Vaibhav Kakkar, Co-Founder and CEO at WEBIQ

Vaibhav Kakkar, Co Founder of Digital Web Solutions & Rankwatch Inc., has been in the business of digital marketing for 14 years now. An SEO enthusiast and a serial entrepreneur, Vaibhav has been the brains behind several startups, one after the another, that took care of online marketing for many brands in India and abroad.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has always been the buzz of the marketing sector since the advent of digital content. It improves the visibility of any website and brings in numerous organic page visitors while gaining conversions for the organization. It has served as an essential and powerful tool for marketers trying to get their message across to potential customers looking for similar services. 

SEO is a cost-effective strategy to garner high ROI. This powerful tool also helps HR startups to make people aware of job openings and find great candidates for these positions. With an increase in the number of candidates shifting to search engines like Google or Bing to find jobs, SEO plays a vital role in the HR sector. It is backed by the statistics that the keyword “jobs” saw 2,740,000  hits of the global search volume in 20-21. When it comes to India alone, Google’s recent annual ‘Year in Search’ report suggested that work from home jobs and e-courses were the most searched keywords in the country last year.

HR companies use SEO to ensure that job advertisements reach the right people looking for jobs. An excellent HR SEO strategy can also improve the overall organization image by creating positive impressions. Over 82% of HR professionals believe the employer’s brand is what attracts top talent.

How do they do it?

  • Creating job listings that provide adequate information for the reader – SEO optimized job descriptions.
  • Creating robust career pages and using them as landing pages.
  • Creating a mobile responsive website – close to 90% job seekers now utilize a mobile device when looking for a job opportunity.
  • Using relevant keywords for varied job listings.

The Human Resources strategy involves understanding the job search behaviour.  HR professionals boost their search in the recruitment space with several tools and strategies. The most popular tools that HR startups leverage to research are Google Trends and seekers run a Google search of their desired job title and location on their quest to find a dream job. 

Google for Jobs rolled out in the US, UK and India last year to aid those exclusively looking for job opportunities in the search engine. With every company posting job opportunities on their website, chances of reaching the top of a job search listing is an arduous task. 

A study based on job search behaviour found that 37% do not consider the job opening if they don’t find the company information in the search listing. Hence, HR startups are building SEO-optimised websites with relevant information on the pages to build their brand reputation and hire quality candidates for various organizations.

A solid SEO plan will help HR Startups attract qualified candidates to recruit them in their respective niches. If utilized thoughtfully and strategically, SEO for HR will deliver better results, and the involved companies will see an overall improvement in online recruitment efforts.

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