally. After several successful years and aiding hundreds of clients in hiring employees and contractors globally, I founded Peoitaly in 2021. Peoitaly is an Italian employment agency specializing in Employer of Record, Recruitment, and HR Outsourced Services in Italy

What was the inspiration behind establishing Peoitaly? What sets it apart from other market competitors?

During the COVID pandemic, the Employer of Record (EOR) industry saw substantial growth as travel and in-person meeting restrictions increased the demand for remote hiring solutions. This surge attracted significant investor interest, leading to the emergence of numerous new providers and creating a highly competitive market. While this competition can be beneficial, it has also commoditized a complex and delicate process. Many providers began promoting the idea that clients could hire anyone, anytime, from anywhere. Although appealing, this oversimplification often overlooks critical details necessary for a seamless hiring process.

Recognizing this gap, I founded Peoitaly to provide clients with the specialized expertise required for navigating Italy’s complex employment laws. Peoitaly offers vertically integrated services, ensuring exceptional customer care and industry knowledge. This approach enables informed clients to make the best decisions when employing workers in Italy.

Being into the HR industry, which post-pandemic effects have you witnessed related to – hiring, talent acquisition, employee retention, learning and development, or anything else especially in Italy?

The pandemic has significantly altered the dynamics of human resources in Italy, as it has in many other countries. Traditionally, Italian employers have been hesitant to allow employees to work from home or outside business premises. However, post-pandemic Italy is experiencing a shift in perspective regarding remote work. More companies are recognizing that to attract and retain top talent, a certain level of flexibility is essential. Peoitaly is dedicated to assisting employers in adopting a more flexible approach to the employer-employee relationship, helping them adapt to this evolving landscape.

Is there a particular person you are grateful for who helped get you to where you are?

There are certainly a few people to whom I owe my gratitude for who I am today and what I have accomplished. Without naming anyone specifically, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to my great mentors at Capital GES.

What does the term “authentic leadership” mean to you?

To me, “authentic leadership” means leading with genuine integrity, transparency, and honesty. It involves being true to oneself and one’s values while fostering an environment of trust and openness. Authentic leaders are self-aware, acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses, and lead by example. They prioritize building meaningful relationships, empowering their team, and maintaining a consistent alignment between their words and actions. This approach not only inspires and motivates others but also creates a culture of trust and mutual respect within the organization.

If you could have a one-hour meeting with someone famous who is alive, who would it be and why?

That’s an interesting question! I would probably choose Elon Musk. His strategic vision, adaptability, innovative thinking, and charisma are unparalleled today. I would love the opportunity to learn from his genius.

How do you keep your mind healthy and stay resilient? And how do you motivate your team?

To keep my mind healthy and stay resilient, I prioritize a balanced lifestyle that includes regular exercise, adequate sleep, and a healthy diet. Reading, continuous learning, and staying connected with friends and family are also essential for my well-being.

To motivate my team, I focus on creating a supportive and positive work environment. I ensure clear communication of goals and expectations, provide regular feedback, and recognize and celebrate achievements. I also encourage professional development and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation. By understanding individual strengths and aspirations, I can tailor my approach to meet each team member’s needs, keeping them engaged and motivated.

What is your favorite quote?

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value”. Albert Einstein

Tell us about your future plans. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I typically focus more on the present than on future aspirations. However, I envision myself taking Peoitaly to the next level. My goal is to establish Peoitaly as the foremost authority for international clients seeking to hire employees in Italy and for Italian firms seeking to expand their business abroad.

What advice would you give to anyone starting out on their career in your industry?

For anyone starting out in the Human Resources industry, I would advise building a solid foundation, seeking mentorship, staying informed, and, above all, being patient and persistent. This industry is constantly evolving and requires individuals who are highly adaptable and capable of providing valuable support to clients and employees. Develop your knowledge to become a reliable source of information and best practices for your clients and employers.

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