Pritika Singh, CEO, Prayag Hospital & Research Centre

Pritika has been a game changer and leader in the healthcare sector. Her business interests vary across many fields from healthcare business, beauty, mental health, yoga, meditation and the pharma industry. She is also actively pursuing women rights, philosophy, and is a relationship coach. She has worked towards women empowerment and other women centric issues. She became the CEO of Prayag Hospital at the age of 23. Under her leadership, Prayag hospital expanded and opened at 2 more locations. She has also organized free camps, yearly, for acid attack victims and undertakes around 100 surgeries at nominal costs to help better the lives of these survivors.


The healthcare industry appears to be a viable alternative for you if you are seeking a career that provides enormous fulfillment while allowing you to help others. As is well known, one of the noblest industries in which to pursue a profession in healthcare. There is no better career option than the healthcare profession for those who are sincerely passionate about the idea of helping others while at work and find delight in caring for others and healing their pains and sorrows.

The Health-Care Industry’s Allure

Healthcare is one of the few businesses in which you have direct contact with the person who is seeking your services. Unlike most other occupations, the healthcare profession allows you to follow the Sewa Parmo Dharma ideology. One of the key values of the healthcare sector is the powerful life lesson from the Bhagwat Gita that says service is the highest religion. While the healthcare business provides several opportunities to practise and perfect your skills, it is also an evergreen industry. As more individuals become aware of the value of health and fitness, they contact the healthcare industry more frequently, resulting in even more chances.

Healthcare is one of the few areas where you can have a direct impact on tens of thousands of people. If monetary success is equally vital, the healthcare profession is likewise regarded to be one of the finest paid industries. And the best part is that the money just appears without you having to think about it. All a healthcare worker needs to do is be good at what they do, and the rest will take care of itself.

There are a variety of outfits to choose from.

In every way, the healthcare profession offers unparalleled flexibility in terms of picking the ideal function. Regrettably, society has created the impression that doctors are the only and complete healthcare system. A global epidemic like COVID-19, on the other hand, revealed that perception to be incorrect. COVID-19 has demonstrated that, while doctors are the centre of attention, they are only a component of the healthcare business, not the entire industry. A large group of people collaborate to create a well-functioning system for healing others.

From the hospital guard to the ambulance driver, everyone has a role to play. Staff from the GDA to the receptionists and admissions counters from the nurses to the doctors to the housekeeping staff, everyone has a role to play. From the pharmacy to the laboratory personnel, and many others. They all join together and work together to construct the healthcare system. They are all essential components of the healthcare sector. Even though the general public is unaware of this, it is true that if any of these pillars fails, the entire structure will be affected. Whatever role you hold in the healthcare system, you are just as important to the industry as anyone else. Being a doctor isn’t the only path to a profession in medicine.

It’s a Promising Future

Understanding the prospects and future possibilities is critical while selecting a professional selection. After all, making an informed decision based on facts, statistics, and data is the best approach. You’ll find it comforting to learn that the global healthcare business is expected to rise by more than USD 75 billion over the next five years. Not only that, but the forecasts show that the healthcare business will require 250,000 skilled workers in the same period. That sure appears to be the sign of a promising future!

International governments and company owners are more interested in establishing a well-prepared healthcare system, especially since the COVID-19 emphasised the need of doing so. Such a shift in mindset will bode well for the healthcare industry’s future.

New Healthcare Opportunities = Mental Health Awareness

Gone are the days when individuals solely went to the doctor to treat a physical ailment. As the world has come to recognise the importance of mental health, many new opportunities have arisen. People are beginning to understand that a healthy mind and body can only coexist in harmony.

Multiple chances for mental-health-related occupations such as psychologists and psychiatrists will arise as a result of this increased awareness. In the future, this sector of the healthcare industry will grow at a breakneck pace.


Working in the healthcare industry is grounded and evolving, as well as difficult and rewarding. There’s always something new to discover, embrace, and evolve. A career in the healthcare industry might be a gratifying and profitable decision for you if you enjoy the idea of pursuing happiness while also being able to help others and have an impact on their lives via your work.

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