Pulak Satish Kumar, Director and COO, Puresight Systems

A marketing veteran with more than fourteen years of industry experience in marketing commercial technology products, Pulak Satish Kumar is the Director, COO of Puresight Systems Pvt. Ltd, the official distributor of iRobot products in India. iRobot the world’s pioneer practical smart appliances and robots manufacturing brand. In this role, he spearheads the brand’s Indian business operations, managing the administration, product development, market analysis, finalization of strategic alliances, technology procurement, and pricing of products based on market fundamentals and business requirements.


The world is changing faster today than it ever did in the past, and technology has a very crucial role to play in catalyzing the change. On the one hand, rapid technological advances are changing the way live, eat, and communicate. On the other, it has been reshaping the business landscape and enabling the emergence of new business innovation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are the talks of the town. Knowingly or unknowingly, technologies like AI and Automation have been creating an impact not only on the way corporates do business but also on the way consumers go about their mundane household chores.

Are Automation and AI creating a wave?

Let us take an example here of autonomous cars, using AI that can drive you to work while you take a nap. It is a far-fetched dream. Isn’t it? Let us consider a recent incident we have all experienced.

During the pandemic, a large number of people realized the benefits of automation and AI-integrated machines which were already prevalent among us. During the nationwide lockdown, when we were confined to our homes, technology came to our rescue. It emerged as one of the supporting tools in every aspect. From shopping to cleaning the house, washing dishes and clothes, technology helped us in our day-to-day needs. There was also a sudden spike in demand for robotic vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, and washing machines. This attests to technology’s ability to solve issues or help humans in the absence of humans.

This means that the winds of change were already blowing. The ongoing pandemic just sped up the changes exponentially.  While AI and Automation have helped corporates manufacture efficiently, market specifically, and research intelligently, at home these technologies have shouldered the burden of daily tasks and freed up time for bachelors, families, and veterans alike.

However, as far as the smart appliances category is concerned, it’s still an evolving category in India. With the concept of smart homes trending, home automation, and IoT services are witnessing a rise in adoption in India. Plus, the advent of newer and more affordable technology innovations is a game-changer in the segment.

For example, the idea of controlling everything at your fingertips is not just fascinating but aspirational as well. In a go-to world, where time plays a critical role for most people, having their coffee ready when they wake up, or a switch that automatically turns everything off when one leaves for work is an experience to look forward to.

The increased penetration of smart speakers and voice-controlled technologies is already leading to a smart revolution. Benefits such as user convenience, enhanced security, and tremendous energy savings that can be achieved in the long run are some of the reasons adding to this growth and revolution. Therefore, several players in the home automation segment are exploring the ability of smart devices to integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructure, thereby providing a hassle-free experience with just a tap using your smartphone.

So, do not be surprised if in a couple of years your fridge starts ordering groceries, studying your consumption patterns. Or your AC comes without a remote and still knows exactly what temperature it should cool at a certain time of the day. We certainly are moving towards an era where technology will be deeply integrated into our home appliances to create an ecosystem that will make life more convenient.


More About Pulak Satish Kumar

Pulak has an inherent flair for breaking into new markets and developing them for new product categories – a skill he has put to good use for some of the biggest home appliances brands in the country. Counting St. Xavier’s and Indian Institute of Science & Management as his alma maters, he joined Opel Infosys in 2001 as an Assistant Marketing Manager. By 2007, he joined Voltas as it’s Senior Executive (Marketing and Business Planning). He later became the Zonal Manager (South) for Philips Lighting in 2012 following his stint at Lisha Leon from 2009 as the company’s State Head (Karnataka). At Philips, Pulak’s commendable breakthroughs in product development and market penetration were recognized with ‘Outstanding Performer of the Year’ and by the ‘Philips Excellence Award’. He was working as a Deputy General Manager at Havells India before joining Puresight Systems Pvt. Limited in 2016.

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