Samir Chabukswar, Founder & CEO, YUJ Designs

Mr Samir Chabukswar, Founder & CEO, YUJ Designs. Founded in 2009, It is one of the Leading User Experience Designs companies headquartered in Pune. YUJ Designs is a global UX Design Agency delivering valuable experiences for humans that impact businesses. with over 25 years of industry experience, Mr Chabukswar, has managed multidisciplinary and global UX teams. His project experience spans over 2000+ user experience design and research projects, which includes consulting to many Fortune 100 companies


Gone are the days when our forefathers believed that supernatural powers existed that can make their lives easier one day. Fast forward to today, that day and age has certainly come but with an interesting twist. The wonder that makes our lives convenient is known as technology currently.

All the digital transformations happening across the globe have become as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. Hence, the advancements seem inevitable in every other venture. Various businesses are utilizing technology to automate, integrate and re-engineer most of their operational processes. It has led to better scale, streamlined measures, reduced operational costs, and increased production times.

Technology is has been the business differentiator for a long time. However, if you think that one can address a business problem with the help of technology alone, you are mistaken. 

UX design and tech: The business differentiator

Even though tech is the ultimate solution nowadays, when coupled with user experience (UX) designs, it can render seamless, sustainable solutions, especially for a varied set of businesses.

For instance, taxis and cabs have existed even before online applications came into being. However, one of the core differences these applications offer people is their user experience (UX). Wondering how? Well, simply imagine the ease of touching an option (technology), that too, within an appealing user interface (UI), following the automobile as it comes to your doorstep (UX). 

No matter what these application owners promise, talk about their plan of action and methodology, user experience is what guarantees clients who keep on utilizing the solution. The UX forms the very core of any platform’s success parameters, whether it is a website or an app. What demarcates a business from the others is its design, interaction, which eventually paves the way for a good user experience.

The customers care about, how products or services are proving to be favorable to their lives, more than knowing which technology has been used to achieve that. Hence, it seems crystal clear that not just technology but UX design, more than anything else, will decide the success or failure of any business in this experience economy.

Why embracing UX design is crucial for business resiliency?

A good amalgamation of business, technology, and user experience is what minimizes the risk of product or service failure. 

  • UX helps businesses to provide relevant solutions: To keep up with business progression, remaining relevant with the clients’ exceptional challenges is of utmost significance. And to do that, it is critical to pose the right questions. For instance, what are the changes that clients have to confront? What are some of the out-of-the-box ways in which a business can address the challenges by delivering a service that hits the brief? 

    The progressing times have changed the way customers live and this has influenced their minds. Their ways of managing money, standards of conduct have transformed according to the present times. Hence, their purchasing patterns have changed. These advances straightforwardly affect the sale of the products.

    Understanding, and distinguishing the transformations with the right information can help the organizations to create new strategies. Technology along with UX can assist services with changing their direction to better suit the current behavior and needs of the customers. It is more about aligning with the clients’ necessities, not changing!

  • UX helps to build customer loyalty: A powerful and attractive user interface doesn’t simply make your product or service simpler to utilize — it assists you with connecting with your clients, guaranteeing they stay faithful to the business as opposed to preferring the competitors. It makes your brand credible and increases the possibilities of turning your customers into your biggest effective advocates. UX plays a critical part in advancement, promising higher sales.

  • UX helps businesses deliver the services at reduced costs: Taking a current example of the pandemic, let’s understand how organizations can achieve/ are achieving business resiliency. As the world continues to face the brunt of the global health crisis, opportunity identification and expert guidance are important today, more than ever. While building the strategies to create more business, it is additionally important to comprehend the effect pandemic has had on the economy and the lives of the people.

    The organizations may need to deliver products/services at reduced costs because of the decline in the customers’ spending capacity. This is where UX can assist the firms to connect with their clients. It can help with lessening the large expenses of wrong item definition because of a befuddle with the client’s expectations.

    The shortfall of re-work brings about reduced development costs, items that are high on convenience decrease the support costs. Resulting in efficient work processes, and a reduction in administrative costs.

The Bottom Line

Genuine UX builds revenue through your product design, it lessens the cost or potentially oversees the risks. UX design experts and consultants assist organizations with building a clearer perspective on the pathway to fulfilling their clients’ present expectations.

Business plan of action should be strong and resilient enough to guarantee triumph even in dystopian times like these. History has been a piece of evidence that businesses need to act rapidly to survive as well as thrive in the unstable, consistently evolving business sectors. And user experience design can provide just the right amount of assistance to push the businesses forward.

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