Shivam Soni, Founder & CEO, BeYoung Folks Private Limited

A budding entrepreneur – Shivam Soni, CEO – came up with a notion of establishing a home-grown e-comfashion brand that curates the latest fashion trend to every man and woman in premium quality and affordable prices. Over the span of 3 years, he has been achieving an array of milestones from setting up an in-house team in Udaipur, catering the “Beyoung Originals” PAN India to the excellent survival rate of a self-funded company. Coming from a business background and completing education in commerce stream, his fine-art in finance lets the brand to drive through exponential growth. He directly manages the business affiliations, production, marketing, and RnD. Starting at such a young age i.e. 21, and he has a great belief in young talents who have the enthusiasm to channel themselves in productive learning.


While there was an era when one business coordinated with another and the chain continued with making India a hub of business. Nevertheless, cities to cities began connecting with one another till we could see an economic rise in the nation. But with the bomb of Corona, many businesses had to stop their ventures, and lately we were left on no other option than being “atma-nirbhar”.

Surely, this lockdown has given a hit to many businesses, but some have also considered this as an opportunity, because there is no other option left than doing the most for filling the pockets to survive. Amongst this, the notion for being independent yet working out on the business ideas has become successful among businesses to an extent. Here are a few examples for it to relate.

Health and sanitization have become very important in the past two years. Considering this, many vendors have also started business for sanitizers and masks as it has become an essential commodity. So, apart from Dettol and lifebuoy which were the prominent brands for sanitizers, many people began manufacturing and selling their own after the shortage of sanitizers across the nation. Somehow it gave a hike to their business entities. Furthermore, many people began reselling these in bulk from city to city.

The idea for elaborating businesses began with online buying and selling of products. Since moving out became a crime, online sources got a hike in their business. For this, brands began joining popular online sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc. These online portals have given rise to many small ventures as they could resell in a way that could not be done with retail outlets.

Secondly, many online manufacturing sites too got their boost after their online hike in the market. One of those was Beyoung. Being the lifestyle brand who had been manufacturing t-shirts, shirts and boxers, Beyoung was ranked amongst the best online stores for apparels. However, it is still being the best in nation in terms of clothing.

The initiative of atma nirbhar abhiyan has also benefitted in many ways. Government had initiated several policies, including which is Rs. 5,000 Crores credit facility for street vendors.  These credits would be available on affordable loans with an initial capital loan of minimum Rs. 10,000. The scheme will cover both rural and urban areas. The idea is to benefit upto 50 lakh vendors with initiating a credit flow of Rs. 5,000 crores across the nation.

With online boost, liberal bank loans and development of e-commerce market flow, people can definitely get their poise within these hard times. Talking about city to city growth, the online market is extended to a wide range across the country. Therefore, B2B as well as B2C can be relied on when it comes to city to city affiliation. For this, courier services are still liberal to make it easy for people to buy and businesses to grow.

Many online businesses like Beyoung, Meeshop, Bewakoof, Amazon Grocery etc. have seeked advantage from it. The tie-up is sure to grow stronger with time.

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